Steampunk Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Science fiction writers have long been developing the idea that our universe is far from the only one. They write about the existence of parallel worlds in which steam mechanics takes the place of electronics, and time has stopped at the era of Queen Victoria. Such texts inspired designers to create a new direction. This is how the steampunk style was born in the interior.

Steampunk interior design.

Characteristic features of the style

The retro-futuristic component of the steampunk direction is manifested in furniture, decoration and accessories. To fully reveal the style, you will need an artistic look, courage and an attentive approach to design.

A distinctive feature of the steampunk style in the interior is the abundance of steam mechanics details. Decor, drawings on wallpaper, tiles or textiles, posters and framed paintings. The lamps are also made in a general style, usually to order.


Interestingly, the designers borrow the ideas of original accessories from science fiction books, where the authors describe in detail a reality close to the steampunk style, traveling through space and time.

The main features of steampunk interior:

  • gears and mechanisms in decoration, decoration, textiles;
  • shelves and decor made of water pipes;
  • rich deep palette without variegated colors;

Living room.

  • abundance of metal, wood, stone and brick;
  • furniture and objects in the style of Victorian England, old or imitating antiquity;
  • original lamps without lampshades;
  • decorated modern appliances or stylized models of the past;
  • unusual accessories: antique radio, part of an aqualung or airship, compass.

Steampunk interior design.

Finishing materials

Steampunk assumes that the most important thing in the world is mechanisms, which means that metal predominates in materials: cast iron, copper, bronze, brass and glass. In addition, the style tends to wood, natural unpolished stone, allows the use of ceramic tiles, natural fabrics and real leather.

Brick wall decoration.

The walls are usually plastered, painted, wallpapered with a stylistic pattern or imitating brickwork. Less often monophonic. Wood panels are also suitable. If the walls are brick, it is best to leave them as they are – without finishing or decorate only one.

The ceiling is often whitewashed, painted or paneled with wood. Dark parquet, laminate or tile are placed on the floor, depending on the room. Linoleum is not used.

Living room.

Color palette

The steampunk color scheme offers shades from warm to restrained: cream, beige, chocolate, red-brown, dark brown, graphite and, finally, black. They decorate the walls, ceiling, place accents. White color is practically not used.

Another distinctive feature of the “mechanical” style is the abundance of metallic tones. Bronze, poor, brass, chrome, gold and silver. Dilute the weight of metallic with smoky blue, indigo, deep blue and green, light gray, burgundy.

Living room.


In addition to steam mechanisms, steampunk is close to the Victorian era with its massive but comfortable furniture. Armchairs with kapitone trim and metal rivets, a secretary, a chic leather sofa. A stylized wardrobe, antique dressers with forged handles are suitable for storing things.

The room will be complemented by low coffee tables, open metal shelves with books placed on the shelves. Forged chairs, creative shelves decorated with metal tubes, valves, gears.

Living room.

Interestingly, many pieces of furniture and appliances are bought in antique shops, which means they have already been in use and have traces of time. An alternative is self-restoration of furniture items.


Natural daylight penetrates through wide windows without curtains. If necessary, they are covered with blinds or Roman curtains. Artificial light is soft and diffused, coming from completely different devices.

Lighting in the living room.

So in a steampunk room, a wrought-iron chandelier or a richly decorated candelabra on chains adjoins industrial table lamps. Wall sconces and floor lamps illuminate the darkest corners of the room.

When choosing lighting devices, preference is given to unusual models with protruding wires, open lamps and the like. In the bedroom, table lamps with a solid shade on an unusual stand are appropriate. The Edison lamp is popular for its unusual appearance.

Steampunk lighting devices.

Accessories and decor

Steampunk does not abandon modern household appliances, but still objects should be stylized or decorated. For example, repaint it in bronze, copper or arrange it in a wooden case.

Monochrome or aged paintings and photographs under glass in tin frames will decorate the interior. Panels made of thin tubes, chains, plates and gears of different sizes. As well as other items collected by hand.

Steampunk interior.

Be sure to hang an old world map in the room, place a vintage globe. It will be interesting to look not ordinary, but, for example, a starry sky globe. An open-mechanism clock and an original lamp consisting of tubes, wires will complement the atmosphere. Typewriters of the past will also come in handy.

In addition to the love of steam engines, steampunk tends to pirate and marine themes. Scuba gear, porthole, aquarium or an old spacesuit will fit seamlessly into the interior. If the area is small, then bulky objects can be replaced with their images, drawings, layouts.

Steampunk interior design.

Many pieces of furniture and decor are often made to order, since there are simply no such things in mass production.

Steampunk chest of drawers.

Steampunk interior design.



Steampunk interior design: examples with photos

Although the steampunk style suggests chaos, an abundance of decor and all sorts of old trifles should not overload the space. It is important to leave room for freedom and air. In addition, the prevailing dark shades visually reduce the space somewhat.

Steampunk Wall Clock.

Living room

The living room, decorated in steampunk style, is associated with creative disorder. It has a lot of small details that overlap with each other. The abundance of decor does not let the guests get bored, and for the owners the interior opens anew every time.

Metal racks made in the manner of a small-cell cell will be appropriate. Books, bottles of wine can be placed in them, and live plants in pots can be placed on top. Upholstered furniture is chosen massive, upholstered in leather and reminiscent of Victorian England. Household appliances are stylized under the general outline.

The living room of a country house.

The chest of drawers under the TV can be upholstered with iron to add authenticity to the room. The speakers should be painted in a copper shade, and the TV itself should be stylized for the overall interior. The fireplace plays an important role in the living room. It can be made in the form of a steam boiler or replaced with an artificial version, having decorated the portal with stone and metal.

Living room.


The kitchen apron can be laid out with ceramic tiles with an original fantastic ornament. It will perfectly fit into the interior of industrial-style headsets with rough doors and metal corners. An iron stove will look original instead of one of the cabinets. It is not necessary to use it at all.

Copper dishes hung in the cooking area will also emphasize the atmosphere of steampunk style. The dining area should be revised and replaced with a narrow bar with high chairs upholstered in leather. A vintage coffee maker will perfectly complement the composition.



Unlike many other styles, the steampunk bedroom is not decorated in a lighter color scheme. It is somewhat gloomy, but cozy, thanks to a soft bedspread, a wooden bed with metal elements, handles, gears, bolts and decorative pillows. Bed linen is also selected in dark colors: burgundy, gray. And the wooden frame of the bed can be replaced with forged.

Posters and vintage photographs will serve as the decor of the room. Mechanical watch with hands. Drawings of extraordinary mechanisms. You can design a room in the style of an interplanetary ship or submarine cabin, but perhaps this option is more suitable for a nursery.



Communications are not hidden, but brought out, often creating a decorative interlacing of pipes. For greater effect, they are painted in bronze or copper, imitating rusty spots. The walls can be decorated with moisture-resistant wooden panels or ceramic tiles with the image of a world map, compasses, a balloon or steam locomotives.

All kinds of flasks and jars placed on the shelves will serve as decor. Even steampunk style faucets are a real masterpiece. They are incredible and vintage, but if you don’t want to experiment with cranes, you can simply replace the chrome models with bronze or copper ones.


The fantastic style of literary short stories came to life on the pages of books and moved into the real world. Steampunk is a bit gloomy, very romantic, imbued with the spirit of the Victorian era. It is suitable for dreamers, sincerely enthusiastic personalities, science fiction lovers, those who are ready for time travel and mysteries.


Photo gallery

Steampunk style in the interior of a country house.

Steampunk furniture.

Steampunk dining area.



Interior of the physics laboratory in steampunk style.

Dark color in the kitchen interior.

Light color in the kitchen interior.

Living room in bright colors.

The unusual design of the Stora Hottelet Hotel in Umeå, Sweden.

Aircraft propeller in the interior.

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