Rustic Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Progress does not stand still and industry offers people many options for clothing, furniture, materials for repairs or decor. But among this diversity, people are increasingly choosing objects that bring them closer to nature, natural shades and floral ornaments.

Rustic interior is an alternative to concrete, “flashy” colors and plastic. The craving for nature in shades and materials contributes to the creation of a cozy room in which it is so good to relax after a noisy metropolis.

Living room.

Rustic interior – fashionable naturalness

Rustic resembles a combination of country style and rustic hut. The style originates in the 50s of the last century, replacing the pretentiousness and gloss of synthetics. At the same time, private houses gained “access” to the benefits of civilization and people began to equip them in a rustic way, but with amenities.

Rough furniture, natural shades of the palette, simplicity of finishing materials and ornaments allow you to design the interior yourself without the help of designers, and this is also an important advantage of style.

Dining area.

Because of the features similar to country and modern, rustic is sometimes considered a kind of one or another style, but this is not the case at all. Art Nouveau is carefully thought out, its furniture has a straight and clear geometry, floral patterns, smooth lines.

Country is characterized by neat ornament, smooth walls and carved furniture. Light shades, an abundance of textiles, floral motifs and antique furniture.


The main idea of rustic interior design

The basis of the rustic style is the harmony of natural, almost unprocessed, materials with the novelties of progress. All household appliances are competently stylized and decorated so that the owners do not have to worry about using it.

The rustic interior is original and brutal, but at the same time filled with comfort and practical. An important role in the design is played by objects made by hand or stylized as a handmade craft. A table made of a tree trunk. The frame of the bed, knocked down from branches and trunks.


Characteristic features of rustic interior design

Rustic emphasizes the beauty of nature, which has not been touched by man. Its incredible power and, at the same time, peace. The room in rustic style is distinguished by:

  • the use of natural materials, fabrics and the rejection of artificial;
  • abundance of wood and stone in the decoration;
  • minimalism;
  • the ceiling is decorated with wooden beams;
  • the color range of natural shades;
  • the presence of a fireplace in the living room.

Rustic interior.

Finishing materials

All the decoration of the rustic interior is based on wood: windows and doors, plank floors, ceiling beams, wall panels. Even the stairs between the floors of the house are often made of wood.

Often, natural stone is used in parallel with wood. But instead of the rich marble favored, for example, rococo, unpolished slate and sandstone are used. They lay out the floor and walls, decorate the fireplace. This coating creates the effect of reliability.


Walls and floors in rooms with high humidity are allowed to be decorated with ceramic tiles imitating stone and wood. In other rooms, the walls can be plastered or painted. At the same time, they try to put the material not too perfectly, leaving roughness and careless strokes.

Metal elements made of steel and chrome replace brass and bronze with patination. These are fasteners, furniture fittings, faucets, and lighting fixtures.


Windows and doors

Rustic style doors are rough and massive. Without glass inserts, decor or stained glass windows. Sometimes a door between rooms replaces an extended doorway. It is left square or executed in the form of an arch. Decorate the perimeter with roughly hewn boards.

Interior design.

The wide windows are also made of wood. They are covered with light monochrome curtains in pastel colors. Burlap, linen and cotton are suitable from fabrics. If it is necessary to create an intimate atmosphere, preference is given to dense curtains of a darker color without fringes and brushes.


The choice of furniture is perhaps the most difficult task when designing a rustic interior. Antique sofas and armchairs are not suitable. Modern built-in storage systems and painted sideboards on carved legs are also out of place.

Interior of a wooden house.

Preference is given to demonstratively rough objects without ornate carvings. Rustic simply put together cabinets and massive tables will come in handy. Open shelves for books made of untreated boards, wooden log cabinets are also relevant. Benches, beds with a log frame, dressers and chests with forging, antique or qualitatively stylized antique. High-backed chairs and simple stools. Braided models also fit seamlessly into the composition.

When choosing upholstered furniture, designers advise options with natural upholstery fabric. Without admixtures of artificial fibers.

Kitchen-living room.

Palette of shades and ornament

The natural shade of wood, the predominant material of the rustic style, comes to the fore. In addition, black, graphite, dark brown, chocolate colors are used. There is not much white in the interior, rather it only helps to place accents.

If the walls and ceiling are not sheathed with wood, then choose a light gray or beige shade of the coating. Beige and milky are suitable for curtains and textiles, and for accessories more saturated: emerald, dark blue, burgundy, red, marsh.

Living room.

It is important to note that rustic is a natural style, which means glossy or mother-of-pearl shine is not characteristic of it. Therefore, varnished or painted objects should be chosen with extreme caution, giving preference to matte ones.

The textiles of the rustic style are mostly plain, without a pattern, but if desired, you can use simple patterns. Small cage and stripes, plant motifs of muted shades, monochrome images of animals. For example, on sofa cushions.



Fabrics in the rustic interior are used to a minimum. Curtains or thick curtains on the windows, warm plain bedspreads on the sofa and bed, several decorative pillows. The interior is complemented by animal skins in the living room and small rugs or mats in the bedroom and hallway. The main rule: natural colors and composition.


Accessories and decor

It may seem surprising, but the rustic style suggests decorating rooms with branches, driftwood, natural stones, shells and bouquets of dried flowers. All the gifts of nature will find their place in the room.

But in addition to natural accessories, rooms are decorated with paintings in wooden frames without gilding, animal figures, live plants in tubs. Wicker baskets and wrought-iron candlesticks. Such items will help to soften the deliberately rough rustic and give it a homey feel. There is little decor in the interior, so designers recommend thinking it over in advance before choosing.

Interior decor.

Rustic interior design in different rooms: description, ideas and photo examples

Often, untreated wood and stone are quite difficult to find. You may even have to make furniture items and interior details to order. But the rustic interior as a result will please the owners of the house with a real natural atmosphere and comfort.

Rustic interior design.

Living room

The pieces of furniture have a forged or wood base, soft natural upholstery. The ceiling and walls are laid out with wooden beams, the floor is covered with boards. A mandatory part of the living room is a fireplace. It is lined with stone.

The decor is deer antlers, ceramic vases with flowers, paintings with landscapes and forest scenes.

The interior of a country house in the style of a chalet.


In the first place in the bedroom is a wide bed with a log or forged headboard. When choosing the latter option, forest dwellers and silhouettes of trees are created from forging. Bedside tables, lamps, bed linen and a chest of drawers are selected in the same style as the bed.

It is appropriate to lay a soft carpet or animal skin on the floor. A chandelier with a matte shade and table or wall lamps decorated with tree branches are used as the main light.

Bedroom in a private house.


The walls and ceiling are finished with boards, the floor is laid out with stone – it is more durable, resistant to abrasion and moisture. The sink area and apron can also be laid out with a stone, protecting from splashes. Kitchen sets with a pronounced woody texture will perfectly emphasize the rustic style.

The decoration is pottery without a pattern, a forged chandelier with chains. The hood can be decorated with stone or sheathed with wood. The table and chairs are chosen wooden, perhaps even without upholstery.

Rustic kitchen.


When making out a bathroom, you need to carefully consider the choice of materials, because not all are resistant to moisture. The ceiling is covered with wooden panels. Textured or smooth stone – walls and floor. The sink embedded in a stone or wooden array, lined with small stone, looks original.

The mirror frame can be decorated with small twigs or shells. The decor will be dispensers and soap dishes imitating stone, wicker baskets and forged candlesticks. The main subject of lighting is a chandelier with frosted glass.

Finishing the bathroom in a wooden house.

Rustic interior is suitable for those who are tired of the abundance of plastic and strive to create a natural atmosphere in a house or apartment.

More photos

Rustic interior design.

Living room.

Spacious living room.

Living room in the house.

Office in the house.

Living room in a rustic log house.

Kitchen with fireplace.

Spacious living room.

Bedroom with panoramic windows.

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