Provence Style Hallway Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Provence in the hallway is an elegant simplicity in a rustic style. Such an interior in the hallway turns out to be cozy and homely. At the same time, it can compete with modern design trends. Now Provence is gaining popularity exponentially. It’s fresh and unusual. In this article we will analyze the features of the Provence style in the arrangement of the hallway. The color scheme and features in the decoration of the entrance area.

Entrance hall in Provence style.

Features of the Provence style in the hallway

  • Minimum furniture.

Lightness and airiness in the interior of the hallway of the Provence style.

  • Color scheme in pastel shades.

Warm notes of Provence in the interior.

  • Contrasting colors are allowed. Their tone is also muted.

The design of the hallway in the style of Provence.

  • The decor used is plant drawings, ornaments made of porcelain, a forging element.

Porcelain decor complements the interior.

A mirror with an ornament made of forged material looks great in the hallway of the Provencal style.

  • Furniture with aging effect.

The interior of the hallway with the effect of aging.

  • Using natural materials.

Natural materials in the hallway in Provence style.

Experimenting and creating is about the Provence style. It is beautiful in its simple elegance and combination of different textures. Soft curves turn into straight lines, and a smooth surface turns into a textured one. And all this is powdered with vintage and a haze of antiquity.

Textured, elegant, with the effect of antiquity.

Nuances of the design of the hallway in the style of Provence

The hallway, as a rule, is deprived of natural light. In order for it to look light and fresh, white shades are taken as a basis. They will help to visually expand the space, push the walls apart and raise the ceiling higher. For finishing, it is best to use decorative plaster and create a non-uniform relief on the walls. It is also acceptable to paint the walls in the right shade or use wooden slats.

White color is the leader for giving a visual expansion of space in the interior.

Decorative plaster looks great in the interior.

Wallpaper is highly not recommended for use in wall decoration. But if you still choose wallpaper, then choose a small floral print in the form of flower fields or a small floral ornament. Wallpaper can be pasted only on one wall and make it accent.

Accent wall with wallpaper.

Imitation of brickwork is also suitable for wall decoration. You can paint it in the old style and create the effect of partial “unpainted” whitewash. And you can leave it in its original natural form.

Brick in the interior.

The ceiling, ideally, is painted. Provence is a rustic style, and therefore this kind of decor will be more atmospheric for this design. But in extreme cases, a stretch ceiling is installed. However, at the same time, the style is rapidly beginning to approach the modern. If the ceiling is high, install wooden beams.

Ceiling design with wooden beams.

Wooden plank finishing or parquet laying are welcome on the floor. You can also use laminate with imitation parquet flooring. Deck laying of laminate or parquet looks especially good. Linoleum or cork are suitable for soft coatings. Any of the coatings should be with a touch of antiquity. Scuffs, chips and scratches will create rustic coziness and comfort.

Parquet flooring.

Plank flooring.


How to decorate the hallway in Provence style:

  • Drawings of small flowers on textiles.

Emphasis on textiles.

  • Relief drawings on furniture.

Charming flowers.

  • Carved elements in furniture.

Carved elements create a certain conciseness and sophistication in the interior of the hallway of the Provencal style.

  • Embroidery in a frame.

The embroidery decor fits perfectly into the interior.

  • Still Lifes.
  • Fabric bags with fragrant herbs.
  • Candlesticks and candles of simple shapes.

The romance of the Provencal style in the hallway.

  • Openwork knitted napkins.
  • Plants in clay pots.

Decor in the form of wicker boxes.

A mirror is a mandatory element in any hallway. And the Provence style is no exception. The frame for the mirror is a separate decorative element. It is performed in the technique of forged patterns and weaving. Flowers in a vase, a decorative cute box with a carved pattern, porcelain cute little things are asking for a bedside table.

Mirror in a wrought-iron frame with patterns, gives charm and charm.

Interior decor in Provence style.

If you are lucky and there is a window in your hallway, decorate it with a light curtain with a small floral ornament. Both Roman and roll-up curtains are suitable. But it is better not to darken the window and leave it open. After all, Provence loves a lot of natural light. Floor-length curtains are suitable for large spaces.

Roller blinds in the interior.

The lighting is used combined. This is the overhead lighting in the form of a beautiful chandelier. It can be woven or textile. Spotlights are added along the perimeter of the hallway. Cozy sconces are hung on the walls or floor lamps are installed.

Lighting in the interior plays a significant role.

Choosing hallway furniture

The main set of furniture for the hallway:

  • Cabinet with sliding doors.

A modern interpretation of the Provence style in the hallway.

  • Outdoor or wall-mounted open hanger.

A floor hanger made of forged material complements the interior.

  • Combined hanger with a padded seat at the bottom.

Functionality in the interior of the hallway in the style of Provence.

  • Banquette.

The design of the hallway in the style of Provence, complemented by a banquette.

  • Textile poufs.
  • Chest of reduced depth.

Compactness and functionality of furniture.

  • Open shoe shelves.

Convenience of shoe storage.

  • Decorative small table.

Elegant chandelier and lamps.

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