Classic Nursery Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

The classic interior of the nursery will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition to the aesthetic point of view, there is also a practical one. Such a room envelopes with its tenderness and warmth, while the interior grows with the child. Only some details change, but the main part remains unchanged.

Children’s room in a classic style.

A delicate combination of shades in a classic style nursery.

Children’s room for a little princess.

In this article we have prepared a detailed material for you, which describes the distinctive features of the classical style and the nuances of its implementation in the interior.

Distinctive features of the classic interior

Classic style is the standard for all directions in the interior. It is calm and restrained, fills with the energy of warmth and comfort, while emphasizing the status of its owner and excellent taste. For those who love this direction in design, such qualities as composure and regularity of life are characteristic. At the same time, they are very active and at home they need to relax and forget all worries. This description is also suitable for children who surprise adults with their energy. Calm tones of classical style have a positive effect on the psyche, calming and lulling.

A variant of the design of the nursery in a classic style.

Bright accents of the nursery in a classic style.

Pastel colors in the interior of the nursery.

There are many varieties in this stylistic direction. There are more modern versions, more strict and pompous. But among them, there are always rules for the construction of the classical style, which remain unchanged.

Symmetry. The classic interior always has a compositional center and furniture and decorative ornaments are arranged symmetrically around it. In the children’s room it is, of course, a bed. Therefore, there are always cabinets or tables on the sides of it. Decorative lamps, ornaments, vases with flowers. Everything has to find its mirror pair.

Convenience and practicality in the interior of the nursery in a classic style.

Convenience of functional areas.

Children’s room in classic style for girls.

Lighting in several levels. Overhead lighting is necessarily complemented by wall sconces and table lamps. In some cases, floor lamps are used, which add atmosphere to the interior.

The atmosphere of warmth and comfort in a classic-style children’s room due to proper lighting.

Children’s room in pink tones.

The use of natural natural materials in textiles and furniture. The classic style symbolizes wealth and prosperity. After all, this is an aristocratic direction. Previously, only wealthy people could decorate and create interiors, this was an indicator of status in society. Therefore, using natural materials, the spirit of aristocracy and nobility is created.

A design solution in a children’s room with the use of natural materials in the interior.

Classic children’s room using eco-friendly materials made of natural wood.

A variant of the design of the nursery in a classic style for twins.

A calm color palette. Again, they did not know how to dye fabrics in bright colors before. And they used only the palette of colors that nature provided. It is impossible to imagine the classics in bright colors. Only if in a modern interpretation.

The combination of pastel shades in the interior of the classic style nursery.

Lemon shade in the interior – gives a mood of cheerfulness.

Classics in different countries are designed according to their national taste. Someone likes more pretentious directions, someone more restrained. Here you can determine for yourself which interior will be comfortable for you and your child.

Advantages of a classic interior for a children’s room

Materials that are safe for health. Since furniture and textiles are used from natural materials, it is safe to say that this is the best option for a child. Furniture does not vaporize synthetic resins, which are contained in artificial analogues. And the interior is filled with the noble aroma of wood and natural textiles.

A bold combination of several shades in the interior of a classic style nursery.

Positive influence on the psyche. Bright flashy colors are not acceptable in a classic interior. Only restrained nobility, calm background and aristocratic atmosphere. This calms and does not excite the immature consciousness. Of course, you can use bright colors in the nursery, but they will be present in toys, posters, photo frames. But not in the main tone of the interior.

Turquoise shade in the nursery has a positive effect on the psyche.

Pastel colors – pacify.

Growing interior. Classics will not lose their uniqueness and comfort over time, so there is no need to change the interior and the environment of the nursery over time.

Classic style in the interior of the children’s room.

The interior of a children’s room in a classic style with zoning.

Peach tone in the interior of the nursery.

Education of style and taste. A child from an early age absorbs everything that he sees, hears and feels. His environment forms his idea of this world. If he stays in the calm interior of the aristocrats, it will develop his taste and preference in choosing things and friends around him.

Classic white with bright accents.

The design of the nursery is a classic.

Of course, the children’s room must be designed in accordance with the age of the child and his hobbies. Otherwise, the interior will be faceless for him personally. Even if it is executed in the most skilful and refined way.

Color palette in classic style

For teenagers, the classic interior is decorated in interesting combinations, they will be bright and contrasting. But only in decors and details, for example, posters, medals, diplomas. They organize a corner of interests, where a teenager is given complete freedom and he designs this corner with all the brightness of his imagination. For kids, pastel calm shades are preferred, without contrasting inserts and transitions.

Bedroom for a girl in a classic style.

Beige tone in the interior of a classic nursery.

The delicate peach undertone creates an atmosphere of comfort in the children’s room.

Traditional, calm atmosphere of classical style in the children’s room.

Colors used for the children’s room: cream, ivory, milk, pearl, gray, olive, emerald, wine and chocolate shades.

Pink tone children’s classic bedroom.

The use of a canopy in the interior of a children’s room.

The classical style is not characterized by sharp contrast differences, the use of acidic colors, chrome elements and excessive glossiness.

Nuances in the design of the nursery in a classic style

In order to create a stunning classic interior in a children’s room, it is necessary to have knowledge of technical implementation. Now we will look at the nuances of finishing the walls, floor and ceiling.

Wall decoration

The walls in the nursery are painted in basic shades, decorated with moldings and sockets made of polyurethane. Sometimes use wallpaper with a classic large pattern or a small one. It is better to use paper wallpaper for the nursery, as they are environmentally friendly. But they have a significant drawback. They get dirty easily and cannot be cleaned. Therefore, most often, stop their choice on painting the walls. The lower part of the wall is decorated with wooden panels.

A harmonious combination of shades.

Fabulous children’s room in pink.

Ceiling finishing

The painted ceiling is decorated with charming stucco. If you are planning to make a stretch ceiling, make sure that there is a classic ornament on it. And also a chandelier will require a special allocation.

Special emphasis on the ceiling in the classic style children’s room.

Stucco for the ceiling in the children’s room of classical style.

Floor covering

For the children’s room, the option of natural parquet is ideal. On top, the zones are decorated and highlighted with fluffy carpets with short or medium pile. Remember that this is a nursery and consider the options that are suitable for this room in color and texture. Strict classicism will not be appreciated by a child.

Parquet flooring in the children’s room.

Classic children’s room for girls.

Photo Gallery

For your inspiration, we have made a selection of charming and beautiful nursery in classic style.

Room for two children.

Children’s bedroom.

Large nursery.

Bedroom for girl.

Bedroom with dark elements.

Children’s bedroom for a girl.

Lighting in the nursery.

Children’s room in red tones.

Bright nursery.

Shelving above the bed.

Bedroom in pink tones.

Children’s room with a crib.

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