Blue living room: design and decoration ideas

By | November 17, 2022

The palette of shades of blue is very, very diverse. For many, it is a favorite color. Some are afraid of him, considering him too cold and repulsive. But there are definitely no people indifferent to him. For both supporters and opponents of the blue color, we offer several options for decorating the living room in these colors. If you approach the right choice of shades, combinations with other colors, competent placement of accents, then the living room will turn out to be simply gorgeous. Everyone entering will appreciate the interior.

The meaning of blue and shades

The first thing I want to say about the blue color is that they tried to use it in almost all religions of the world. And here, every detail was approached very carefully, because religion is the laws of morality, spirituality and stability. Synonyms of blue are high intelligence, reason, infinity, fortitude, masculinity, seriousness, reliability. Every person wants all these qualities to be present in his life. The interior in blue color will help you feel calm and peaceful in such a chaotic modern world.

Most often, the idea of blue is a little one-sided. Maybe this is due to the fact that not everyone knows which shades belong to this range. We will fill in the gaps in knowledge. There is a so-called base color: blue. In addition to him, this category in the palette includes: the color of the sea wave, blue-blue, azure, cornflower blue, blue-green, azure, ultramarine, cobalt, indigo, thunderstorm, denim, blue-gray, royal blue, sapphire, electric.

And this is not a complete list. Some shades have very romantic names, for example, the “moonlight midnight” shade, which is created with the help of a significant addition of gray.

Color combinations

Of course, you should not decorate the living room with a solid blue spot. By doing this, you will not create an atmosphere of harmony and tranquility, but, on the contrary, turn the room into a capsule, where you will not want to go. You need to choose the right combinations. Let’s reveal some secrets.

Blue and yellow in the living room

Blue refers to the cold range of colors. Adding warm yellow to it is as profitable as possible. This contrast is very expressive. Both colors, on the one hand, are self–sufficient, on the other – perfectly complement each other, balancing degrees. Yellow furniture is not often found in the interior, but its use is justified here. The room turned out to be bright and cheerful. Despite the fact that the contrast is very catchy, a feeling of discomfort is not created. It’s like a combination of the sea and the sun, just as pleasant and inviting.

Living room.

Blue and gray in the living room

The combination of blue and gray will emphasize the rigor of the living room, tell about the stability and good taste of the owners. Both colors are noble and calm. From such a room just blows with reliability and comfort at the same time. Gray also has many shades. And any combination of these two components will favorably serve the living room. The “Moonlight Midnight” shade is better revealed as a base color if you put a sofa and armchairs in a neutral gray tone and hang light gray curtains. Everything is very harmonious.

The “Moonlight Midnight” shade in the interior.

Gray and blue colors in the interior will give that peace, which is so lacking in modern dynamic life.

Combination with gray.

You can flip the picture and use gray as the main color of the living room, and leave blue in its various variations as accents that dilute the boring tone. The living room immediately turns from monochrome and tedious into stylish and lively.

Accents in the interior.

Blue with brown in the living room

Two natural colors perfectly match each other. An overly catchy interior using a bright blue shade instantly turns into a balanced and calm thanks to the addition of a brown tone. This is the most attractive combination. Wood and sky converged in the room, creating a feeling of fresh air and spaciousness.

The color of the sea wave in the interior.

Blue with light blue in the living room

A smooth transition from rich blue to light blue will add lightness, elegance and airiness to the living room. These are colors from the same group. In such an interior, you need to pay attention to a darker shade when choosing furniture and accessories, but it is better to paint the walls in light tones. Then there will not be a feeling of heaviness and sullenness. The sky-blue living room will be filled with air and the atmosphere of infinity.

Living room.

But you need to think everything through in the interior so as not to drown in the abyss. To do this, add accents, something bright, for example, a painting, pillows or something else. An island of flowers is perfect.

Marine style.

Elegant living room in heavenly shades.

Blue with red in the living room

Are you confident in yourself? Do you know exactly what you want from life? An active and active person? Or maybe you are engaged in creative work? Then the combination of blue and red is just for you. This is really a very bright and bold combination. The living room in blue-red shades will teach the owner as a persistent, purposeful person and even covered with some riddles. There is something mystical about this combination.

Combination with red.

You can, of course, not so thicken the colors and choose a sky-blue color for the walls, and choose rich red tones for furniture. The living room will not be very extreme, but no less bright and beautiful.

Combination with red.

How best to use the blue color in the interior

In any case, whatever combination you choose, the correct placement of accents is important. They will be different for different rooms. Absolutely everything plays a role here: which side the windows face, what is the area of the living room, how many functions it performs. The occupation of the owners is also taken into account, and even their age, because what is acceptable for the younger generation is not always suitable for older people.

The choice of finishes and furniture in blue requires caution and at least some professionalism. The following tips will help novice designers.


It is not necessary to paint absolutely all the walls in blue, so as not to turn the room into an uncomfortable and visually small room. Sometimes it is enough to choose one accent wall for the blue color. But nevertheless, you can not refuse to design in blue and all the walls. But at the same time, you need to remember that there should be enough lighting. A great option if there are large windows facing south, and there is a lot of sunlight. Think about multi-level lighting, using both a central chandelier and wall sconces in separate areas, floor lamps, spotlights.

Lighting of the sofa area with table lamps.


Here we advise you not to choose the blue color, otherwise the room will press from above. There are options for stretch glossy ceilings either pale blue or with colored islands. For example, manufacturers offer a canvas for ceilings with a pattern of sky and clouds. If you paint the walls blue, then it is better to make the ceiling white. So the color will be shaded, and harmony will be preserved.

Stretch ceiling – “sky”.

Stretch ceiling with 3D pattern.

Floor covering

Choosing a blue color for the floor is probably not worth it either. If only you have a marine-style living room, then you can consider it as an option. But blue should then be a special shade: thunderstorm, black and blue, “lunar midnight”. In general, when decorating the living room in blue shades, it is recommended to choose a carpet in a similar palette, and paint the floor itself in brown, beige or another light shade.

Carpet to match the walls.

Modern living room.

Curtains and decor

The final image of the living room gets after you pick up curtains and various accessories, and decorative elements.

The room, decorated in blue, already becomes bright in itself. Therefore, all additional details need to be selected carefully so as not to overload the space. Observe certain proportions in the color scheme:

  • the walls are in dark blue shades, so the curtains should be of a lighter scale;
  • blue and other light tones can be complemented with curtains in indigo, bright blue, sapphire and similar shades;
  • pillows, blankets, vases can become accent spots, provided that the furniture does not have a rich palette.

Living room.

Light Roman curtains.

Orange accents.


Sofas, armchairs, ottomans can perfectly dilute the blue color. We talked about possible combinations with other shades. Furniture often plays the role of accents. You can choose the entire interior in one color scheme, but the shades should still be different so as not to drown in the “blue sea”.

Dark shades of furniture.

Light furniture.

Combination with yellow.

Interior design style

Some stylistic trends are very welcoming of this color and all its shades.

Blue color in different interior styles:

Classic style

If we take into account the fact that in the classic style you can use a lot of gold, cream and beige shades, then this color will perfectly fit into the interior.

Following the principles of design – using no more than three shades – pale blue as the base color in combination with other noble tones, turns the living room into something refined, light and airy.

Classic style.

Interior design in classic style.

Country style

The main material for this style direction is wood. As you know, the combination of blue with any shades of natural brown is considered very attractive. As the main color, blue is unlikely to be chosen for country style, but additional shades in the form of accessories are quite acceptable. It can be present in furniture, as, for example, in the photo. A coffee table and a small cabinet are sure to attract attention.

Country style.

Provence style

The elegant French style includes in its palette the whole range of delicate shades. For wall decoration, blue wallpaper with a floral pattern can be used, as well as in furniture upholstery, curtains, napkins, chandeliers and sconces. This is a natural color, and it is the best fit for Provence.

Provence style.

Marine style

This is the style that is happy with the blue color in any of its manifestations. Here you can use it almost everywhere: in wall decoration, in furniture, and in accessories. Let’s look at some specific projects. Here is the first example. The living room is in a nautical style, but blue is present here only in the decor, reminding that the sea is nearby. Print on the upholstery of the chair, cushions on the sofa, striped curtains and carpet in gray-blue color. Everything is very correct and harmonious.

Marine-style living room.

There is not much sky color in the next photo of the living room, but how subtly it takes us to the sea shores, attracts us to sea voyages. Only a few accessories – pillows and unusual designer table lamps in the sofa area, a thematic painting and a carpet similar to a vest.

Marine living room design.

The next project is simple and unpretentious. Nothing superfluous. The marine theme is spelled out in some details: paintings with shells, the rich blue color of sofas and, again, beautiful table lamps.

Marine interior of a country house.

The accent wall, the color of which gradually turns from dark blue to a lighter shade, resembles the seabed with bizarre algae. Striped armchairs, sea creatures on a pillow and in other decorative items, furniture made of rattan – all the rules relating to the marine style are observed.

Marine-style living room.

Scandinavian style

Another style trend that loves this color very much. This reminds the interior of the cold nature of the Scandinavian climate. In combination with the white color, it creates a complete feeling that you are in the northern latitudes. Such interiors are distinguished by austerity, cold calmness and thoughtfulness.

Scandi interior.

Scandinavian style.

This color in the interior of the living room is gradually becoming a fashion trend. There is no need to be afraid of him. You just need to get the accents right. Listen to your feelings and create a unique space in a separate living room.

Photo gallery of design ideas

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