Neoclassical Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

All styles with the prefix “neo” – Neo-Gothic, Neo-Rococo, neoclassical – is a new look at the well-studied styles of the past. Neoclassicism in the interior is a combination of strict refinement, luxury and symmetry with modern design ideas and materials.

Neoclassical Interior Design.

Characteristic features of the style

Neoclassicism has retained the grandeur of the classical trend, but at the same time adapted to the fashion trends of today. Thanks to this, it is gaining popularity not only among conservatives.

Experienced designers will help to design the interior in the neoclassical style, but if desired, the style allows you to do it yourself. After all, complex techniques and collectibles that require careful combination are almost absent.

Neoclassical living room.

Among the main differences of neoclassicism are the following:

  • Spaciousness and conciseness – the interior of the room implies rigor, ideological completeness, freedom and comfort.
  • Symmetry and order – neoclassicism took the proportionality of objects from the classics. If you visually draw a line through the center of the room, the furniture and decor should duplicate each other. Two floor lamps, two armchairs and so on.
  • Natural accents – a natural palette, natural materials and floral patterns will allow you to convey the mood of the style.
  • Wealth and luxury – neoclassicism is luxurious and rich, this style remains in any room. The rooms are filled with elegant accessories and tastefully furnished with beautiful furniture.

Neoclassical Interior Design.

Finishing materials

Quality and naturalness are the companions of neoclassicism. The style allows you to connect imagination, but requires you to follow the principles in order to get an ideal and practical interior at the exit.

Ceiling. In addition to painting, whitewashing and plaster, stretch and multi-level options are acceptable. Coffered ceilings also look good. The joint with the wall is decorated with plaster cornices or wood, decorated with interesting carvings.

Living room.

The floors are finished with parquet or a board. Laminate flooring is suitable as a budget option. But linoleum should be abandoned. In some rooms, parquet is replaced with granite with a fine pattern or imitating natural marble.

Textured plaster, wood panels or calm wallpaper are suitable for walls – with stripes, discreet floral prints.


Palette of shades

Often, the so-called nuanced design is used in neoclassical interiors. The floor is finished in the darkest shade, for the ceiling – the lightest, and for the walls – a couple of tones lighter than the floor.

The style is based on shades of beige, gray, brown. In addition to them, white, light blue, green and sand. Black and richer tones are used in furniture upholstery and decor. Among them are indigo, turquoise, golden, burgundy or deep blue.

Kitchen-living room.


Neoclassicism allows you to choose. There are chic models with ornate carvings, and minimally restrained, functional options. It all depends on the preferences of the owners.

Armchairs and sofas, chairs of original shapes with soft seats and elegantly curved backs, coffee tables. Cabinets with painted glass doors or stained glass windows are installed instead of wardrobes and built-in models. Various secretaries with drawers, couches, poufs and sideboards also belong in the neoclassical interior.

Living room with crystal chandeliers.

But national style features also impose their fingerprints on the furniture. So French neoclassicism is prone to smooth curves of lines, but American, on the contrary, prefers simplicity and massiveness. Therefore, it is more often used in private homes with spacious rooms.

Neoclassical Interior Design.


The main light source in the common rooms – hallway, living room, dining room – is a chandelier. Large, with crystal pendants or metal elements. In addition to the chandelier, built-in lighting, wall sconces and floor lamps with simple lampshades without fringe and embroidery are allowed in the rooms.

Lighting in the living room.


In a neoclassical interior, textiles are important, but it is worth considering the choice in advance so as not to overload the room. Expensive and high-quality fabrics are preferred: silk, satin, velvet, linen. Curtains are usually straight and fall to the floor. Lambrequins, elegant pickups with tassels or fringe will help decorate the curtains. And carved cornices will complete the composition.

Another type of neoclassical textile is carpets. Monochrome, in a light color scheme, with a geometric or floral pattern. Wide or not so wide.

Neoclassical Interior Design.

Accessories and decorative elements

Columns and semi-columns, arches between rooms instead of doors, interesting moldings with gilding on the ceiling become a kind of decoration of the rooms. The fireplace gives a special comfort to the room. If earlier the main purpose of the installation was to heat the house, today the fireplace is an exclusively decorative detail. It is decorated with natural stone, decorated with bronze inserts, gilded patterns. Forged twisted lattice. An excellent replacement for a real fireplace will be an artificial one.

Living room with fireplace.

In addition to large and massive decorations, vases with fresh flowers, figurines, paintings on abstract themes – black and white and colored – will perfectly complement the interior. In this case, it is better to leave the works of street artists to boho for other styles. Mirrors in elegant metal frames will also become a decorative, but also practical, interior detail.

Combination of shades of grey and blue.

Neoclassical interior design in different rooms

Neoclassicism is increasingly gaining popularity due to its harmonious combination with elements of vintage, antiques and other styles.


The rule of symmetry runs through all the images of neoclassical and classical interiors. But this principle is more appropriate in wide rooms, and hallways usually do not differ in size, so it is quite difficult to convey all the beauty of the style. Light colors of the finish will help. Ceramic tiles are placed on the floor. If the hallway is narrow, it is recommended to place hooks and lamps opposite each other following the rule of symmetry.


Living room

The living room represents the well-being of the owner. It is distinguished by deliberate luxury, but at the same time the room should remain functional. If a fireplace is installed in the room, then the rest of the furniture is built around it. Do not forget about symmetry. Two armchairs and a coffee table. Next to each is the same floor lamp.

In cases where the kitchen and living room are combined into one space, it is necessary to separate the dining area and put a wide table.

Neoclassical interior design.


The place of cooking often turns into a room for noisy gatherings. Everything in the kitchen should be aesthetically pleasing and practical. Kitchen set with frosted glass inserts. Comfortable elegant chairs and a wide dining table. A big plus of the neoclassical style compared to the classics is that household appliances do not have to be hidden or decorated at all.

Lighting in the kitchen is created using a large chandelier with forged elements placed in the center of the ceiling. If the room allows, chandeliers are hung in pairs. Decorate the room with framed paintings, wall clocks, vases.

Dining area.


Preferably a spacious room. The bed is installed in the center. On the side – bedside tables. The decoration of the room should be done in light pastel colors. Coziness and comfort will add an abundance of textiles. Soft bedspread, light curtains, even the headboard of the bed can be draped with fabric.


Children’s room

There is an opinion that neoclassicism looks harmoniously in all rooms except the nursery. To do this, you need something brighter. In fact, it all depends on the preferences of the parents and the child himself. But it is important to remember that soft shades of style have a more calming effect on the psyche than motley ones.

Neoclassical is more suitable for a girl’s nursery of any age. Pink and other pastel colors contribute to a romantic atmosphere. The center of the composition can be made an original bed with carved legs. Unusual shaped lamps and moldings on the ceiling are suitable as decor.

Children’s room.


Designers recommend using light shades of the palette to decorate the room. Natural marble or ceramic tiles imitating it are best suited for the floor. Bathroom and curbstones on carved legs, elegant and neat. If a shower cabin is preferable, it is recommended to choose an option with frosted glass painted with ornate patterns.

Mirror surfaces and a glass partition will help visually expand a small room. The decor is used minimally and is most often functional: wall lamps, a towel stand.


Photo Gallery

Neoclassical interiors are more often chosen by conservative people who prefer to keep up with the times. Neoclassicism harmoniously combines modern ideas and time-tested traditions. The style will appeal to experimenters and everyone who is open to new things.

Gray-blue colors.

Combination of light and dark shades.

Neoclassical Interior Design.

Aesthetics and simplicity.

Cozy atmosphere.

The interior design is made in the style of American neoclassical.

The interior of the cottage in neoclassical style.

Light shades.

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