Classic Hallway Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

The hallway is the first thing we see when we enter the house. Therefore, this part of the apartment is of particular importance. It creates an overall impression of the apartment and I want it to be positive. A cozy, functional hallway is what every homeowner strives for. In this article we will tell you in detail how to create such an entrance area in a classic style.

Functionality and comfort – nothing superfluous.

Distinctive features of the classical style

The classical style came to us from the era of the 17th and 19th centuries. The purpose of the interior is to recreate the spirit of nobility and bohemia. Of course, we are talking about the atmosphere that prevailed at that time. The technical side has stepped far forward. Therefore, we will consider with you the main criteria that allow you to make the interior recognizable.

The color scheme is in calm tones. It is mandatory to use several shades of the same color. This will give the room volume and dynamics. If you use only one shade, you will get a dull boring interior without a hint of luxury and bohemianism.

Hallway decoration in several shades.

Furniture and textiles made of natural materials. This is the main element in the arrangement of the hallway in a classic style. Wooden furniture “breathes” and fills the room with a special charm and charm.

Classic entrance hall.

Symmetry. The classic style always has the right shapes and a clear geometry of lines. It is important to determine the center of the interior composition and create zones around it that are a reflection of each other.

The correct arrangement of furniture and objects is the basis for creating an interior.

Decorative elements. Carvings on furniture, columns, candlesticks.

Entrance hall with decorative elements.

Multi-level lighting. Overhead lighting, wall, desktop and floor. It is not necessary to use all types. Two or three will be enough.

The lighting is made in both classical and modern style.

It is not always possible to follow all the rules of building a classic style, especially if the hallway is small. But the main thing is to create an atmosphere of classics. Choose the right colors, put stylized furniture and build lighting. Compliance with strict symmetry is allowed to adjust to the layout. In the hallway, it is usually not standard.

Decoration of a small hallway.

Nuances of creating a classic interior in the hallway

In addition to the creative idea and presentation of a holistic picture of the interior, there is also a technical side. It is on this aspect that we will now focus. We will analyze in detail the color scheme and options for finishing the walls, floor and ceiling.

Color scheme

A balanced palette of calm shades is what you need. Sharp contrasts and the use of pure bright colors, such as yellow, green, blue, red, are unacceptable. They are acceptable, but only in muted shades, as if covered with dust and slightly faded. The most popular shade for classics is white, milk, cream, coffee, sand.

In addition, the light range for the hallway is an ideal option. It expands and ennobles the space, making it airy and light.

A bright hallway with a milky shade.

Entrance hall in sand tones.

White classics.

Delicate cream decoration.

Strictness in coffee shades.

Wall decoration

Classic style does not tolerate negligence. After all, this is the style of aristocrats. Therefore, the walls, ideally, are painted in a basic shade. The surface should be flat and smooth. Sometimes wallpaper with a classic pattern is used, for example, monograms or stripes. But for the hallway it is better to choose the lightest and calmest options. She should not shock with her texture when entering the house.

Also in the lower part, approximately ⅓ of the wall, it is decorated with decorative wooden panels with a classic pattern of rounded shapes or geometry.

Striped wallpaper will visually increase the height of the ceilings.

Monograms on the wallpaper.

Floor finishing

The floor must be in harmony with the walls. Accordingly, the shade is selected slightly lighter than the wall decoration or contrasting. Contrast refers to a color several tones darker or lighter than the base. In the hallway, a glossy tile with a classic ornament will be an excellent option. Or marble coating.

Tile floor decoration in a classic hallway.

Decoration of the floor in the classic hallway with marble coating.

Parquet made of natural wood is often used. It will create additional comfort. In this case, it is better to give preference to light wood species.

Use of parquet in the hallway.

Ceiling finishing

The ceiling is always done in white tones. Stucco molding and polyurethane cornices are used as decoration. Just don’t get carried away. The amount of decor only emphasizes the status of the interior, it is not necessary to fill all the empty areas on the ceiling with it. And remember about symmetry. The space on the ceiling allows you to create a perfect geometry, take advantage of this.

Decorative design of the ceiling.

Choosing furniture for the hallway

Let’s look at what kind of furniture will be appropriate in the hallway. After all, it is very important to make the right choice and emphasize the elegance of the interior.

Wardrobe for things. If the space allows, put a full-fledged cabinet in the traditions of the old time. With beautiful carved legs and facades. Make the interior filling modern and functional, but externally it is necessary to create with its help the atmosphere of the 19th century. If there is not a lot of space, they make cabinets built into the niche. But with a prerequisite – the facades are carried out according to all the canons of the classics.

A mirrored wardrobe will fit perfectly into the hallway.

Wardrobe in a classic style.

The spirit of capitalism and the flourishing of culture.

Floor hanger. This is a separate element that performs several functions at once. It serves as an accessory for the interior and provides convenience for home owners. It is placed at the very entrance and, when going home, it is very convenient to hang a handbag, scarf, outerwear on it.

Floor hanger in combination with a furniture set in the hallway.

Practicality, functionality and always “in place”.

Using a tree to create a style.

A comprehensive set of furniture. Such an entrance hall, as a rule, is sold in a ready-made design solution. Includes a bench with a padded top, a wall hanger. Sometimes a closet and a shoe storage system are added to it.

Everything you need in one solution.

Small space means efficient.

A soft sofa. It is located right next to the exit. It is convenient to sit on it when leaving the house to put on shoes.

Convenience and comfort.

The presence of a growth mirror is the right decision.

A set of mirror and wardrobe. Such a set is called a dressing table. A very atmospheric thing that will not leave anyone indifferent. Of course, it makes sense to install it if there is free space for this. After all, the classics love space.

An example of the design of your hallway.

It looks quite luxurious.

The classic interior is the most natural colors and natural materials. Therefore, do not neglect these conditions and do everything according to the rules dictated by the style. Then you will get a beautiful, luxurious, cozy hallway.

All doors, including interior doors, are designed in the same style and color scheme. If possible, then abandon the interior doors that open into the hallway. And leave beautiful arches in their place. This technique will add space and light to the design of the hallway.

The presence of an arch instead of doors will significantly expand the hallway.

Using an arch with columns.

Photo Gallery

We have made a selection of inspiring hallways in a classic style. Enjoy watching and adopt the techniques and techniques you have seen.

Crystal chandelier in the hallway interior.

Wardrobe in the hallway.

Furniture in the hallway in the classic style.

Banquette for convenience in the hallway.

Marble-coated floor finishing.

Classic style in the hallway.

White and blue interior.

Lighting in a classic style

Dark closet in the hallway.

Large entrance hall.

Wall decoration in the interior.

Classic design.

Classic hallway interior.

Classic with grey elements.

Beige-brown in classic style.

Crystal chandeliers in the hallway.

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