How to choose a kitchen sink made of artificial stone

By | November 17, 2022

For many years, stainless steel kitchen sinks have not lost ground, but recently they have begun to be replaced by analogues made of artificial stone. The choice has expanded, but at the same time it has become more difficult. Which is better: stainless steel or artificial stone and why? You will find answers to all questions in this article.

Artificial stone.

Materials and production of artificial stone kitchen sinks

Modern production technologies make it possible to create sinks made of artificial stone so qualitatively that they cannot be distinguished from natural ones. In addition, the cost of such products is an order of magnitude less, and the service life may even be higher.

Brown artificial stone.

The technology of production of sinks made of natural and artificial stone is significantly different. In the first case, a solid piece of stone is used, from which the shape of the sink is cut down. For the production of the latter, natural stone chips, acrylic resins that bind particles together, and dyes that give the sink an original appearance are used. The mixture is loaded into special molds and compacted. This method of manufacturing allows you to get a product of any shape and size.

Grey artificial stone.

The materials used in the production affect the quality of the sink, its service life and determine the rules of care for it. The most common stone crumbs:

  • Granite. This is the most expensive, but also the best option. The strength of the sink depends on the percentage of granite chips in the composition – the more of it, the more reliable the product turns out. Sometimes the quality of such sinks is even superior to natural ones.

Grey granite.

  • Marble. This type of sinks is cheaper than the above, but it is inferior to it in terms of service life. Pay attention to the composition of such products: if polyester resins are present in it, keep in mind that it will be difficult to take care of the sink. Scratches easily appear on the surface, it does not withstand high temperatures and may eventually lose its former appearance.

Brown marble.

  • Acrylic stone. The composition includes about 60% mineral additives and 40% acrylic resin. The materials are quite cheap, so the sinks are budget-friendly and popular. However, just like marble analogues, they are affected by high temperatures and mechanical shocks.

Acrylic stone.

Advantages and disadvantages of a sink made of artificial stone

They have many advantages:

  • Reliability. The material of such sinks is stronger than natural stone – you can not be afraid that cracks and scratches will appear on the surface over time. The exception is products with a glossy coating – you should be careful with them.
  • Heat resistance. The sink does not change its performance even under the influence of high temperatures. If you put a hot pot on it, it will not damage the material in any way. The average permissible range is from -30 to +180 °C.
  • The surface does not accumulate dirt. This is due to the fact that the sink has no pores, which means there is simply nowhere to collect dirt.

Artificial stone.

  • Easy to care for. Since dirt is not collected, it is necessary to clean the surface much less often than with stainless steel. Facilitates the care and variety of cleaning products that can be used for sinks made of artificial stone. The only components that should not be in the composition of solutions are acetone and nitric acid.
  • Long service life. The product will serve for at least 10 years, and if you carefully use the sink and take care of it, its life can be extended.
  • Noise reduction. Many people are annoyed by the loud sound of water that occurs when using a stainless steel sink. Artificial stone perfectly absorbs noise.

Unusual shape.

  • Cheap repairs. It is unlikely that it will be needed at all, because the material is very durable. But if a scratch has appeared, it will only take a simple polishing to eliminate it.
  • Lack of electrical conductivity. This makes the operation of the sink safe. This advantage of the material is especially important for kitchens where there are many household appliances.
  • A wide range of colors and shapes. Stainless steel and natural stone sinks are much inferior in this parameter to artificial products. Since the latter are made by vibrating casting, you can order a sink of any color and shape, choosing it to fit the size of the kitchen.

Burgundy artificial stone.

  • But sinks made of artificial stone, as well as others, have several disadvantages:
  • First of all, it is worth noting the high price. Stainless steel sinks will be much more profitable.
  • Due to their heavy weight, it is quite difficult to install them yourself, so you may need the help of a professional.
  • Although we have already noted that the surface is heat resistant, you need to be careful with cheap sinks. Before starting operation, carefully read the instructions – it indicates what temperature it can withstand.

Artificial stone peach color.

  • If a fork or knife falls, nothing will remain on the surface. But too heavy objects can leave traces.
  • If the sink combined with the countertop deteriorates, you will have to buy a new countertop.

What color and type of kitchen sink surface to choose

The appearance of the surface, of course, will depend on the style of the kitchen. Thanks to the addition of coloring components to the composition, you can get a sink of any color. That is why the owners of the original kitchens prefer products made of artificial stone, because it can be absolutely any shade.

Red artificial stone.

The most popular colors, of course, are natural – white, beige, black, gray. They are suitable for most interiors. As a rule, a pattern imitating natural stone is applied to the sink, however, with individual manufacture, a plain surface can also be obtained. The most practical options are a black sink with white specks or, conversely, white surfaces with a black pattern. It is much easier to take care of them, since the dirt will not be visible.

You can be sure that the sink will not peel off. It is not painted superficially – the paint is added and mixed with the composition at the manufacturing stage.

Blue artificial stone.

As for the surface, in most cases it is matte – this helps to achieve maximum similarity with natural stone. There are also many glossy sinks on sale, but their care is a little more complicated.

The shape and size of the kitchen sink

These parameters of the sink depend on how often it is used and, of course, on the size of the kitchen. A rich selection of products allows you to choose a sink even for a very cramped room, after all, it can be made to order.

The bowls of all sinks are divided into several types:

  • Rectangular and square. Such forms are the most common and convenient, and all because of their spaciousness. They are also the easiest to install.

Square form.

  • Round. They look more original than traditional forms, but for the sake of beauty you will have to sacrifice capacity. However, this disadvantage is easily compensated if you have a dishwasher.

Round form.

  • Angular. They are installed mainly in a corner kitchen set and help to significantly save space on the work area.

Corner form.

It will not be difficult to find a product of a non-standard shape, and the small size of the sink does not mean that it is inconvenient – as a rule, the lack of width is compensated by a large depth.

Number of bowls at sinks made of artificial stone

Most often, sinks are equipped with only one bowl, and usually it is enough. Sometimes the product provides a wing for drying dishes, but if there is a dishwasher or dryer in kitchen cabinets, there is no need for it.

Black artificial stone.

If there is a place, it is better to install a sink with two bowls – this is a practical solution. It can perform several functions at once: it is convenient to defrost vegetables, fruits and meat in one bowl, and wash dishes in the other. By the way, it is not necessary to have a large kitchen. Models with compact additional bowls can be purchased.

Mixer and additional accessories

If you want the mixer to be combined in style with the sink, choose products from the same set. The color may vary slightly – this is due to the production method. The paint is sprayed onto the mixer. However, conventional models without spraying also look harmonious and beautiful.

Beige artificial stone.

Otherwise, the sink made of artificial stone does not differ from the rest, so any accessories are suitable for it. For example, if the sink does not have a wing, purchase a pallet. It is placed on the edges of the bowl and is needed for defrosting meat, fish and vegetables. You can also use an overhead dryer. Another interesting and very useful accessory is the built-in dispenser. An additional hole may be needed for it. Liquid soap or detergent is poured into the dispenser, which greatly facilitates washing dishes. Some of them are equipped with a motion sensor and are automatically triggered when a sponge is brought to them.

How to take care of an artificial stone sink

If you want the sink to last you for decades, you need to take proper care of it. It’s not difficult at all, the main thing is to familiarize yourself with the basic nuances so that you don’t accidentally ruin the product out of ignorance.

Beige artificial stone.

Artificial stone tolerates chemicals quite easily, but it is still worth limiting the contact of the material with such solutions. If a drop of caustic alkali, a substance containing acetone, or something similar gets on the surface, it should be wiped immediately. Otherwise, the material of the product may be damaged. It is not recommended to put hot pots on the surface, use stands for this. Cheap materials are afraid of sudden temperature changes, so drain the boiling water together with the included cold water.

Do not use the sink wing as a cutting board – although the material is strong enough, a sharp knife can leave unpleasant scratches on the surface, especially noticeable on a dark color.

Pink artificial stone.

Artificial stone is very dense and does not contain pores, therefore, soapy water and ordinary detergents will be quite enough to care for such a surface. It is worth choosing solutions that do not contain abrasives in the composition. There are also special tools for composites on sale. They provide a deeper cleansing, while they do not damage the surface at all and do not provoke the appearance of scratches.

If a stain of coffee, wine, juice gets on the surface, it can be removed with ordinary liquid soap, but stagnant impurities can be removed only with the help of preparations for cleaning the stone. To avoid them, wipe the product with detergent once a week. To eliminate limescale, special cleaners developed for the composite are used. They need to be applied to the surface and washed off after a few minutes.

After washing the dishes, wipe the sink dry, otherwise there will be stains on it. They are very conspicuous on surfaces of black shades.

Which is better – stainless steel or artificial stone

There is no exact answer to this question, because everyone chooses a sink for themselves, focusing on their own needs. Stainless steel is superior to artificial stone in terms of thermal stability and strength, besides sinks made of this material are cheaper. However, it is easy to accidentally leave scratches on the metal that cannot be removed.

Artificial stone provides a wide choice in terms of shades and shapes, so such a sink can be matched in color to a kitchen set. The material does not accumulate dirt and is very easy to clean, but you should be careful with hot dishes. Another significant disadvantage is the high price of products.

The choice of the washing material, of course, remains with the buyer. If you decide to purchase a product made of artificial stone, carefully read its features and nuances of care. With proper use of the sink, it is guaranteed to last you for many years!

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