White living room: design and decoration ideas

By | November 17, 2022

Many ancient religions considered this color a symbol of purity, light, perfection, personification of the vital basis. He represents peace, holiness, purity, perfection, the divine principle.

But, like any other color, it has a duality. White color in psychology is associated with arrogance, indifference, detachment, emotional coldness. It gives lightness and weightlessness to the interior of apartments, filling the room with air and light, visually increasing the area of the room, the height of the ceilings, erasing the boundaries of the room. This color and its shades are especially suitable for a living room environment with a small area and asymmetry.

Black accent on the floor.

This color gives the atmosphere of the rooms tenderness, elegance. In combination with other colors, it can give the atmosphere of rooms softness or, conversely, restrained coldness. It all depends on the warmth and coldness of the neighboring color.

Cold restraint.

Yellow, red, orange colors combined with white soften the interior, and blue, light blue, purple shades fill with freshness. The green spectrum is equally applicable to both cold and warm tones.

A warm color palette softens the interior.

The white color of the interior has always been and remains a classic, a sign of good taste and elegance. It will never go out of fashion with the change of season and style trends. He brings a unique style, freshness and a sense of relief to the atmosphere of the rooms.

The elegant tranquility of this color is imbued with tranquility, tranquility, and disposes to rest. In the living room, made in such colors, the whole family feels comfortable. It’s nice to spend a weekend in a warm atmosphere, chatting with friends. The interior can always be changed by adding bright colored accessories to the decor. After all, this color is combined with any colors, combining them, giving a modern, luxurious look.

Recreation area.

Designers use this color not only in furniture, but also in the design of walls, floors, considering them an ideal background for modern decoration. Special attention in the arrangement of living rooms is paid to lacquered furniture and mirrored white floors. With them, the interior is filled with light and radiance, expands its boundaries, becomes weightless, ready for any experiments in terms of decor.

Neoclassical interior.

Pillows, blankets, bedspreads made of natural materials, curtains, tablecloths, linen napkins, wooden furniture will help make the living room cozy.

Marine theme with blue pillows.

Many are afraid of this color, considering it too expensive. Therefore, they try not to use upholstered furniture with white upholstery, wall decoration, flooring, bypassing this color, considering it impractical.

At the same time, they forget that this color has a lot of advantages that cover its obvious disadvantages.

  • In a room made in a white style, freedom, lightness, cleanliness are felt, negative emotions are replaced by positive ones, a person becomes more free, calm, tightness disappears.
  • All shades of white are easily combined with any colors of furniture finishes, decoration elements. Their bright colors can not only transform the guest room, giving it a completely new look, but also change its mood.
  • This color is suitable for any stylistic direction, both classical and modern.
  • The living room, made in white tones, looks stylish and solemn. It is always filled with light, it seems, more than it really is. This is especially appreciated in regions with long winters and short summers.
  • The large living room, made in white tones, is easy to zone.
  • This color is indispensable when creating contrasts. The main thing is to skillfully select shades of dark tones.
  • Invisible finger marks remain on glossy white furniture.
  • There are practically no traces of dust on the white background of the laminated floors.
  • It is easier to remove dirt from white surfaces than from other colors.

With this color in the interior, your living room will always look modern and fashionable, no matter when the renovation was done.

The interior of the living rooms in white

When starting decorating, it is worth taking this color as a sign of purity. Consider it an untouched canvas to embody your creative imagination. The combination of white with other colors is ideal for the embodiment of any ideas, creating clear and concise lines.

Good combination with other colors.

This color makes bulky designs visually easy. For example, a staircase to the second floor, made in white, will seem weightless, as if floating in the air, no matter what material it is made of.

A ladder “floating” in the air.

It can be said that the interior using a white color scheme, performs the role of a designer, giving it integrity with an abundance of air and light. When the living room, made in one tone, looks cold, reminiscent of hospital rooms, it is worth paying attention to the paint that covers the walls of the room.

Cheap low-quality paint can give the white coating a blueness or a shade of green. Before you start painting in a jar of paint, you should add a pigment paste for light tinting. And your walls will no longer seem cold.

Self-leveling polymer floors, furniture, varnished and polished, simplicity of decor will add modernity to the interior. Having settled on an all-white color, pay attention to its various shades and texture of fabrics. Bright shades on a white background look deeper and richer. They can be easily replaced by others, thereby changing the appearance of the living room.

Red chairs – a bright accent.

The surface of upholstered furniture upholstery can be made of smooth and rough textures, pillows and bedspreads made of fluffy and silk fabrics. The shine of the floors looks good against the background of matte walls, leather sofa and corduroy pillows. The floor can be carpeted.

Interior design with carpet.

The interior will be complemented by a lamp made in Japanese style from cotton napkins. For a living room in this color, a natural wood, glass, metal, ceramic finish is suitable. The white tone will emphasize their natural origin.

Scandinavian style.

The living room, made in white, loses its attractiveness in poor light conditions. The classic white color requires panoramic windows with an abundance of light. If there is a lack of illumination, it is better to use shades of neutral white.

Living room with plenty of light.

Even one bright accent in a white living room can change its interior, decorate, give other notes of mood. The combination of white walls and shelves filled with bright works of art completely changes the interior. Brightness can be given by a picture on the wall, colored pillows on the sofa and armchairs.

Bright accents.

It is easy to verify this by placing bright red pillows on the white surface of the sofa. Colorful pillows, bedspreads on sofas, carpet on the floor, ceramics of bright shades on the table can radically change the appearance of any interior.

Modern interior ideas.

The combination of white with others in the interior of the living room

The range of shades of white includes: ivory, snow-white, cream, linen, pearl, smoky shades, champagne splashes. And these are only selected from the most popular. In fact, there are much more shades.

The effect of white can be obtained by painting one wall of the room in pale pink, the other in pale blue or lemon, leaving a base shade of white, reminiscent of melted milk. Under the sunlight falling from different angles, the room will appear white with the manifestations of each of the shades.

Calmness and relaxation gives the interior of the room a milky cream shade. It looks different in the afternoon and evening. The atmosphere of coolness is created by the white color, complemented by blue or green shades. The combination of beige and yellow tones with a white base will create a warm atmosphere in the living room.

Combination with yellow.

You can add brightness to the interior not only with colored accessories, the room will be completely transformed with the painting of ceiling skirting boards and window slopes.

Green and blue shades are combined with the interior, made in frosty white tones. If you add yellow, blue, yellow-green shades to this tone of the interior, the room will be filled with happiness and spring mood. Natural shades of colors can give harmony and peace to the interior.

Spring mood.

Different shades of white in the design of the living room emphasize the complexity and richness of warm textures, reflect light, visually expand the space. Against their background, products made of linen, canvas, wool, denim, fur, velvet, matte and brought to artificial aging of the surface look beautiful.

Velvet in the living room interior.

All shades of white are able to assemble disparate colors into a single whole, create a picture of them. But this color draws attention to any defect made during the repair (uneven walls, deviation from the horizon), to all the designer’s miscalculations (an unsuccessful combination of colors, accents). What is not visible against the background of other colors appears on white.

Design of a black and white living room

The combination of white and black refers to monochrome colors. With them, the shapes of the rooms acquire the clarity of lines. Despite their high contrast, these 2 colors harmoniously combine with each other.

Combination with black.

Both belong to cold shades, so they will contribute to a visual increase in the living room area. They both erase the delineated boundaries, go beyond it. White follows light, black follows darkness.

The combination of white and black is widely used in the Art Nouveau style, the decor of which is made up of natural, natural materials, plant motifs and rounded lines.

Combination with gray and black.

Black and white tones are widely used in minimalist styles with its simplicity, clarity of lines, clarity of design solutions. Its design is simple and at the same time perfect. It is suitable for studio apartments and living room decorations in country houses.

Minimalist style.

In the high-tech style, the black and white color of the living rooms is perfectly combined with metal, plastic, and modern appliances.

You can complement the interior, made in black and white tones, with red, brown, purple accessories. This color in combination with a cream shade will promote relaxation, pacification, invite to rest.

Combination with black and red.

White color can be replaced with pastel, sunny, yellow shades, which in duet with black create an atmosphere of unique elegance. The living room can be furnished with products of black colors: wooden furniture of simple shapes, weaving, upholstered furniture, decorated with decorative accessories, textiles.

Ideas for a gray and white living room

Many people treat gray as gloomy, try to avoid it in the design of living rooms. In fact, gray refers to neutral, restrained, universal tones. Its combination with other colors is limitless. As for the design made in white, it softens its monochrome, gives the composition an exquisite refinement.

Combination with gray.

Visually expand the boundaries of the room, give it depth shades of blue and gray furniture against the background of white walls and floor. Living rooms, made in gray and white, always look spectacular. This is especially true of large rooms, studio apartments, which have absorbed a large number of vital functions at once. The gray-white living room with the right texture always looks stylish and modern.

Combination with gray.

Different interior styles of the white living room

The versatility of this color allows you to use it in different styles, regardless of the change of seasons. Any other colors and finishing materials look beautiful on its background. White color favorably shades warm wood and cold metal, stone and brick.

  • Combined with black, it is used in art deco, modern, high-tech styles.
  • Combination with purple – in the styles of minimalism, vintage, Provence.
  • With blue – in the sea, Mediterranean, Arabic, in the style of minimalism.
  • With red – in the styles of hi-tech, loft, country, minimalism.

Loft style.

Scandinavian style.

Combination with gray, blue, red shades in high-tech style.

Combination with gray in the minimalist style.

Combination with blue, light blue, brown in Mediterranean style.

Modern interior.

Combination with natural shades in eco-style.

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