Baroque Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

You probably have been on a tour of the palace chambers at least once. Everything in them breathes luxury and seems excessive. An abundance of gilding, stucco, expensive fabrics – before you the Baroque style.

Baroque interior design.

A little about the history of the Baroque style

It originated in Italy in the XVII century. The country was going through difficult times then. Despite the economic and political problems that the country was experiencing, Rome maintained religious supremacy, remaining the center of Catholicism. And religion was very important. Therefore, the first buildings designed to amaze the world with wealth and splendor were churches.

Translated from Italian, “baroque” means “pretentious”. And this is a very correct definition. It was the pretentiousness of the style that initially caused his rejection. Yes, it was not accepted by everyone and not immediately. He was called ridiculous, extravagant, too elitist, bizarre. But this period was quite short, and the misunderstanding was replaced by his literally triumphant procession.

The style began to spread throughout Europe, a whole trend emerged not only in architecture, but also in all spheres of art and public life. Architectural buildings in the Baroque style can be observed in many European cities.

Baroque interior design.

Distinctive features of the Baroque style in interiors

In the interior, it’s all the same pomposity and theatricality, which cannot be confused with any other style. And it is also impossible to combine it with any other interior style. It is expensive not only in design, but also in execution because of its complexity.

Here are its distinctive features:

  • The absence of right angles and lines, everything is ornate and complicated.
  • Lots of gilding.
  • A lot of stucco.
  • A lot of expensive textiles.
  • There are many sculptures, usually depicting children and women.
  • Expensive finish.
  • The obligatory presence of mirrors in luxurious frames.
  • Rich color scheme.

Baroque dining room.

Color scheme

In the Baroque style, the favorite color is gold. But other colors can also be used in the design, both pastel – to create a romantic atmosphere, and deep. The priority is purple, blue, burgundy, emerald, terracotta colors. The combination of white and gold creates an unusually refined interior.

Bedroom in light beige tones.

However, pastel shades are not very loved by the Baroque, it tends more towards juicy and contrasts. But the contrasts should be chosen with excellent taste, not too bright.

Baroque loves juicy colors in interiors.

And the overall impression of the color scheme in the Baroque style is aristocracy and nobility. Therefore, it is better to choose dark furniture for light walls, if the floor and walls are dark, then the furniture should be light tones.

Delicate pastel shades in Baroque interiors.

Finishing materials for Baroque interiors

Interior decoration should be expensive. No options. No budget varieties and imitations will work here.

Pretentiousness in everything, a lot of stucco and gilding.

The ceiling cannot be smooth and white. It is certainly of complex construction, with stucco, borders, gilding. Painted panels, frescoes on the ceiling are almost a mandatory requirement of style. To achieve this effect, plasterboard structures or stretch cloths are used today.

The ceiling decor continues on the walls. They should definitely support it, not contrast it. Therefore, the walls are embossed. This is achieved with the help of moldings, curbs, pilasters.

Wall decoration in the Baroque interior.

The walls are decorated with wooden panels, decorative plaster, textile wallpaper. They are draped with tapestry, silk, velvet. They are painted with frescoes. To hang the walls with works of art is also quite in the spirit of style.

The peculiarity of wall decoration is the combination of several materials. The wall should not be plain. It is replete with columns, marble inserts, gilding and stucco. The wallpaper is certainly expensive, with silk-screen printing and embossing. A great solution for walls – trellis.

The floor in the Baroque interior.

Paul also supports the general desire for luxury.

Therefore, on the floor:

  • Parquet made of precious wood, including artistic.
  • Marble, granite.
  • Semi-precious stones.

A carpet is also quite appropriate, but it should not cover the entire floor.


The Baroque furniture, of course, is also luxurious. No simple forms – necessarily complex ornaments and rich patterns, even with excess. It is full of small details, which, however, are balanced and symmetrical. It is impossible to buy such furniture in the store, it is made to order from expensive wood. Mahogany is used for this most often. In addition, the furniture is richly inlaid with mother-of-pearl or pearl inserts.

The furniture in the Baroque interior is necessarily expensive and massive.

The furniture is decorated with mosaics, ivory, carvings, gilding. Special attention is paid to the legs, they are certainly curved, often in the form of sculptural images. Upholstered furniture upholstery is also expensive – it’s silk, satin, velvet or tapestry.

Living room.

By the way, it is the Baroque that we owe to the appearance of such items as couches, couches, canapes and dressers, which we still use with pleasure.

Interior textiles in the Baroque style

Baroque loves textiles. There are a lot of textiles in the interior. And this is, of course, luxury textiles. There is everything here: chic curtains, a canopy, lush draperies, tassels, pendants – everything speaks of wealth and luxury. Of course, there is no place for simple cotton or synthetic fabrics. Velvet, brocade, tapestry, satin in both furniture upholstery and window decoration.

Interior curtains in Baroque style.

Pomposity is added by gold threads, openwork inserts and rich embroidery. If it is a tablecloth or a bedspread, then it must be fringed. The textiles on the windows repeat the upholstery of the furniture. The color of the curtains is also present in the floor carpet.

Expensive textiles, always with tassels and fringe.

Features of lighting in the Baroque interior

Baroque loves light, but because of the heavy curtains and luxurious draperies – these mandatory elements of the interior, daylight in the rooms may not be enough. Therefore, the creation of a bright and solemn interior is designed to provide electric lamps. An indispensable attribute is a large luxurious crystal chandelier. Reflecting from the pendants, the light is even stronger. Mirrors also contribute to this.

One chandelier, of course, is not enough. Support the style concept with sconces and floor lamps. Candlesticks and candelabra, in which light bulbs are screwed in, imitating candles, will help to create a romantic atmosphere. An almost mandatory attribute is a bronze candlestick with real candles.

Lighting devices in the Baroque style.

The lampshade dims the brightness of the lamps, making the light more lyrical and soft. If there are paintings hanging in the room, they are necessarily highlighted. Shelves and niches too. Floor lamps and table lamps can have a very complex design.

Floor lamps and table lamps with lampshades in the Baroque interior.

The glow of the bulbs is warm, of course. Remember the main thing: there should always be a lot of light in a luxurious pathos baroque.

Baroque interior decoration

It is even somewhat difficult to talk separately about the interior Baroque decor. He’s all like a decor. Carvings on the ceiling and walls, ornate furniture, do you really need something else? But nothing is too much for the Baroque, it screams about wealth. Therefore, it can also abound in small details.

Floor candlesticks, mirrors in luxurious frames are elements of Baroque decor.

Luxurious interior decor.

As a decoration, beautiful grandfather clocks with a bell, mirrors in magnificent frames, figurines, vases, caskets can be used. There is often a large decorative globe. However, why decorative? The globe bar is quite in the spirit of this chic style.

Bird cages, indoor plants in elegant planters and large tubs with palm trees will bring liveliness to the interior.

It’s time to walk around this luxurious house and explore every room.

Living room

It is most logical to start with the living room, which should amaze the imagination at a glance. The Baroque living room will take you from reality to a fairy tale. You will feel like a heroine of chivalrous novels. However, it is very difficult to maintain this style: there is always a risk of turning a room into an antiques warehouse. To avoid this, each item must be matched and linked to the rest. It is important to maintain the unity of the composition.

Living room.

Expensive finishing materials, necessarily a large chandelier in the center, preferably bronze, with crystal and a lot of small details. Of course, you are guided by the height of the ceilings and the size of your room. The chandelier must be supported by wall and floor lamps.

Pompous luxury of the interior.

The color scheme is saturated, no faded pastel tones. But it shouldn’t be too bright either. The colors are deep, natural: emerald, burgundy, dark blue. If your choice is a light palette, then it is white or yellow.

A lot of gold in interior decoration is a distinctive feature of the Baroque style.

The furniture that stands in the living room is massive, pretentious and indecently expensive. Of course, wooden, made of expensive wood. Oak, chestnut, walnut are used for the manufacture of such furniture. The countertops and the surfaces of the dressers can be made of natural stone, or mosaic. If they are wooden, they are necessarily decorated with inlay, decorated with ivory, painted and covered with expensive varnish.

Upholstered furniture is upholstered in velvet, tapestry, embossed leather. Furniture should not have sharp corners, all lines are smooth. Curved legs, sofas and armchairs with armrests.

In the living room, the Baroque can stand:

  • A large sofa.
  • Several chairs.
  • Coffee table.
  • Cabinet (swing).

You can also add ottomans and shelves with books. Don’t forget about the fireplace. In the Baroque interior, it is very organic. Do not occupy corners with furniture, place it in the center.

You can complete the interior of the living room with decor. These can be paintings by famous artists, fireplace or floor clocks, mirrors, figurines, massive vases, candles in elegant candlesticks, pillows. If the size of the room allows, then it can be columns and large sculptures.


In the Baroque bedroom, as in any other setting, there is a bed. And this is truly a royal bed. It is not only absolutely immense in size, it certainly has a beautiful carved headboard, curved legs and a mandatory canopy. Such a bed definitely needs a bedspread made of natural expensive fabrics.


The bed is also made of natural wood. The bedroom can have a wardrobe, chest of drawers, dressing table, ottoman, several armchairs. You can also bring chairs here, but certainly with carved backs.


Furniture in color and shape should match the decoration of the bedroom. The color scheme can be more calm and neutral, and pastel tones are acceptable here.

Textiles in the bedroom are luxurious curtains with lambrequins, tassels, fringe, no less luxurious canopy. Material – satin, velvet, gold brocade. The bedroom must have small satin pillows with floral decorations and ruffles.


To make the atmosphere more intimate, you can abandon the large central chandelier, hang a few sconces or put a table lamp with a spectacular shade on the bedside table. Floor lamps in the bedroom also have carved legs.


Be sure to use gilding and floral ornaments in the bedroom. A very popular detail in the Baroque bedroom is a massive full–length mirror in a luxurious frame. You don’t need a lot of decor, rich stucco on the walls of the bedroom is also not necessary, it may well be replaced by a high carved headboard.


It can become a real pearl of your home. Natural expensive coatings dominate here. Natural stone is used for horizontal surfaces: onyx, marble, malachite. The ideal floor covering is natural stone. Decorative plaster or ordinary painting is chosen for the walls.


Favorite colors for the Baroque kitchen are beige, cream or sand. And a black-and-white kitchen made in this style will look really luxurious.

Massive furniture is also an accessory of the interior here. Kitchen cabinets and cabinets are made of noble wood. Facades are necessarily decorated with decorative carvings, and there is a lot of gilding.


Kitchen chairs are practically half–seats, with high backs and decorative carvings. Often also with armrests. The seats and backs are upholstered with tapestry.

Baroque is not for cramped rooms, so place a kitchen island with a marble countertop and a fireplace in the kitchen.

Lighting – the same chandelier and wall lamps above the stove and work area. A dome hood is best suited here, it will become an independent decoration item. In general, do not skimp on the decor in the kitchen too, since you have chosen this style.

Kitchen lighting.

A beautiful porcelain set in the Baroque style, located behind the glass doors of the hinged cabinets, of course, will become a spectacular design detail. There must be a tablecloth on the table that matches the style and color of the curtains. Exactly a tablecloth, no oilcloth! You can put vases in the kitchen, hang an antique clock on the wall.


As soon as you open the door from the street, it’s like stepping into another time. This feeling will give you an entrance hall in the Baroque style.

Here are the main features of such an entrance hall:

  • Symmetry is a property of all traditional styles.
  • Streamlined surfaces and lots of twisted lines.
  • Frescoes on the ceiling and on the walls.
  • Stucco, often with gilding.
  • Mirrors and light shades visually expand the area.

All this plunges into the atmosphere of solemnity and luxury right from the doorstep. The furniture is also chic and massive, but at the same time there should be enough free space for movement in the hallway. The Baroque does not like closeness.


What should stand in such an entrance hall? A wardrobe for outerwear, a table for small bags, an ottoman, a shoe rack and a stand for umbrellas. Everything is as everywhere with carvings and gilding, bronze inserts.

The entrance hall in the Baroque style is an independent room, a hall separated from other rooms. The color scheme of the hallway can be as follows:

  • Rich dark: bordeaux, mustard, chocolate.
  • Light warm: caramel, sand, cream, beige, white.
  • Cool shades with a silvery sheen.

Remember that the style does not accept bright accents, the range should be very harmonious.


Of course, what kind of hallway without a mirror? Here it is also massive, full-length, in a chic frame. The hallway should be well lit. Do not limit yourself to one chandelier. With elegant wall lamps, be sure to highlight the mirror on both sides, a table, a banquette. As a decoration, you can put a beautiful floor hanger in the hallway, nail forged hooks for clothes. Wall paintings and large festive vases will add luxury. Fresh flowers will bring a warm note.


And here the Baroque is true to itself, the same craving for luxury and wealth. The font, the queen of the bathroom, should be large, dazzlingly white, decorated with gilding and stand on curved forged legs.


Faucets also have a curved shape, they shine with silver or gold, and sometimes they are also encrusted with precious stones.

The bathroom furniture is expensive, made of moisture-resistant wood, carved, matches the color of the facing material.

Baroque today

This style finds its adherents today. Of course, it has somewhat adapted to reality, but it remains the same defiantly luxurious. What has our time brought to this style?

Of course, even today it requires large areas. Baroque – for country houses or spacious apartments. It is still as difficult to implement today as before and requires excellent skill from the designer.

Today, the style allows you to use an artful imitation of natural materials – this is wood laminate for the floor, plasterboard structures and stretch canvases on the ceiling. Stucco, columns can also be made of drywall.

Baroque elements in a modern interior.

It is allowed to glue wallpaper on the walls, imitating luxurious fabric or marble. Natural stone on the floor can be replaced with ceramic tiles. In inlays, instead of natural gems, it is permissible to use Swarovski crystals.

But even today the Baroque remains very expensive. It does not tolerate synthetic fabrics and cheap materials or plastic. This instantly destroys the entire carefully created environment. Baroque does not tolerate minimalism.

Baroque loves space, and this space should be visible. Furniture has undergone the least changes. It is still as rich, with fancy carvings and gilding. And this is very serious: if you put a modern folding sofa in the Baroque living room, it will look terrible, believe me.

The Baroque style is the personification of respectability. It’s a luxury for show. However, for those who design their home in this way, chic is not an end in itself. Rarely does anyone go into such spending just to throw dust in the eyes. Such an interior has a different task. It is designed to demonstrate the excellent taste of the owners and the love of beauty.

Baroque interior design.

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