Modern Style Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

In what interior direction to design an apartment? No expert will offer a single answer. Any modern interior design has its own charm, creates a unique atmosphere. It should correspond as much as possible to the tastes and habits of the owners, their way of life. We can only present in this article 9 amazing interior ideas for your apartment. Read, see photo examples from life, and choose the best setting for yourself.

Modern styles are the optimal solution for a young family

All modern interior trends are characterized by high functionality, do not require much effort to maintain order and cleanliness. At the same time, they have not lost the ability to create a cozy, truly homely atmosphere. This is due to the fact that a working married couple, often with young children, chronically does not have enough time for more important things than daily capital cleaning. Hence the widespread use of the latest, resistant materials, fancy household appliances and smart home systems, simple decor. In what style exactly can an apartment be decorated?

High-tech style in the interior of the house.


This interior direction originated in the 20s of the twentieth century. It embodies the desire for simplicity and comfort, a return to simple forms and the use of improvised natural materials. The style very accurately reflects the slightly philosophical way of life of the northern European peoples: Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, Finns. It organically combines:

  • Multifunctionality of furniture and interior items.
  • Verified, comfortable shapes of kitchen sets and upholstered furniture.
  • Minimalism, softened by “rustic” details – shabby, vintage furniture, knitted or patchwork homemade bedspread, living greenery in clay pots.

Interior design in this style does not require large investments. A lot can be done with your own hands, furniture should be simple and comfortable, without fancy decorative details. The absence of strict rules and restrictions also speaks in favor of such an interior solution. The basic principle of Scandinavian interior design is to make life in an apartment more comfortable.

What are its main features?

  • The main colors and shades of the style are white, light gray, cream and beige, pastel bluish, smoky tones. Natural wood, bright green, yellow, red accents, black details and accessories perfectly fit into the light range. This design is ideal for small, small-sized rooms.
  • It is preferable to choose cabinets, beds, dressers and shelves made entirely of natural wood or with additional elements made of metal, glass, high-quality chipboard. Dining and cutting tables can be with white, marble or wooden countertops.
  • Neutral, gray, beige, muted green or white color of sofas and armchairs harmoniously combines with light walls. Wear–resistant, undemanding in care, upholstery – matting, microfibre, eco-leather, allow you not to spend a lot of time cleaning.
  • The windows are left completely open, or draped with airy, weightless curtains, hang Roman curtains. Tablecloths and napkins are made of linen and cotton. Wool blankets, silk or cotton bed linen, pillows and blankets stuffed with natural wool, down are used. Useful phyto-pillows, orthopedic products stuffed with buckwheat husks, silk, cotton threads are also popular.
  • It is permissible to use homemade, rough furniture – chairs, stools, shelves and lockers. Let it be not as elegant as the purchased one, but it will bring an interesting “feature” to the interior.
  • The rooms are spacious and light. It is not customary to shade large windows with dense curtains, lighting should be as comfortable as possible, using different types of lamps.

Scandinavian style in interior design.

Special attention should be paid to individuality. The interior should not remain sterile, impersonal, standard. Rooms are enlivened with:

  • family photos in photo frames;
  • posters and posters with images of favorite artists, pop stars, football teams;
  • deeply personal accessories, collections;
  • accessories for hobbies that family members are fond of: music, painting, making toys and crafts, embroidery, books and other things.

You can decorate the premises with original racks and stands, hangers, vases, bread boxes, caskets, lampshades made of natural materials: driftwood, twigs, beautiful pebbles or shells, vines, reeds, straw. Use photos of urban landscapes, attractions, natural landscapes.

Scandinavian style living room for a small apartment.


The classical style finally took shape in a separate direction in the XVI-XVIII centuries. It originated as a combination of luxurious Baroque, Empire and classicism, and was used in magnificent palace interiors. Today, apartments use its modern, modified in favor of convenience, refined elegance and stricter forms, an offshoot – neoclassical. It is much more comfortable to live in than the pretentious interiors of the past, which require considerable investments and efforts to maintain them in order.

It is neoclassicism in our minds that is associated with some conservatism, well-being and emphasized homely comfort. Most residents, one way or another, use classical elements when repairing their homes, subconsciously striving to equip an ideal family hearth.

Here are the basic techniques that allow you to create a classic interior without much expense:

For the walls, choose high–quality wallpaper or other coatings with repeating patterns – monograms, stripes. You can use stucco molding, highlighting certain areas of the area, combine plain and patterned surfaces.

Neoclassical living room in the apartment.

The ceiling is white, as a rule – multilevel, using complex plasterboard structures, stucco. It is mandatory to have a luxurious central chandelier with glass shades or crystal pendants. Spotlights will also not be superfluous.

Tiffany’s Neoclassical Living Room.

If there is no desire or opportunity to create complex structures, it is enough to paste narrow moldings in the form of rectangles framing laconic, plain walls and ceilings.

Neoclassical style living room interior in a country house.

The floor is wooden planks, parquet or parquet board, mostly dark, chocolate tones. If you want to save money, you can choose a high-quality laminate or linoleum with a pattern “under the tree”, in the form of a set parquet.

Living room in the style of American classics.

Delicate, pastel shades of the walls – cream, beige, ivory, champagne, golden and peach, make the rooms solemnly majestic, like palace halls. You can use a snow-white color as the main background. Pick up white upholstered furniture, a set in the kitchen or living room, home textiles, decorative elements.

Furniture is chosen massive, with characteristic bent legs, frequent bindings on glass doors, made of wood or high-quality chipboard and MDF with matte surfaces “under the tree”. Sofa upholstery – eco-leather, matting, textiles, genuine leather.

The use of bright accents – blue, burgundy, red, violet and amethyst, gold, turquoise, bronze and copper, allows you to emphasize the overall idea of the interior, create a more relaxed atmosphere, give the apartment a more elegant, finished look.


This direction was based on the idea of a restrained, extremely simple and functional interior with a minimum budget. Thanks to a practical approach to design, the use of modern, durable and wear-resistant materials, the style is accessible and loved by the people. His features are familiar to everyone:

  • Symmetrical arrangement of furniture in all rooms.
  • Simple, concise forms and the absence of meaningless decorations, elements that do not carry any practical load.
  • restrained general background – light shades of beige and gray, cream, cream and milk, pure white.
  • Finishing of floors, ceilings and walls with modern materials – ceramic and vinyl tiles, granite, plastic wall panels, drywall, laminate and parquet board, linoleum and plain carpet. Suspended and multi-level, stretch ceilings are widely used.
  • Simple furniture of even geometric shapes, without unnecessary decor. Not massive, but also not airy-elegant, something in between. Preference is given to the most comfortable, user-friendly options. On the sofa and armchairs, there are necessarily thought pillows to ensure a full rest, a small, practical carpet is laid on the floor by the sofa.

Contrasting colors, bright accents are used extremely sparingly, with caution. To enliven the interior, just one painting, an elegant vase on a coffee table, a living houseplant in a bright pot or a curtain of a rich shade is enough.

Living room with bright accents in contemporary style.

Industrial loft

This style is the best suited for creative personalities, lovers of free, uncluttered spaces, unpretentious people in everyday life, for whom an ascetic environment is convenient and familiar. It is distinguished by simple, rough shapes and light, charming carelessness in design and decoration.

Initially, the former workshops of factories and factories were decorated in the loft style, spacious, with huge windows and high ceilings. Having become popular, the direction has undergone changes, and now it looks quite organically in small apartments, duplex housing. What is remarkable about the loft?

No need to spend money on a thorough finish. Uneven walls of aged brick, gray concrete are the most suitable background for further creativity. Lamps hanging on wires with metal shades in the form of plates or mesh cages, open to the eyes of communication pipes, ventilation are acceptable.

Loft style living room design red brick wall.

The minimum necessary set of furniture: a simple sofa with non-branded textile upholstery, a table with chairs, a wardrobe or a bookcase. Laconic facades of a kitchen set, sets of furniture for a bedroom and a nursery.

The walls are decorated with paintings in the style of street graffiti, basketball rings, road signs, illuminated signs. The trick of this style is the atmosphere of an old industrial district, with its own specifics.

How to design a loft in a small apartment.

The floor can be laid out with slabs, or use any modern material of dark shades. Gloomy colors are compensated by excellent natural and artificial lighting. Large windows are not usually tightly curtained, and various sconces, floor lamps, track lamps and spots decorate almost every square meter of ceiling space and part of the walls.

Original, rough little things serve as an interesting decor. These can be parts of structures, interesting reinforced concrete and metal sculptures, table lamps with deliberately rough shades. The style is also perfectly combined with elements of eco popular in recent years.

Loft-style bar counter in the kitchen interior.


Minimalism, strictly speaking, is not even a style – it is a certain state of mind, a special view of the world, of its place in it and its surroundings. It is ideal for people who value order, a calm environment and silence most of all in life. External tinsel is not important for them, they are quite self-sufficient, and they are never bored alone with themselves.

Minimalism implies a clear thoughtfulness. There are few pieces of furniture, they are perfectly combined, complementing each other. All things are functional, the emphasis is on a concise, extremely simple design and ease of use.

Apartment in the style of minimalism.

It is not necessary to limit yourself in the choice of colors. The style allows the use of white and beige shades, the unique structure of natural wood. Green and blue tones, gray and black accents, warm brown shades look great. Cold silver and chrome metal will do. One tone is chosen as the basis, complementing it with 1-2 colors.

Bright living room-bedroom in minimalism style.

For decoration, paintings in simple frames, twigs and live plants, original table and floor lamps, clay and wooden dishes in small quantities are used.

Minimalism in the interior of small apartments.


Modern people sorely lack contact with wildlife. The children of megacities feel the lack of sunlight, bright, natural greenery of herbs and multicolored wildflowers. And synthetic, artificial materials that have become firmly embedded in our lives have not caused much excitement for a long time. The interior direction of eco was born in response to the desires of most people to be closer to nature.

A soft color scheme is used, as close as possible to natural shades: emerald, light green and olive greens, calm beige, sandy, brown and clay tones. Blue and white shades are in demand, which are complemented by several bright touches of floral and fruit flowers.

An array of wood and various gizmos made of natural materials is a logical choice for eco–style. However, do not lose your sense of proportion, so as not to turn the interior into a dull combination of wood with wood. The combination with open brickwork, boulders and pebbles, natural stone looks spectacular, and perfectly dilutes the uniformity. The interior can also be supplemented with glass and crystal products, ceramics and clay. Textiles, of course, are only natural – linen, cotton, wool, drape, silk.

Eco-style in the interior of the kitchen in the house.

Of course, eco is impossible without living plants. In addition to standard options in the form of indoor flowers in pots and tubs placed around the apartment, there are also innovative solutions:

  • living green walls and curbs, partitions;
  • stabilized moss, which can be used to decorate shelves, glass display tables, walls;
  • suspended structures-partitions;
  • flowers planted upside down and suspended above the table.

Eco bedrooms in green tones.

Fish in an aquarium, songbirds or a parrot in a cage will also be an interesting addition.

Eco-style in the interior of the living room with an aquarium.

Country style

American rustic style is perfect for lovers of home comfort, who know how to appreciate the little joys of life:

  • delicious pies and cookies with a cup of fragrant tea;
  • a comfortable rocking chair by the fireplace or a sofa by the TV;
  • reading books to soft music;
  • the whole atmosphere of the hospitable grandmother’s house.

This style is best suited for decorating kitchens and living rooms. It gives the premises a pastoral look, creates an atmosphere of light nostalgia for the good old days, well-being and some conservatism.

Country style in the interior of a small kitchen.

What are the rules for country style?

  • Unobtrusive natural colors perfectly match the texture of unpainted wooden surfaces and furniture elements, finishes.
  • Light floral prints and ornaments, images of pets, rural landscapes are actively used.
  • Textiles are made only from natural threads – linen, cotton. You can lay woven mats, homemade rugs and paths. Homemade or purchased knitted and woven things look great – tablecloths, napkins, curtains, blankets.
  • It is a large number of original decor that creates that pleasant atmosphere in which the soul warms up: live and artificial flowers, ceramic vases and antique dishes, compositions of twigs, dry leaves and dried flowers; comfortable decorative pillows, soft seats on chairs; a real fireplace with a living flame or its imitation of a suitable model.

Country style in the interior of a country house.

Great importance is attached to family traditions. Therefore, framed family photos are used for decoration, things valuable to the family that are inherited from generation to generation. Do not disturb the harmony of style with modern technology. It is better to embed large-sized household units or electronics so that it does not catch the eye, or to purchase models stylized in the antique.


This name hides a style without clearly defined boundaries. The absence of strict canons allows you to fully show creativity and imagination, to equip the premises exactly as it is more convenient and practical. Each family, having decided to create a modern style in their apartment, brings something of their own, unique and inimitable.

There are several rules that should be followed if you want to get a result, like in a fashion magazine:

  • The basis of this direction is the play on contrasts. You can safely buy two-tone furniture sets, install dark furniture against a background of white or light gray walls. Bright colors are also acceptable – red, yellow, blue, green, purple.
  • Artificial materials are used on a par with natural ones. The main task of the designer is to combine them harmoniously.
  • They don’t do much with wall decoration. There is only one condition – they must be smooth and plain. Therefore, wallpaper or plaster painting is perfect.

Living room design in a modern style.

Decorate the apartment extremely moderately. It is worth giving up ruffles, lambrequins, woven and knitted gizmos, cute trinkets. Three or four stylish accents are enough for the room, which will emphasize the atmosphere in the room and will not overload the interior.

Living room in a modern style with large windows.


A little ascetic, very simple and atmospheric style that allows you to fully express the character and hobbies of homeowners. Despite the minimal amount of furniture, the interior is very comfortable. And light shades and 60-80% of the free area create an amazing feeling of freedom, spaciousness and bright summer.

  • Choose finishes, furniture and home textiles made of natural materials. If it is not possible, use high-quality imitations.
  • Plaster and paint the walls with light, pastel colors – pure white, light blue, light cornflower blue, grayish, cream, light beige.
  • As a floor covering, boards, parquet, parquet board and even laminate are suitable. The main thing is that his drawing repeats the texture of natural wood. Ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware are also popular.

Mediterranean style in the interior of the apartment.

If you like bright colors, design an apartment in a Greek entourage, with bright contrasts on a white background (green, blue, lavender, brown). And for fans of monochrome interiors, the Italian style direction is suitable, with its delicate, pastel tones – golden, bluish, olive, light gray, light and chocolate brown.

Mediterranean-style living room.

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