Orange living room: design and decoration ideas

By | November 17, 2022

Orange color is associated with kind, positive emotions, solar energy and joy. Warm, strong tones willingly share their energy with people, give self-confidence and a positive outlook on life. Surrounded by a fiery palette, there is no place for despondency and depression. It is not surprising that many owners of houses and apartments choose it for the decoration of their living rooms.

All shades of orange have a beneficial effect on the psychological state of people, increase their adaptability to changes in the external environment, and also set them up for active communication. In addition, the decoration or furnishings and decor items in this color palette have a warming effect, add light and comfort to the room.

Carrot and light orange accents in the bright living room.

Knowing about this effect, experienced designers widely use orange in shaded, north-facing and cramped rooms. Even a few accents in the form of an original vase, a bouquet of gerberas or tiger stripes on a bedspread or carpet have a stunning, strong influence on the perception of the interior as a whole, enliven it, make it more elegant and cheerful.

Choosing an orange or red palette as a basis, it is necessary to observe a sense of proportion. Saturated-fiery, carrot tones in large quantities are contraindicated for easily excitable, temperamental people. In addition, bright colors can cause headaches, eye fatigue and anxiety. However, with a living room in which the family is only one or two hours a day or intended for meetings and parties with friends, it is difficult to make a mistake. Such a room can be decorated in catchy, elegant shades, letting go of your imagination.

Snow-white upholstered furniture on an orange background.

If the living room is combined with a bedroom, a study, or someone from the household is constantly present in it, you should choose softer, pastel colors – pale peach, mango, caramel, golden–copper. They will give the living room a homely look and create a special spring-summer mood.

Sea buckthorn color is perfectly combined with a beige coffee table and white upholstery.

Bright colors of wall coverings and textiles make the living room festive and elegant.

Fiery accents in the form of decorative leather pillows and armchairs, as well as abstract stripes on the white carpet give a special flavor to the bright living room.

Bright fiery tones are perfectly combined with natural helmets – olive, chocolate brown.

The rich fiery paint is softened by restrained furniture in dark brown, cream and white with a dark floral print.

Rules of the orange interior of the living room

To get a stylish room in which it is pleasant to be, do your favorite things and relax, you need to carefully consider the situation, a combination of colors, choose finishing materials for the floor, ceiling, walls and furniture. Designers recommend following the following rules:

  • It is not necessary to decorate the living room in one bright orange tone. Even if it is a favorite color, it is diluted with more restrained, delicate or dark shades of orange, or additional colors are added – brown, white, beige, green, black and others.
  • If you want to bring an original “zest” to the interior, you should start with decorative elements – vases, carpets, paintings or home textiles. They are easier to replace if the shade of orange or pumpkin is tired, or dissonant with the surrounding environment.
  • Pale orange, light shades look great as the main background on the walls, floor. Also, terracotta, caramel, bronze tones are actively used for decoration. But the percentage of richly bright details should be limited to individual accents in the form of sections of walls, carpets, upholstered furniture or tables.

Quite often, designers use monochrome and multicolor curtains, 3D wallpapers with drawings in a fiery palette. Tiger lilies or gerberas, naturalistic images of sunset or tiger look atmospheric.

Orange ceiling and furniture set in the living room.

Grass-green textiles and light gray upholstery on the background of bright walls and ceilings.

A beautiful combination of pink-red, smoky blue, gold and red tones.

Accent curtains in the orange living room

Curtains on windows are a great tool for giving the right mood to the interior. Juicy, richly bright or delicate apricot fabrics bring comfort and warmth, concentrate attention on themselves. A wide variety of options are available today:

  • blinds, roller blinds;
  • heavy, dense curtains;
  • light, translucent tulle;
  • plain fabrics;
  • curtains with prints, with stripes of various shades.

As an addition, fabrics of milky, white, silver-gray color are used. Usually curtains are chosen to match the color of the upholstery of sofas, blankets or tablecloths, and other decorative elements.

Peach curtains in the olive living room.

White-orange curtains with horizontal stripes in a cozy interior with lilac accents.

The walls in the orange living room

The most popular finishing materials today are different types of paints and wallpapers. Latex and acrylic paints are absolutely safe for health, form a beautiful, resistant coating that can be decorated in any convenient way, starting from polyurethane molding and ending with stickers, paintings, mirrors. The choice of wallpapers is also huge. It offers customers simple paper, washable, dense, eco-friendly bamboo and reed products. It remains only to choose the right color:

  • Minimalism is characterized by monochrome or two-tone walls, without a pronounced pattern. Vertical or horizontal stripes are acceptable, which visually change the volume of the room.
  • Provence pleases with delicate floral motifs, a narrow multicolored strip.
  • The brutal loft style is perfectly combined with fiery accents on the walls, in the form of stripes, individual bricks (in colored brick masonry), square or rectangular sections.
  • If the owners prefer a classic style, then wallpaper with medallion prints, multi-color combinations with white, beige and gray will do.
  • To soften the luxury and pretentiousness of the old Empire style, a solid, light finish – paint or wallpaper – is perfect.

When creating accent walls, 3D drawings, photo wallpapers, plaster painting are used.

Painted brown walls with vertical contrasting stripes.

Gorgeous tiger lily wallpaper.

Furniture and decor for the orange living room

Furniture and decorative elements in the richest orange palette create a special, unique comfort, a sense of celebration and a hospitable home. Designers advise to choose the upholstery of sofas and armchairs, paintings, vases and lampshades of table and floor lamps on a simple principle:

  • Expressive, bright furniture and accessories look great on a light, pastel background.
  • For bright wall decoration, choose delicate apricot and peach tones, or dark shades of ochre, terracotta, orange-brown.

When decorating an accent wall with catchy colors, equally expressive decorative elements should be placed on the opposite wall.

The fiery palette perfectly harmonizes with all types of furniture made of wood, vine, rattan, leather and matting upholstery, tables with glass tops. Also, it is appropriate to include colorful national ceramics, live and artificial plants, bouquets of flowers. Lamps with juicy shades and fabric shades look great, as well as cozy soft textiles – exclusive decorative pillows, blankets and bedspreads, napkins and tablecloths.

The carpet is selected under the floor covering, in a contrasting color. So, for a two-tone orange-white tile, a neutral cream, gray or beige carpet is suitable. And for golden or red-brown laminate, brighter products are selected.

Bright carrot tables, table lamps and patterns on sofa cushions in a bright, white-gray room.

Terracotta sofa and dark brown furniture against light lilac walls.

Leather sofa, home textiles and floor lamp with bright orange lampshade.

Unusual sofa cushions, a bright table and bouquets of flowers that create a mood.

A sofa with carrot upholstery and an original accent chair.

Orange kitchen-living room

A combined kitchen-living room is a common phenomenon these days. This type of layout is used in studio apartments, private houses designed to the taste of the owners or small-sized apartments. The room is necessarily divided into zones – directly a kitchen, a dining group or a bar counter, a place to relax. Each of them is decorated separately, while observing the general style.

Experts advise to focus on cabinet furniture in the working or dining areas: buy a rich orange or two-tone kitchen set, accent chairs or make exclusive countertops. However, if you want to disguise the kitchen area, then it is made as inconspicuous as possible, merging with the walls, and the main attention is paid to the furniture in the living room.

A sea buckthorn-colored kitchen set and a red-orange sofa in the living room-kitchen.

Kitchen-living room with orange furniture, fireplace and beige upholstered furniture.

The combination of orange and gray in the living room

Neutral-cool gray tones perfectly harmonize with orange-sunny, muted bronze colors, making them at the same time more restrained and expressive. This combination is typical for modern interiors, complemented by metal and glass elements.

The colors are selected according to the degree of saturation: either very bright or pastel. You can diversify the duo with juicy greens, olive, woody and blue tones.

Graphite, steel gray and light gray tones combined with ochre furniture.

Orange-gray living room in a modern style.

Terracotta accent wall and gray-steel upholstery of upholstered furniture.

Juicy tangerine wall combined with soft peach and dark gray sofa upholstery.

Yellow-orange colors in the living room

Yellow and orange make up an interesting, attractive duo. They perfectly complement and reinforce each other, being separate elements of the interior. They look great in the form of alternating stripes, cells or a gradient transition from lighter to darker tones.

However, when choosing a yellow-orange color scheme, you should be careful. Too expressive colors in large quantities act as an irritant of the nervous system. Therefore, they are introduced with great care, abundantly diluted with white, beige, woody, bluish and other neutral, calmer tones. Or use muted, dim colors – light coral, apricot, peach, honey.

Yellow curtains and a brick-orange sofa in a bright room.

Yellow furniture and carrot-orange curtains.

Sunny golden curtains and ochre wall decoration in a tropical interior.

Orange with beige in the living room

Warm beige is a perfect companion for a juicy orange or a more restrained brick palette. In this combination, the interior of the living room looks the most comfortable, soothing-warm. The rich colors on the walls are perfectly combined with the upholstery in neutral tones and light wood. Also, you can do the opposite by choosing beige tones as the basis and adding them with fiery strokes in the form of a carpet, curtains or an accent chair.

Beige armchairs and a sofa perfectly harmonize with an orange background and bright pillows.

Eclectic style.

As psychologists say, orange colors in the living room interior are suitable for people of creative professions, sociable and cheerful people. They increase the activity of brain activity, awaken creative thinking. The interior style can be chosen according to your own taste: the orange palette sets off any of them favorably.

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