Classic Bedroom Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Luxurious and noble, elegant and charming classic style is perfect for the bedroom interior. This style will give you peace and comfort, while emphasizing the status and refined taste. In this article we will tell you the main distinctive features of the classics, the rules of color combinations and practical tips for its implementation in your bedroom.

Bedroom design in classic style.

Characteristic features of decor and interior decoration

The bedroom, made in a classic style, impresses with its elegance and restrained luxury, which intelligently emphasizes this functional area. Stucco molding, furniture made of natural wood, gold inclusions, expensive textiles made of natural materials are used here. Designers masterfully transform classic interiors into the epicenter of comfort and tranquility or a luxurious and challenging hotel suite. This style is also mixed with modern trends, departing from traditions, but there are rules that should be followed so that it is recognizable.

Classics in the bedroom interior.

Stucco decoration

The walls and ceiling in classic interiors are necessarily decorated with stucco. Sometimes only the walls are decorated without touching the ceiling and vice versa, only the ceiling is decorated. The versions vary. There is plaster molding and made of modern polyurethane. Gypsum is heavy and not moisture-resistant, unlike light foam material. In appearance, they do not differ, so it is not surprising that plaster stucco is gradually becoming a thing of the past.

The atmosphere of nobility and sophistication in the bedroom interior.

Mouldings are also decorated with openings and mounting sconces, ennoble the space above the windows using classic cornices. In various bedding classics use stucco of strict geometry or a more concise design. For example, in a cozy bedroom, there is no need for strictness, so smooth lines and curves in jewelry are welcome.

Stucco in the bedroom interior – as an attribute of luxury.

Classical stucco in modern interior design.

Chandelier in classic style

An important decorative element in the bedroom interior. Massive or light, but most importantly luxurious and refined, it sets the dynamics of the entire interior. She is given a central place on the ceiling, which is additionally highlighted with stucco.

The chandelier is an important element of the design of the room.

Luxury chandelier in classic style.

For a pompous interior, we recommend paying attention to chandeliers with crystal pendants, and a large number of holes for lamps in the form of candles. For laconic modern classics, options with textile trim of lampshades are more suitable. They look romantic and cozy, at the same time, for a home interior, they are strict and concise enough to match the classic style.

A variant of the bedroom design in a classic style.

This chandelier harmoniously fits into the interior of a classic bedroom.

The color scheme of the classic style

The classic interior is executed in noble restrained shades. Often, white is taken as a basis and complemented with milky shades, ivory, ivory, pastel coffee. Sometimes restrained shades of brighter colors are added, such as olive, blue, bordeaux, gray shades and emerald colors.

We will now describe two methods of combining shades. In the first variant, a white or other light shade is chosen for the background, and all interior items and furniture, including, are made several shades darker. Thus, the interior becomes dynamic and voluminous. In the second variant, only one main style and its sub-styles are used, which differ slightly from it.

Olive tone in the bedroom interior.

A delicate combination of white with a touch of ivory.

Conservatism in the interior.

A classic bedroom with an emerald shade.

An atmosphere of calm.

A successful combination of pastel shades in the bedroom interior.

The shade of ivory in the interior gives coziness and comfort.

Gray tone combined with white in the interior design looks advantageous.

It is important to understand that the interior in only one color, without shades and shadows will be dull, boring and monotonous. And there will be no trace of classical nobility and luxury in it. Inclusions of gold or silver colors are often used as additional accents. For example, patina on facades, fittings on cabinets, sconces with gold pendants, golden brushes on curtains.

Gilding elements add elegance and sophistication to the bedroom interior in a classic style.

Furniture made of solid natural wood

Noble wood furniture complements the interior and creates an indescribable atmosphere of comfort and luxury. It is decorated with carved drawings, patina is applied or inlay is added. Depending on the given color tone, mahogany furniture is selected or in shades of soft chocolate walnut with a noble pattern of wood. Also often choose light furniture painted in milk and cream colors. Any of these options will look great in the bedroom and decorate with its elegance and elegance.

In a classic bedroom, as a rule, install the following furniture elements: a bed with a high elegant backrest, bedside tables or small tables, a chest of drawers with drawers, a wardrobe and a boudoir table. This is, of course, an approximate description, you can add items to this list, or you can remove them. For example, if space allows, an elegant bench with a padded top is installed at the foot of the bed or a reading corner is organized with a peaceful view from the window.

Naturalness in the classics.

Durability and reliability of natural wood furniture in the bedroom interior.

Elegance and nobility in the interior of a classic-style bedroom.


Textile decor is present in rich abundance in the classic interior. These are designer heavy curtains with tassels and lambrequins. Decorative small pillows on the bed, sofa, armchairs. Carpets on the floor and a bedspread on the bed. Naturally, all things are made of natural materials and have a noble matte texture with notes of velvety. It can be velvet, jacquard, silk, velour fabrics. As well as lighter fabrics, for combinations with the main ones, made of organza or chiffon.

Baroque classics in bedroom interior design.

Textiles in pastel colors.

Jacquard curtains add a certain chic to the classic bedroom design.

The richness of taste in the interior of a classic-style bedroom.

The option of choosing textiles in the classics.

Symmetry in everything

Perfect symmetry, where objects are a reflection of each other, is one of the criteria for building a classical style. To do this, determine the compositional center, and then place all the decors around it. In the bedroom, the semantic center, of course, is the bed. On the sides install curbstones, lamps, decorate the walls with paintings and mirrors in baguette frames, beautiful floor vases. The placement of all objects corresponds to the selected axis of symmetry. The composition at the same time looks holistic and harmonious.

Classic bedroom decoration.

The correct arrangement of furniture and objects.

Urban classics.

A relaxing environment for rest and sleep.

Strict design of a classic bedroom.

Functional areas in the bedroom and their design

The main function of the bedroom, of course, is rest. In a classic interior, it must be comfortable. But you must agree, in addition to the bed, other zones are needed that will take care of your full-fledged withdrawal into the world of your thoughts and dreams.

An environment conducive to reflection and pacification.

The use of columns gives the bedroom a certain grandeur.

Modern classic bedroom with panoramic windows.

Combination of sleeping, rest and work areas in one bedroom.

The use of decor in the design of the bedroom.

Beautiful drapery over the bed

The main functional area is emphasized with such an elegant technique as an elegant, flowing down with beautiful folds, fabric. It looks very elegant, but it is not always suitable for a home interior. As a rule, such a decorative idea is implemented in commercial organizations, for example hotels. Inspiring paintings or frescoes, as well as mirror mosaics will help to emphasize the headboard.

The opportunity to feel yourself in a luxurious hotel room.

The use of frescoes in the interior.

Bright and cozy bedroom.

A picture of a favorite vacation spot.

Dressing table area

Stunning pieces of furniture are made for this area. Thin legs with a slight bend, pilasters and decorative rosettes on the wall around the table will perfectly highlight this area and it will be a wonderful addition to a bedroom in a classic style.

Execution of pieces of furniture in one classic style.

Convenience and comfort.

TV area

Yes, even though we were carried away by the bohemianism and beauty of the classics, but we should not forget about technical progress. Of course, just hanging it on the wall or putting the TV on the bedside table would be too banal a solution. The atmosphere of the noble spirit will immediately disappear. Therefore, they do this: artificially create a niche for a TV and decorate it with stucco, pilasters or gilding. Sometimes soft lighting is added. In this case, the TV area will look harmonious and easy, without dissonance with the environment.

Sleeping area and relaxation area in one bedroom.

Modern classics in the interior.

Example of the design of a room with a TV.

Photo Gallery

For your inspiration, we have prepared for you the interiors of classic bedrooms:

Crystal chandelier in the bedroom.

Bedroom interior design in classic style.

Canopy over the bed.

Carved furniture in classic style.

Classic furniture.

Wall decoration in the interior.

Bedroom lighting.

Bedroom in a classic style.

An atmosphere of calm.

A combination of white and beige.

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