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By | November 17, 2022

In the culture of Hindus, the important idea of balance of life, harmony, therefore, with all the influences of modernity and foreign styles, India remains true to traditions. Religious elements, a bright palette, a lot of wood and objects of decorative and applied art. And although in the past the basis of the style was functional simplicity, today it is luxurious and rich in decorations. But if you look closely, two important points will become noticeable that distinguish the interior in the Indian style: colorful riot and some asceticism of the dwelling.

Indian interior design.

Style History

India is called one of the cradles of civilization. The culture of the country has existed for more than three thousand years and has absorbed many features of different traditions, peoples and religions. Here is the asceticism of yogis, and the crafts of artisans, and the luxury of the houses of Arab sheikhs, Hindu sensuality and romanticism, poverty and wealth. The same interweaving of cultural elements is observed in the style of interior design, so it still fits perfectly into any design.

Living room.

On closer inspection, the bright features of Asian and Persian peoples will become noticeable, and the traditions of Islam prevail in traditional Indian houses. This includes low furniture, the geometry of ornaments, and decor from carpets to hookahs. And yet it is difficult to call the aesthetics of India a mixture of borrowed elements. The country itself is unique and distinctive. Elements of other cultures only complemented its already majestic flavor.

Interestingly, borrowing from other cultures, India itself gave a lot. For example, the colonial British style is filled with its ethnic patterns, and exotic elements are mixed with Art Deco, boho and modern.

Indian interior design.

Interior decoration in Indian style

Rooms in India are usually wide and allow you to implement a lot of design ideas. But you can also breathe the spirit of Indian style into a small apartment. Interestingly, wood, according to Hindus, symbolizes prosperity and wealth, so the material abounds in decoration and furniture.

When decorating the walls, it is recommended to give preference to decorative plaster or vinyl wallpaper. Pearl and gold paint looks luxurious. Often the walls are draped with textured textiles, wood panels decorated with fancy carvings or painted with religious subjects.

Living room.

The floor is more often laid out with tiles made of ceramics or stone decorated with national Indian patterns. But a good alternative would be laminate imitating wood. On the floor in the bedroom, you can put a soft carpet with the image of animals or dancers.

It is appropriate to decorate the Indian-style ceiling with fabric, make it stretch or arrange multi-level transitions with drywall. The main thing is to choose a rich and deep shade.

Living room.

Different rooms of a house or apartment require different design and finishing options.

In the bedroom, the best combination of colors will be brown-red. Decorative plaster is suitable for wall decoration. The main light source will be a chandelier with matte shades placed in the center of the ceiling.


When decorating an Indian-style kitchen, it is recommended to combine bright shades, a variety of carvings on wooden elements and mosaics. Furniture is chosen in simple shapes, and household appliances are not sought to decorate – it fits seamlessly into the design.


In the bathroom, preference should be given to ceramic tiles. Small for the walls and large for the floor. The color palette is close to natural: blue, light blue, brown, turquoise. The steel shine of the mixers can be replaced with gold, bronze or copper.


The living room assumes high ceilings. Multi-level options will look good here, plaster or whitewash is lighter than other surfaces. Sand-colored marble or imitation is more suitable for wall decoration. Carpets on the walls in red shades and with an original pattern are allowed. The floor is covered with parquet.

Living room.

Color palette

India is a country of dances, songs, spicy turmeric and bright colors. At first glance, it is oversaturated with colors, but it is not. Color is an important part of Indian life. There is a Holi festival of colors in the country, dedicated to spring, the revival of nature to life. Therefore, in the Indian style, all shades are carefully thought out and selected.

Color is the soul of the interior of India. It fills the house with warmth and comfort, gives energy and dynamics. The shades are dominated by tart, like oriental spices, reminiscent of cloves, bay leaf greens, curry or ginger. A combination of red and orange is popular.

Indian Ornament.

Soft muted tones are diluted with cold ones, giving the rooms depth and spaciousness. Purple, emerald, blue and turquoise boldly combine with each other. It is important to note that white is practically absent in the interiors. It is the color of temples, a symbol of renunciation of wealth, a sign of simplicity.

Indian interior design.

When decorating the interior in Indian style, it is important to observe the harmony of shades. After all, the house is a place for rest and relaxation. And in a room saturated with flowers, a person begins to get tired. Those to whom bright colors are too unusual can choose one of the style directions – Hindi. It does not involve a riot of colors and many decorative elements. It is enough to place accents minimally. A few sofa cushions or an embroidered carpet will come in handy.

Wall decoration.


At the very beginning of the origin of the style, when simplicity and practicality were at the head, the furniture was also distinguished by simplicity and some rudeness. Over time, the trends have changed. Today the wooden details are decorated with ornate carvings, upholstered furniture is complemented with forged elements.

Traditionally, furniture in India is low, has no backs and armrests. Today, tables, screens and transformer chairs are often used to save space and functionality. Wooden panels, except for carvings, are decorated with stones or varnished.

Sofa made of wood.

Most often, furniture is made of dark wood species – teak or rosewood, but bamboo is also popular. Elegant stands, beds or dressers are made of it.

Upholstered furniture upholstery suggests wide stripes or Indian motifs. Velour, leather and suede are popular among the fabrics. In addition to soft versions of chairs, there are wicker ones. The bed is made of wood or forged metal, decorated with an organza canopy on wooden pillars.


Instead of wardrobes, small wooden cabinets with doors decorated with openwork carvings, painted dressers or chests decorated with brass are appropriate. Coffee tables are chosen on curved massive legs. Wooden furniture is not only practical and comfortable, but also durable.

Indian Furniture.

Accessories and decor

Arches are especially popular in India. They decorate doorways, cabinet doors, mirrors, backs of furniture: sofas, armchairs, beds. The arch pays a kind of tribute to the architecture of the temples. For zoning of premises, wooden screens decorated with carvings, beads or shiny stones are used.

Accessories and cute decorative items reminiscent of an amazing country will help to fill the apartment with Indian flavor. However, it is worth remembering that in India, every thing has a special meaning and with all the external pomp, the style turns out to be somewhat ascetic.

Interior decor.


  • Textiles. Hindus drape ceilings, walls with fabrics, create canopies and screens from them to divide the room into zones. Bedspreads resemble patchwork technique because of the variety of colors and textures. The windows are covered with thick curtains or curtains with a lambrequin. And the sofa is perfectly complemented by small pillows with ethnic ornaments, beads and beads.
  • Plant motifs. India is not indifferent to flora, so live and artificial flowers are placed in houses. They depict blossoming buds and branches on bedspreads or in decoration.
  • Bells made of copper or wood are designed to protect the dwelling from evil spirits and bring harmony to the house. More often they hang on the ceiling or in doorways, swaying from any breeze and making subtle melodious sounds.

Interior details.

  • Candles and candlesticks are perhaps the most popular attribute of India. Candlesticks are made of wood or ivory in the form of decorative figures of gods. Candles are chosen aromatic with the smell of lavender, cinnamon or lotus. Can be replaced with incense sticks.
  • Copper. Vases and dishes made of copper, complemented with colored enamel or embossed pattern will perfectly fit into the interior.
  • Religious paintings and figurines. It is recommended to get to know the symbols of the religions of India better before filling the house with them. But it is allowed to use neutral options: turtles, elephants, camels or dancers.
  • Painting and ornaments. Authenticity and national motives are widespread in India. Patterns are decorated with household items, textiles, furniture, used in decoration. One of the popular ornaments is paisley or “Turkish cucumber”.

Indian furniture and decor items in the interior.

Indian interior design: photos

India is a country with a unique culture, filled with myths, legends, dances, bright festivals. The styles of harmonious Indian housing are suitable for lovers of travel, new acquaintances, creative and open people.

Bedroom with bright accents.

Cozy atmosphere.

Elements of forging in the interior.

Decoration with ornament.

Four-poster bed.

Oriental style.

Yellow-emerald interior.

Beige color with bright accents.

Living room with plants.

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