Provence Style Bedroom Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Incredibly cozy and light Provence style is ideal for decorating a bedroom. Create it in rooms of any size. In both large and small bedrooms, it will create an atmosphere of warmth and tranquility.

We have prepared many detailed recommendations for you, with the help of which you can easily create an oasis of comfort in your bedroom. And also made a selection of particularly successful solutions for the layout, color scheme and all elements of the interior. So, let’s go.

Interior design in Provence style.

Distinctive features of the Provence style

Provence came to us from the southern part of France. Cheerful hospitable people live there. It is this mood that conveys this style.

The first thing that can be said is the use of natural materials in the interior. A lot of textiles and muted shades of Provence immerse us in a world of serenity. The room itself whispers that there is no need to hurry anywhere, you can lie down and read a book or immerse yourself in your thoughts. The atmosphere of simplicity and elegance of the southern regions reigns here.

Provence bedroom interior in southern motifs.

Provence seems to us a rustic style, with all its naivety and charm. At the same time, it is elegant, with a touch of classic interior and incredibly light and airy. He absorbed the charm of the French province of the 19th century.

Bedroom interior with a French touch.

The following characteristic features are distinguished:

  • The use of natural materials in the decoration of the room.

The furniture is made of natural materials.

  • Muted pastel shades.

The combination of decoration and furniture in the style of Provence.

  • Forging elements.

Forged interior elements create a sense of antiquity.

  • The presence of decorative pillows.

The use of decor in the design.

  • Textiles from natural resources.

Window decoration is an integral part of the style.

  • Small plant or flower drawings.

The impression of lightness, lightness.

  • An abundance of accessories and interior decorations.

The presence of accessories creates a sense of color.

  • Necessarily aged appearance of furniture, floor and walls.

Plunge into the bedroom for a couple of centuries ago – always causes delight.

Interior colors in Provence style

For the Provence style, light shades of white and bright colors are used. All the colors used are necessarily pastel tones, muted. It’s like they’ve been burned out in the sun. After all, this is a southern interior from hot Provence.

For background shades, beige, coffee, cream, light gray, milk or ivory are used. If we consider brighter colors, these are: pink, green, blue, lavender, olive, turquoise shades and the colors of young grass.

Classic color combination in the interior.

The blue color gives freshness to the interior.

The lavender shade in the design is always harmonious.

Beige with pink is a delicate combination.

The olive tone of the interior is an integral part of the Provence style.

The texture of all surfaces imitates scuffs, chips, scratches. Such techniques create the atmosphere of the time when furniture was made for centuries. New things are simply subjected to the procedure of artificial aging.

Interior design with aging effect.

And now let’s move on to examples of particularly successful color combinations for the Provencal style.

In white

Provencal style in white shades is a classic. The white background perfectly emphasizes all the interior items. The furniture looks especially good, standing out with a different shade of white. For example, the color of ivory. In such an interior, the wall decoration is designed as follows: two walls are decorated with textured plaster, the rest are painted and should be smooth. They are painted in floral motifs. Fields of small flowers often become guests of this style.

The decoration of the room in white tones always looks spectacular.

A combination of Provence style in a non-standard room.

For greater expressiveness, such decorations are used for walls: brick or masonry, relief plaster or wooden slats.

Wooden slats on the ceiling in combination with a panoramic window.

Parquet is laid on the floor by the deck method or laminate with the effect of antiquity. Ordinary boards painted in a light shade or contrasting to the main background will also work.

Design options for walls and ceiling.

Be sure to add bright shades to pillows, bedspread, curtains, carpet. They will add dynamism and comfort to the interior.

Floral print in the interior design.

In beige shades

The background tone here is light beige shades or brighter – sand, coffee, light brown. They are introduced into the coloring of textiles, decors, furniture and flooring. Relief textures are used for all horizontal and vertical planes. This technique gives elegance and grace.

Elegance in the bedroom interior design.

Furniture is selected from natural wood with elements of carved ornaments. Such drawings fit perfectly into the interior of rustic simplicity and home comfort. If you use yellow shades in a Provencal interior, remember that they should be soft and muted.

In blue shades

Blue is a color with a cold tonality. Therefore, it cannot be made a background in a Provencal interior. The design should be warm. But as accents, it is recommended to use. After all, it is closely connected with southern motifs. It is associated with the sky and the sea. It refreshes the interior like a light breeze on a hot day.

A very delicate combination of blue and white colors.

Any light neutral shades will be suitable as a background: milky, sandy, light gray. Blue is added to textile ornaments with natural motifs or souvenir decors and porcelain figurines. Ideally, in such an interior, a bed with a back made of forged curls or wooden slats will look.

A combination of shades of blue and beige.

In shades of green

The green shades in the Provencal interior immediately take us to the olive plantations. Where we stand on a hot day in the shade of trees and enjoy the abundance of warmth of the sun. It’s like we’re reconnecting with nature. And every person has such a need on a subconscious level.

Antiquity in every piece of interior.

The bedroom is executed with a background of the following shades: olive, the colors of young grass and greenery, beige, gray or white. They are used in wall and floor decoration, textiles and furniture upholstery. Be sure to introduce floral patterns and nature motifs. This will give a special charm to the whole interior.

Combining style with home plants.

Use such decors: still lifes, dried flowers in a frame, vases with fresh flowers, drawings of flowers on walls and furniture. In Provence, both dark and light furniture is used in shades of green. The color of mahogany looks especially good in combination with pastel olive.

Furniture in dark colors combined with beige and gray.

In pink shades

Pink shades look great in a Provencal-style bedroom. She turns out to be gentle, sweet, romantic and extremely charming. Especially for a girl of fine mental organization.

Pink color in the interior gives femininity to the bedroom.

Be careful, you should not fanatically introduce pink into all interior items. Use a delicate pink shade as a background, and golden, lilac, violet, lavender, peach, olive and pistachio shades are suitable for textiles and furniture upholstery. Or vice versa, make light beige tones the base background color, and use pink shades in the rest of the decor.

Bedroom interior in Provence style.

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