Mexican Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Mexico is a rather colorful country in North America, with a vibrant ethnic style that has now begun to gain popularity around the world.

For the USA, this style is not new for a long time. Interiors in the Mexican style have appeared since the colonial period, so it is quite familiar.

Contrary to the stereotypes that claim that there must be large spaces to bring this colorful southern style to life, experienced designers introduce elements of this style direction even into small apartments. So, if you like the color and a certain charm of hot Mexico, then by using the main elements of the style you will be able to recreate this charming atmosphere in your home.

Mexican-style living room.

Color design

There are practically no restrictions in colors in the Mexican style, even the most extravagant and atypical combinations are possible in it, which in any other style directions would look ridiculous and terrible. The walls in different rooms in this style can be radically different, for example, the kitchen can be decorated in lime shade, and the living room in brown. So Mexico is for brave and bright people.

Now let’s move on to the shades. As you have already understood, the Mexican style is unthinkable without bright and exotic colors and unusual combinations. Let’s analyze the most characteristic ones specifically for this southern style.

Warm bright shades – bright yellow, orange, scarlet, saturated and, to some extent, restrained ochre and terracotta. These colors are initially already associated with the hot summer heat and the scorching sun. Incredibly bright, juicy and cheerful shades will boost your mood, refresh your interior.

Cool bright shades – juicy fuchsia, bright purple, bright pink, rich lilac, rich green, turquoise, deep blue, light blue. A cold undertone in the interior, on the contrary, contributes to calmness and pacification. For example, shades of blue will mentally transport you to the Mediterranean coast, and rich green will remind you of the plexus of branches and vines in the jungle.

However, when creating an interior, you can not do without more basic and restrained colors, which would ideally be able to balance the brightness of other shades. In the Mexican style, these colors are white and brown. Light shades will help you visually enlarge the space, and a brown shade can narrow it. Keep these aspects in mind and pay attention to coloristics.

The design is quite bold and bright.

Using red shades.

Spacious living room.

White colors with bright individual elements.

Finishing Features

In the Mexican style, the walls are decorated in several ways – wallpaper or painting. In terms of painting, you can cover the walls with water-based paint as in the standard version, or you can use textured plaster and make an interesting and unusual relief that attracts attention. Wallpaper can also be taken not ordinary, but textured, and if desired, you can paint them.

Mexican-style ceilings are usually covered with ordinary water-based paint. Beams are often used for decoration. It is only important that it is natural wood, necessarily dark in color, and in order to preserve its pretty appearance, it should be varnished without fail.

Tiles are used to cover the floor in Mexico. In most cases, this is tile, and of a terracotta shade, which is arranged with an ornament in combination with a variety of national motifs. However, the functionality of tiles in the Mexican interior is not limited to this.

Also, this material is used for the design of elevations and flat surfaces. The tile looks especially unusual and exotic in the design of a stone portal or a kitchen apron. Moreover, quite often there is some national colorful ornament on the tiles.

In addition to tiles, there is another coating option, which is also quite often used. These are natural wood floors. In order to use this material for flooring, it is important to sand the wood thoroughly, polish it qualitatively and varnish it for protection. Then your coating will last you a long time, and the floors will fit perfectly into the southern ethnic style.

Mexican-style dining area.


The most common material for making furniture in Mexico is wood. It is used in completely different shades, depending on your preferences. Any kind of coating is also acceptable, both smooth and more matte – depending on what effect you want in your interior.

One of the features of Mexican furniture is considered to be its certain roughness, which on the contrary gives it a certain charm. Also, products in the southern style are distinguished by national patterns and ornaments, which make the atmosphere very colorful.

In addition to the usual furniture, wicker furniture, for example, made of rattan, is very popular in Mexico. Also, folding furniture is often used there, which is assembled from wooden slats, on which natural leather is stretched for a good bond.

For upholstered furniture upholstery in Mexico, not only fabrics are used, but also leather, both natural and artificial. The main condition is an unusual and extravagant color that would allow this furniture to easily fit into a colorful Mexican interior.

Furniture facades in the southern style are often decorated with ceramic tiles with ethnic patterns. It is also very common in the kitchen to use bright wooden chairs, which are covered with different colors and make the interior very colorful.

If you want something unusual, then you can add forged elements to your furniture.

Outdoor dining area.

Preservation of traditions.


Room decoration is one of those things that will help you to embody this amazing southern flavor in your home in detail. After all, it is these little things that create the atmosphere in the house.

Most often, bright sofa cushions, colored and patchwork blankets, various paintings for wall decoration, indoor plants and planters are used to decorate the house in the Mexican style. It is also quite common to use ceramics and wicker baskets, which are used for storing things. Well, traditionally Mexican details in the decor are sombreros, dried red pepper and a guitar painted with an ethno ornament.

The decor elements will give the feeling of Mexico.

Decorative items.

Sombreros on the walls.

That’s how, with the help of small details in your interior, you can create a Mexican style.

Panoramic windows – doors.

Example of kitchen design.

Example of a living room design.

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