Provence Style Nursery Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

The southern Provencal style fills the room with the warmth of the sun. Its origin goes back to France, where it began to gain popularity in the 19th century. The style catches with its rustic simplicity and elegance. At the same time, there is a touch of elegance from the classical style.

Bright colors and small floral ornament.

Olive shades on the bedspread and interior items in a muted milky tone.

A children’s room with a gray undertone and small ornaments in textiles.

Children’s interior in beige tones.

In the interior of the nursery, the style of Provence is charming. It is created in blue or pink tones. The size of the room does not matter, this style fits perfectly into rooms of different sizes. For the interior, delicate shades of bright colors are used, as well as environmental materials in the decoration of the room.

Combination of blue and pink.

The charm of Provence.

Today we have prepared for you a detailed material on how to create a nursery in this surprisingly cozy style.

Airy interior with olive background color.

So, let’s go.

What distinguishes Provence from other styles

In Provence, there is an abundance of textile elements, the presence of a large amount of natural lighting and the use of natural materials in furniture and decoration. This is a southern warm style and the whole interior reminds us of the nature of this climate.

White pieces of furniture in a beige room.

  • Pastel shades of bright colors.

Checkered ornament on the walls and solid furniture upholstery.

The correct arrangement of furniture will create space.

  • Artificial aging of furniture and finishes.

Provence style furniture.

  • Natural materials.

Wood finish of the lower part of the wall.

A built-in wardrobe in white shades is perfect for a nursery.

  • An abundance of small elegant decor.

Decorating the room with toys, vases and coasters.

A room with a desk.

  • Abundance of light.

Natural lighting combined with night lighting.

The study area is located by the window, which makes it the brightest.

Nuances in creating a Provencal style for the nursery

You might have noticed that only natural materials are used for the design of children’s rooms. Furniture compositions are selected from an array of wood species and processed – artificially aged. And then they are covered with a matte transparent varnish.

Making a children’s room with wooden furniture.

The walls are decorated with relief plaster with a touch of negligence, as they did before. Also, vertical planes can simply be painted and applied an artistic painting of a floral ornament. Wallpaper is rarely used. They are pasted only on one accent wall, choosing a floral ornament or floral motifs. To finish the floor, choose parquet and lay it by the deck method. You can use linoleum or laminate with an antique effect.

This variation of the room decoration definitely creates the effect of antiquity.

Complement the interior of the nursery with decorative forged elements, clay pots, embroidery, herbarium collection in beautiful wooden frames.

Forging elements.

Color palette in pastel colors. The background shade is selected for each room individually. The choice depends not only on your preferences, but also on the lighting parameters and the workload of the interior.

Pink and peach shades fill the room with comfort and special charm.

In particular, if the room is northern, then warm colors are taken as a basis: cream, golden, yellow shades. And vice versa, if southern, it is allowed to use cool shades: pink, lavender color, the color of young grass, turquoise, pale blue.

Example of a design with a gray undertone.

Example of design in beige shades.

If you look closely at the photos of children’s in the Provencal style, you will notice that the fabrics are decorated with ornaments and drawings of flowers, vegetation, checkered prints, polka dots and stripes. Choose prints that are darker than the main background by a couple of tones. This sets the dynamics in the interior and adds volume to the room as a whole.

The interior is in beige tones with the addition of blue.

Nursery for girls

Provence in the interior of a room for a girl seems noble with subtle elegance. Every princess’s dream.

In the decor of the ladies’s interior of the children ‘s room , you can use:

  • A smoky cape over the bed in general or at the headboard.
  • Baskets with weaving elements.
  • Wall clock with a touch of antiquity.
  • Tulle curtains with cute ruffles.
  • Lace Elements.
  • Decorative pads with flowers.
  • Photo gallery on the walls in elegant frames.
  • Soft toys, figurines.
  • Floor lamps with fabric shades.

A canopy in a room with a pink accent.

Children’s room for girls in Provencal style.

Nursery for a little girl.

Do you feel the atmosphere of goodwill? This is the main thing that conveys the Provencal interior. And also lightness and ease, which will permeate the design of the room like a red thread.

In addition to stylistic solutions, it is necessary to plan the usability and placement of functional areas. Think about where there will be a place for games. Maybe there is a place for a doll table where you will all enjoy imaginary tea and cakes together. Do you have a lot of children’s fairy tales and educational books? Determine the area for the bookshelf.

Decorative elements that will breathe the atmosphere of Provence will be: painted plates on the wall, green vegetation, atmospheric lamps, applications of beads and hand embroidery. Good combinations of tones: milky, pink, pistachio, lavender color.

Provence is perfect for a girl. This is a rustic classic with a fringe of romance and dreams. A room in this style will suit both very young children and already adult self-sufficient princesses. The most important thing is the wishes of the child, will she be comfortable in this environment? Ask her and only then proceed to the design and planning of the color palette, the location of the zones and textile design.

Nursery for boys

The color scheme for the boy’s room is realized in bright colors. Features and nuances of the design:

  • Milky, white, light blue, green shades.
  • Ornaments of cages and peas, animal nature and vegetation.
  • Natural finishing material. Paint, plaster or decorative panels made of wood are used for the walls.
  • Pieces of furniture in cream tones.
  • Light curtains without a pattern.
  • Souvenir plates with pictures of hunting and fishing.

The furniture set includes: a crib, a wardrobe, a table for creativity and lessons, shelving and hanging shelves for books. In the Provence style, the sofa of the original shape with upholstery in a light tone will look harmoniously.

A room in blue tones.

Children’s bedroom for a boy.

Decoration of the room using decorative upholstery and antique effects on the doors.


The furniture in the children’s room is subject to special criteria. It should be eco-friendly and safe for the child’s health. This means that only natural materials are suitable. In addition, the following features are distinguished:

  • Durability and reliability.
  • Convenience and functional. Match the child’s height.
  • Compactness and ergonomics.
  • With a touch of antiquity and the spirit of the last century.

Furniture in the children’s room.

Today in shops and furniture salons there are wonderful furniture compositions made of natural wood in the right color scheme and style. The design solutions of the bed surprise with their beauty and originality. For example, there are models with a headboard in the form of forged curls or a carved wooden back.

In the race for beauty, do not forget to take into account the wishes of your child. As a rule, children have their own ideas about what is stylish and “cool”.


Textile elements play an important role in the interior. They complement the atmosphere of comfort and tranquility and give it a special charm. Windows are decorated with such curtains:

  • Roman curtain.
  • Roller blinds.
  • Thick curtains without a pattern.

The following fabrics are welcome: linen, cotton, calico. They “breathe” naturalness and Provencal motifs.

Roman curtain.

Roller blinds in the nursery.

Decoration of the room with the use of curtains.

Photo Gallery

We have made a selection of children’s interiors for you. Enjoy watching and get inspired.

Children’s bedroom in Provencal style.

Lighting in the nursery.

Children’s bedroom for girls.

Bright children’s room.

The design of the nursery in the Provencal style.

Canopy in the nursery in blue tones.

Working area in the children’s bedroom.

Interior decoration of the nursery.

Children’s room in beige tones.

Bookshelf in the nursery.

Green shades in the nursery.

Provence style lighting.

Provencal style furniture.

White furniture for the children’s room.

Children’s bedroom for two.

Floral decoration.

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