Provence Style Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

A carefree life in a cozy house on the seashore. The sun, the warm sand, the lapping of the waves. The Provence-style interior combines a simple rural setting, reminiscent of country, with bright natural shades and is associated with the pacification of France.

Interior in Provence style.

Distinctive features of Provence

The delicate and elegant style in the interior resembles a picture. All the elements of the Provence room are interconnected by a common style. Door handles, window frames, curtains, cornices and any little things must be carefully thought out and carefully selected.

Dining area.

The style is characterized by:

  • natural materials in finishes and fabrics;
  • wooden beams on the ceiling;
  • upholstered furniture made of wood, antique or stylized antique;
  • plant motifs in ornaments;
  • pastel colors of the palette;
  • bouquets of fresh flowers, field or meadow.

Style History

At the end of the 17th century, in the south-east of France in the province of Provence, the eponymous style of interior decoration was born. The uncomplicated, comfortable and practical direction was a kind of reaction to the luxurious classicism of the city.

Living room in Provence style.

Provence is based on rustic romance and everyday life. The peasants worked a lot in the fields, so their housing primarily contributed to recreation. Harmony and comfort permeated the atmosphere.

The new style quickly attracted the interest of artists and writers, so by the middle of the 19th century Provence had spread widely across Europe. Until today, the direction has reached almost unchanged. Simplicity of lines, naturalness and soulfulness of Provence find connoisseurs.

Provence style kitchen.

Materials and finishing

Provence values natural materials and refuses plastic. Paint, decorative plaster or wallpaper are often used in the decoration. A real stone is popular. This is a direct reference to the French province: stone houses were built in the 17th century.

The ceiling is painted white or plastered. Beams made of wood or imitating wood became a mandatory element of the interior in the Provence style.

Living room decoration.

For the floor, the best solution will be a boardwalk or parquet. In the kitchen, hallway and bathroom, ceramic tiles stylized antique are laid. Shades of sand or gray.

The doors are selected light, with the effect of scuffing from time. The windows are necessarily wide with wooden white frames.

Modern lighting of the living room in Provence style.

Color scheme

Provence assumes a delicate pastel palette, natural shades and accents of juicy, but not “flashy” colors.

The style is based on white and shades of milk, beige, sand. Of the more saturated, lavender, pale pink and pale blue, olive, light green are suitable. This range will help to create an atmosphere of comfort, peace and harmony in the house.

Spring irises in the interior of Provence.

Provence style furniture

Provence furniture is distinguished by clear elegant lines, practicality and conciseness. Models made of natural wood of natural color or painted, with the effect of antiquity are suitable. Storage chests instead of modern shelving, simple-shaped dressers, sideboards with carved glass doors, antique bedside tables.

Furniture in the style of Shabby Provence.

In the bedroom, a bed with a metal frame and a forged headboard is mandatory. Upholstered furniture is upholstered with natural fabrics, plain or with floral ornaments, and wicker chairs and tables will complement the interior. Modern angular shapes and transformer models will be out of place. Built-in cabinets will also have to be abandoned.

Kitchen-living room with dining group.


Provence prefers natural fabrics: linen, cotton, cambric and chintz. The windows are covered with light curtains to the floor. Decorative pillows are laid out on sofas and armchairs. Tablecloths and lace embroidered napkins are present on the tables in the kitchen and living room.

Provence style living room with Blue accent Wall decor.


The cozy atmosphere of the Provence-style house is also supported by lighting. It should be unobtrusive and soft. During the day, natural light penetrating through light curtains gives the room airiness. And in the evenings, the rooms are filled with diffused warm light from chandeliers, table lamps and floor lamps. Stylized antique versions are preferred. Forged chandeliers with lamps in the form of candles will look especially advantageous. Floor lamps with fabric lampshades decorated with beads will also work.

Lighting in the living room.

Decor and accessories

Decorative elements complement the room: forged flower stands. Live plants in original pots. Family photos and paintings with landscapes in wooden antique frames. A metal cage for a bird will look interesting. Pottery, wicker baskets, pickups with tassels for curtains, miniature vases with lavender sprigs.

Interior decor.

Interior design in Provence style

At first glance, a simple and peaceful Provence requires a careful approach. All the objects in the interior should overlap with each other. Plumbing, switches and sockets, household appliances, decor – everything must be selected in accordance with the style, otherwise the atmosphere will disintegrate.

When decorating a small apartment in Provence style, designers recommend paying more attention to the decoration and not overloading the interior with decor. The white color and the lightest shades of the coatings will visually expand the room. Wallpaper is better to use without drawing. If you want variety, you can decorate one of the walls with a floral print.

Provence living room.

Living room

A cozy and spacious room can be decorated in pastel colors with elements of turquoise, lavender, lemon, blue. From upholstered furniture puts a wide sofa with armrests, straight or angular, and armchairs. Choose vintage models with smooth elegant lines, carved legs and backs. The banquettes or poufs next to the low coffee table will harmoniously fit into the interior. Instead of shelves, a sideboard with glass doors will do.

Framed paintings – still lifes, landscapes, watercolors – figurines, flowers in clay pots, vases with flowers on the table are suitable as a living room decor. Several painted pillows are placed on the sofa, a plaid of a delicate shade.

Living room interior.

Provencal style kitchen

Provence prefers a spacious and comfortable kitchen. The walls, floor and ceiling are painted in a light color. The latter is necessarily decorated with wooden or decorative beams. Accents are placed in burgundy, chocolate, brown, rich red.

Modern household appliances need to be decorated or choose vintage-styled, often choose a set with an island by embedding a dishwasher in it. Faucets should also be selected vintage bronze or brass.

Provencal style kitchen.

The kitchen, decorated in the style of a French coffee shop, looks interesting. Bar counter, high stools with fabric upholstery. There are few kitchen cabinets, they are replaced by open shelves and a sideboard, on which beautiful ceramic dishes, jars for bulk products and spices are placed. Window curtains are simple with contrasting stripes or a cage. Wicker baskets with fruits or flowers will complement the interior.

Pastel blue kitchen.

Bedroom in Provence style

Finishing is best done in light colors. The combination with the smooth curves of the furniture will create a relaxing atmosphere and promote relaxation. Paintings or framed photographs are hung on the walls. The windows are covered with a light cloth. Plain or with a small floral pattern. If you want less sun to penetrate into the room in the morning, the curtains are complemented with dense curtains of saturated, but not dark shades: gray, brown, beige.

Bedroom in Provence style.

The bed is preferably wooden with carved legs. But a metal one decorated with braided lines is also suitable. Bed linen is chosen in soft colors. The bedspread is soft, lace or patchwork.

For storing things, choose low wooden cabinets painted in pastel colors, antique or artificially aged. Dressers and bedside tables in a similar style are also suitable. The bedroom is illuminated by vintage table lamps with lampshades or sconces.

Bedroom in pink tones.


Provence assumes a large spacious bathroom with a window. The bath is placed closer to the center, choosing a smoothly curved model on carved legs. If the room is small, the bath is replaced by a shower system with a light white curtain or a glass partition.

The sink can be built into a wooden storage cabinet or a table with elegant legs. Above the sink, a mirror is hung in a frame decorated with forging or made of wood. Mixers must be replaced with bronze ones. Wicker baskets on shelves are suitable for storage, and candles and small bouquets of flowers will complement the interior.


The washing machine and the water heater must be decorated. For example, remove the tiled niches and curtain with a beautiful fabric. It is better to choose a basket for laundry made of wicker, instead of plastic.

The decoration is dominated by ceramic tiles of calm soft shades, plain, imitating marble or with a small floral print. Less often, the walls are painted and decorated with panels.

Green bathroom.

Photo gallery

Provence in the interior is the comfort and simplicity of the province, its lightness and romance. The style will help to bring a piece of the lavender fields of France, cloudless sky and grace into the house.

Provence fits perfectly into the interior of a city apartment, allowing residents to escape from the hustle and bustle, to find harmony of the external and internal world.

Recreation area.

Green kitchen set.

The grey sofa fits well into the interior.

Large mirror in the interior.

Provence style kitchen.

Design example.

Provence-style furniture in the kitchen interior.

Living room in a country house.

French Provence.

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