Classic Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Ageless classics – so often called classic style in the interior. It’s true that over the years it only takes root more firmly in the design. Organic, aesthetic, neat and calm style allows you to create comfort in a house, apartment or office space.

The basics of classical style

The formation of the style took place in the distant 16-18 centuries – the time of luxurious and rich palaces. Therefore, the basis of the classics in the design of the premises were refined Rococo, strict Empire style, clearly verified classicism and majestic Baroque. Today, a classic-style interior is a combination of the usual canons of past eras – rigor and elegance – with practicality.

The classic style in the interior is distinguished by a craving for geometry. Furniture of the correct shape, Arches in the design of mirrors or doorways. Centralized composition is also a distinctive feature of the style. Everything in the room is built from the center, and not vice versa.

Austerity, modesty and an abundance of decor at the same time. The classics are strict in decoration, practical. All items have a specific function. The decoration is done for the light of shiny details, antique objects, gilded frames, porcelain flower vases.

When creating a classic style in the interior, it is very important to study national peculiarities. For example, the French version of the classics requires pomposity, theatricality, and the display of luxury. Whereas the English one observes some prudery and restraint.

How to design the interior correctly:

  • Floors. Natural stone and wood for finishing. Marble tile, parquet or solid board.
  • The ceiling allows for a stretch or suspended version. But more often it is painted in calm tones. They are complemented with luxurious stucco. But if the height of the room simply does not allow such a design, plaster cornices or other elements come to replace it.
  • The walls are perfectly aligned before finishing. Often they create niches or erect columns. After that, they are painted with paint without glossy gloss, decorated with textured plaster or pasted with wallpaper with a calm print. Textile variants are allowed, for example, made of silk.
  • Windows with real wooden frames covered with varnish.

A palette of classic shades

The classic style in the interior assumes the same range for all rooms. No “screaming” crimson next to light green. Such combinations are better left to kitsch.

In the classics there are soft pastel shades of beige, gray, blue, refreshing white. And more dense: deep blue, dark green, chocolate, brown, burgundy. Accents are placed with olive or salmon. Pearl, sand, golden accents look harmoniously.

Composition construction and classical symmetry

The classic style of interior design is proportional, symmetrical and built around the center. It can be a fireplace, an antique table, a chest of drawers from the past or a chic sofa. This is where the story begins. The rest of the furniture is located from the center to the walls. Accessories and lamps are symmetrical.

Symmetry also manifests itself in this way: if you visually divide the room in half, the objects should be located opposite. Two paired chairs. Two paintings. Two floor lamps and so on.

Rich lighting

The history of the classical style began with rich halls, leaving a fondness for wide windows and huge hanging chandeliers. But as time went on, the ceilings in apartments and country houses became much lower. Chandeliers have been replaced by modern variations, and almost all windows have standard sizes.

If the house is under construction, designers recommend making windows wider than usual. This way more natural light will penetrate into the rooms and it will be possible to better convey the idea of style.

Modern version of interior lighting:

  • The chandelier still occupies a central place in the room. Suitable models with crystal or its imitation.
  • Floor lamps next to the sofa – symmetrically to each other.
  • Forged candlesticks with real candles.
  • Table lamps and wall sconces.
  • Bathroom lighting.

Chic classic furniture

Furniture is designed to emphasize the status of the owners and the luxury of the room, so it is customary to pay more attention to it. Preference is given to models made of natural wood. Upholstered furniture is usually covered with leather or natural fabrics with an unobtrusive pattern. Antiques will complete the decor: a coffee table or a bookshelf. When choosing furniture and decor, designers advise to seek help from an experienced antique dealer.

Living room decoration

The classic-style living room serves as a ceremonial hall. It hosts meetings with guests, cozy evenings by the fireplace with family, relax from a hard day. Therefore, when furnishing the living room, it is worth remembering a few rules.

Be sure to choose the center of the composition and arrange the rest of the objects around it. Such a center can become an artificial or natural fireplace, sofa, beautiful table. It is also important to observe the symmetry of objects in the room.

One color scheme is important in the entire apartment, including the living room. The basis is dominated by light shades. Interestingly, this aspect is national. For example, in England, dark tones are preferred – terracotta, ochre, brown and red – with gold and bronze motifs.

A wide, regular-shaped room is suitable for the living room, so the room is often combined with other adjacent ones, but not with the kitchen. And if necessary, divide the space into zones, it is customary to use furniture instead of screens.

Design of a classic bedroom

The center of the composition in the bedroom is a chic bed with a massive headboard upholstered in soft textured fabric or decorated with carvings. Paired bedside tables with lamps will complement the interior. Instead of a bulky wardrobe, it is recommended to give preference to a neat chest of drawers.

The furniture for the room is chosen in the same style, without disturbing the harmony and the basic idea. Fabrics for curtains, bedspreads, bed linen are necessarily high-quality and natural. Silk and velvet will do. In the decoration of the bedroom, preference is given to light tones.

The chandelier in the center of the ceiling plays the main role, and bedside lamps carry additional, spot light.

Kitchen interior design

When furnishing the kitchen, you need to remember that classic style features are side by side with modernity here. Household appliances are made built-in and removed behind the cabinet doors. And the models that cannot be removed are chosen stylized as classics.

Kitchen set of island type. Cabinets are made of dense wood species, and work surfaces are made of stone. An island in the center of the room allows you to separate the functional part from the dining room. If the area does not allow such an arrangement, the dining area is equipped in the living room.

Home office

The most common design style of the office is the British classic. Dark shades in the palette. Wallpaper with a small pattern, stripe or cage. Wooden wall panels decorated with frames. The furniture consists of comfortable leather armchairs, a wide massive table, bookcases.


The walls are decorated with natural marble or ceramic tiles resembling the texture and ornament of real stone. An important accent of the room is a mirror. It is decorated in a carved frame, often gilded. Wall lamps are mounted on both sides. Plumbing and faucets are better to choose stylized classics.

Myths about the classic style in the interior

Around everything incomprehensible, luxurious and magnificent, a slender row of guesses is built over time. But many of them are in fact just myths that are easy to debunk.

1 Myth. The classic style is old-fashioned – it suits people in adulthood and older.

The classic interior is really preferred by those who have a lot of knowledge and experience behind them. As a rule, the older generation. But not because the style is outdated. But because he has passed through centuries. Calm tones, neat shapes, clarity of lines continue to attract attention

Classics are equally suitable for young married couples and single people so far. It can be frivolous or strict. The main thing is to choose the appropriate option.

2 Myth. The classics are too intricate and pretentious.

It all depends on the choice of the owners of the house. The classic-style interior can be luxuriously furnished or, conversely, calm and concise. And several correctly placed accents will help to emphasize the status.

3 Myth. A classic interior is possible only on a large area in a rich house.

The style came from the palace chambers and prefers high ceilings, chic squares, rich decor. But its elements fit perfectly into city apartments. In addition, it is not necessary to repeat all the techniques of the style. It is enough to choose several and on their basis create a cozy comfortable interior in a classic style. And symmetry in the arrangement and centralized composition are everywhere in place.

Time is passing. Fashion is changing. Yellow armchairs are replaced by blue three-legged sofas. And the classics are still moving forward. Her calm forms and unobtrusive shades soothe after a hard day. A comfortable and practical style is chosen by those who are looking for harmony or are already in it. If you want something new, you can always complement the classic interior with a colorful picture or a pillow of a new trend.

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