Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Scandinavian style attracts with its simplicity and conciseness. But how to create such simplicity so that the style is recognizable. There are distinctive features for each direction in interior design. It is about them that we will talk today and you can easily create a Scandinavian style in your living room.

Wooden textures in the northern interior.

The living room is a place of rest and relaxation. Therefore, the chosen style should be attractive, friendly, comfortable and cozy. The Scandinavian style is ideal for these purposes. The interior turns out to be bright and spacious even in a small room. So, what you need to consider to design the interior in Scandinavian style.

The use of contrasting floors in the northern interior.

Color selection

The base of the Scandinavian style is white. That is why the interior looks spacious and fresh. This color plays well on contrasts with the wood decor and bright accents.

White base base in the northern interior.

In this style, only muted colors are used for accents. There are no pure shades at all. Imagine the landscape in the north. Gray sky, fog, dirty wet sand on the shore. All selected shades should be smoky and cool.

Scandinavian style in the interior.

So that the interior does not look too dull, it is permissible to dilute it with splashes of bright colors. Just a little bit, ideally even so that they do not catch the eye. And slightly enlivened the living room.

Bright accent in the interior.

Selection of materials

This style is famous for its budget performance. The ceiling painted with white paint is the norm. Bare wiring and brick walls, old worn parquet and slight negligence – that’s what characterizes the Scandinavian style. Forget about decorations and decorative elements.

Scandinavian-style living room.

It is permissible in special places, to highlight the functional area, to apply wallpaper with a repeating geometric pattern or lay out a patchwork tile. Remember that all colors are muted.

Accent wall in Scandinavian style.

Patchwork in the interior.

Doors and materials for the decoration of windows and openings also make neutral background shades. Or you can add a color pigment to their design, only very blurry, cold and pale.

Cozy living room in neutral shades.

In order to visually make the Scandinavian interior more expensive, natural materials are used for flooring. For example, parquet or laminate. Naturalness lies in the shade of these materials under light wood.

Scandinavian-style flooring.

The option of finishing the floor in the living room in the Scandinavian style.

Light laminate flooring in the living room interior.

Laminate flooring in the living room in Scandinavian style.

Choosing furniture

In the Scandinavian style, simplicity is achieved due to the minimal configuration of furniture in the room. In the kitchen there is an abundance of open shelves. And in the living room, this is the lack of closets. Only light elements that do not weigh down the space. The recreation area consists of a sofa, a coffee table, armchairs, open shelves and shelving. If desired, a fireplace is equipped.

Bright Scandinavian-style living room.

The interior of the room with open shelves.

Scandinavian-themed living room interior with fireplace.

Materials that are used for upholstered furniture – textiles, leather, suede. The sofa and armchairs can be of different models. In particular, the sofa is made modern and strict. And chairs in the style of the 1950s-1960s with a warm wooden base. The coffee table is also made stylized for the last century or in combination with a sofa, more modern. The materials used are glass, metal or wood. Homemade versions also look interesting and fit perfectly into this style.

Modern sofa in the living room in Scandinavian style.

Scandi style in the interior.

Coffee table, stylized for the last century.

Cozy atmosphere.

The idea of interior decoration in Scandinavian style.

Shelves are made built-in or separately suspended on elegant shelf holders. Often these two methods are combined and this technique visually facilitates the space and at the same time gives dynamics.

Interior design with shelves.

Choosing lighting

Northern landscapes seem dull and dark to us. It is not difficult to guess that there is not enough light there. This means that special attention is paid to lighting in northern interiors.

Install several levels of light, so that at least the house was light, warm and cozy. The overhead light is a mandatory element. The next level is wall decorative lamps. There are floor lamps on the tables or near the sofa and armchairs. And in the reading corner there is a separate table lamp or a decorative sconce. All these elements create additional comfort due to their appearance and presence. And when all the lights are on, the interior turns into a fabulous composition.

Scandinavian-style lighting.

A variant of lighting in the living room with a floor lamp.

Living room lighting design with wall lamps.

From a practical point of view, when choosing lamps, pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the lighting in height and intensity.

Choosing textiles and decorative ornaments

One of the elements that makes the interior more dynamic and interesting is textiles. But remember that the Scandinavian style loves naturalness and muted. For pillows, use materials such as linen, satin and cotton. Curtains should not be present in this style at all, but sometimes a transparent light curtain is added.

Scandinavian style interior design with pillows.

A small living room in Scandinavian style.

The standard and expected element of the living room is a carpet. It can be made decorative with a geometric, repeating pattern. Or choose a voluminous pile carpet without patterns, in one of the selected shades.

Carpet in the Scandinavian interior.

On the walls, in the Scandinavian style, it is customary to hang paintings and photographs. They reflect the history of the owners of the house, they broadcast their interests and hobbies, their taste and emotional attachment.

Addition of paintings in the Scandinavian-style living room.

Scandinavian-style living room with decorative elements on the walls.

The decorations are vases with flowers, a mirror, handicrafts made with their own hands. Candlesticks and cute figurines are also acceptable.

Scandinavian style living room design with mirrors on the walls.

Decorative elements in the living room.

Interior design idea in Scandinavian style.

Design of a small living room in Scandinavian style

This style seems to be specially created for small rooms. A bright palette of shades and a minimal amount of furniture, combined with bright and competent lighting, create an ideal interior for the living room. To create this style – our recommendations.

For the background, choose one light color and 2 additional shades to it in an even lighter palette. For the floor, it is better to choose a contrasting shade under the tree. Chocolate or beige – it’s up to you. The main thing is that it should be warm.

Unobtrusive interior in warm colors.

Do not clutter up the space with furniture. Only the essentials. Shelving and a seating area consisting of a sofa and a coffee table.

Minimum furniture in the interior.

The windows remain without curtains. In order for natural light to penetrate into the house. as a compromise, sometimes a transparent light curtain is hung.

A small cozy Scandinavian-style living room.

The geometric pattern is an accent. And it is necessary to think in advance which zone to allocate with such a technique. It can be a decor either on the wall or on textiles.

Geometry in the interior.

Our selection of Scandinavian-style living room design solutions

Plants in the interior.

Flowers “enliven” the interior.

Scandinavian interior design.

Scandinavian style in a small apartment.

Scandi-style recreation area.

Pastel colors in the interior.

Combination of light and dark tones.

Windows without curtains for natural daylight at home.

Carpet to create warmth and comfort.

Wicker furniture fits perfectly.

Scandi living room in gray tones.

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