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By | November 17, 2022

The country style in the interior is rural identity and comfort. It is the most comfortable for a person because of its proximity to nature. But it should be borne in mind that by choosing country style for one room of a country house, you should keep all the others in it. The style does not tolerate the neighborhood with other interior design options. Although in the conditions of an apartment it is permissible to equip in the country style, for example, only the kitchen.

Country style interior.

Country style – the most cozy interior

Country is built on convenience, functionality for life, natural shades and materials. The style is widespread in many countries, but with all the peculiarities of the peoples it retains a single basis.

Country style is suitable both for a city apartment and for the design of a private house. It will help to preserve the charm of rural traditions, maintain the comfort of the family hearth and relax after the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Living room.

Principles of style

The inviolable rules of country style include its identity. Each of the directions has its own characteristics, characteristic of geography and population. America, France, Russia or Germany each country has its own history and its own special features. Therefore, when choosing a direction, it is necessary to try to convey the ethnic features of the style.

Harmony with nature in the country style is manifested in natural colors of finishes, household items and natural materials. The style does not accept any plastic.

Bright kitchen.

Furniture and decor are characterized by a combination of simple and smooth shapes with massiveness and fragility. This is the peculiarity of country style – to compensate for some brutality with gentle romanticism.

Another important principle of country style is the fireplace. In the past, it was mandatory for heating the house, and today it supports the home environment. Most often, the fireplace is installed in the living room, where it is so pleasant to gather with loved ones in the evenings, resting from the turmoil of life.

Interior with fireplace.

Finishing works

When decorating walls, preference is given to textured materials. Putty, decorative plaster or wood panels. Plain wallpaper is often used. Although some styles allow both with a small floral pattern or wide stripes. It is important to remember that with any variant of wall decoration, it is only a background in the general history of country style.

Kitchen-living room.

The ceiling is painted in light colors or whitewashed. Decorated with ceiling beams made of wood, painted with white paint or covered with stain. The floor is covered with parquet, tile or laminate. Instead of wood, tiles or stone flooring are allowed in the kitchen and bathroom. Decorated with plain or striped carpets with long pile. Sometimes the carpet is replaced by an animal skin.

Linoleum, modern versions of ceramic tiles or popular stretch ceilings are not suitable for finishing. It is worth giving up the steel shine of faucets or door handles. It is better to use alternative options: bronze or copper.

Combination of light and dark shades.

Palette of shades and lighting

The range of colors of country style in the interior is calm and warm. It is based on white, brown, blue, terracotta tones, shades of beige and gray. But yellow, mustard or light green are also often used. The design is based on the principle of nuances. The furniture has more saturated tones than the decoration, and very bright colors are allowed point-by-point in decorative elements.

Flowers “enliven” the interior of the living room.

Country is a cozy style, suggesting soft and warm lighting. Usually lighting devices are placed locally. A large wrought-iron chandelier – in the center of the ceiling. Neat lamps with fabric shades are on nightstands and dressers. Floor lamps – next to the sofa. And complete the composition with a fluttering flame from candles or a fireplace.

Living room with fireplace.


For a country-style setting, massive wooden furniture decorated with wrought iron or elegant wicker models are suitable. To give the furniture a touch of antiquity, it is artificially aged. The upholstery of upholstered furniture is dominated by natural fabrics. More often knitwear. The skin is almost absent.

Instead of modern storage systems, country style requires an abundance of bookcases and dressers, baskets and chests. The furniture is outwardly rustic and somewhat rude. In one room there are objects from different collections, and their arrangement is not symmetrical.

Living room in beige tones.


The naturalness and elegance of the country style is emphasized by textiles in a variety of manifestations from curtains to bedspreads. Textile items are carefully selected for each room. Curtains abound with lambrequins, frills and ruffles, but not with a bright pattern. Preference is given to soft shades, light or saturated, but in harmony with the interior, and not a catchy ornament. The pattern of curtains and furniture upholstery is desirable to choose the same or similar.

Curtains in the living room.


A country-style house or room will be complemented by paintings with calm, possibly pastoral, plots. Antique or antique photos in wooden frames. Forged candlesticks. Ceramic tableware on the open shelves of the sideboard. Floor and wall clocks from the past. An abundance of pillows on sofas and armchairs.

Items made with your own hands will fit seamlessly. Patchwork or embroidery plaid. And live plants in tubs, original planters and pots will support the atmosphere.

Decor Details.

Ethnic motifs and varieties of country style

The birthplace of country style was America, from where the cozy home style migrated to other countries, gradually acquiring new features.


We can say the classic version of the country style. The color palette consists of natural shades: woody, gray, beige, freshness of white and refinement of black. The pieces of furniture are massive, decorated with forged and metal details.

Ceilings are often decorated with wooden beams and ceilings. Natural animal skins are placed on the floor instead of a carpet. From materials other than wood, natural stone is suitable. Most often it is present in the decoration of the walls and the framing of the fireplace.

American country style.


Formed during the Victorian era, this version of the country style is distinguished by a traditional British ornament: a cage, large flowers, Paisley – “Turkish cucumber”. Carpets with Oriental themes or decorated with stripes are laid on the floor.

Furniture is made of expensive wood species. The shades are dominated by terracotta, pale pink, dark brown, varieties of green and gray that are close to England.

English country style.


The country of France or “Provence” is the softness of beige, the freshness of mint and turquoise, shades of blue, mustard, light yellow and gray-green. Armchairs, sofas, chairs and cabinets are elegant, elegant, but not distinguished by splendor. It is customary to install wide beds, regardless of the marital status of the owners of the house.

The walls are decorated with tapestries, and porcelain figurines, bouquets of lavender, candlesticks with candles are popular among the decor.

French country style.


Hot and romantic Italy has also laid its own special meaning in country style. Here it is called the “Tuscan” style. Windows are often complemented by wooden shutters. The walls are painted or covered with plaster when finishing.

The palette of shades tends to ivory, varieties of brown, gray, warm yellow and cream tones. The ideas of furniture and accessories are often borrowed from bygone majestic eras, thanks to which Italian country style is accompanied by some luxury.

Italian country style.


Russian country style is richer in wood in decoration than other directions. The walls of country houses are log or decorated with timber, less often – made of brick. The floor and ceiling are sheathed with wood panels.

Hunting trophies – the heads of deer or wild boars – act as decorative elements. Real, not electric, samovars. Porcelain and crystal, painted dishes. Lace tablecloths and sofa cushions.

Russian country style.


The Scandinavian style itself prefers minimalist in details and shades close to white. This also applies to country style. The cool color scheme of blue, gray and pale purple tones is combined with cream and white. It is customary to decorate the walls and floor with wood. Furniture of simple but elegant shapes, practical to use.

Scandinavian country style.


This country direction is distinguished by the richest palette of colors. In addition to brown, black, gray and white, it literally requires sea and sky shades of green, blue, blue, and in addition to them – terracotta. However, the upholstery of furniture is often chosen light. Sofas and armchairs are large, but neat.

The decor is textiles made of natural fabrics with stripes, sea shells, corals or pebbles.

Mediterranean country style.


Pedantic and restrained Germans design their interior accordingly. The decor here is somewhat less than in other directions due to the craving for order. Antique objects perfectly harmonize with modern household appliances. The ceiling and walls are decorated with decorative logs made of wood.

German country style.


Swedish country furniture even outwardly surprises with comfort. They often choose light upholstery for sofas and armchairs. The decoration of the floor, ceilings and walls is also carried out in light colors, with materials without glossy sheen. A fleecy carpet with a traditional ornament is laid on the floor. Decorative elements are clay pots with fresh flowers, white ceramic vases, baskets and hand-made dishes.

Swedish country style.

Photo Gallery

Cozy country will be the perfect solution for a living room, kitchen or bedroom. The style will give the rooms a special comfort and convenience, and natural materials used in textile elements and decoration will bring a sense of harmony with nature.

The atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

Design options.

The combination of light and dark shades in the kitchen interior.

Living room with fireplace.

Interior of a living room in an French village.

Lighting options.

Kitchen with island.

Interior of a living room in an English village.

Floral accents.

Cozy and homey.

Living room in the house.


Dining area.

Living room.

Kitchen-living room.

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