Tropical Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Green, natural, calm and exotic, this interior does not leave anyone indifferent. You can feel the warmth and charm of hot countries in it. Such an environment helps to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work.

Tropical style in interior design

Distinctive features

This trend in the interior is a mixture of many traditions and cultures that combine into a single harmonious ensemble. It contains lazy and carefree notes of new traditions for us. At the same time, it is simple, elegant, marine and fills the interior with solar warmth.

Tropical style looks like a vacation that will never end. In such an environment, time flows in a completely different way. The crazy rhythm of the city fades into the background, there remains a pleasant bliss and a desire not to rush anywhere, to stay in your thoughts and arrange a little holiday for yourself.

A tropical style suits you if:

  • You are interested in the cultural history of the southern states.
  • You like elegant cocktails with an umbrella and a slice of fruit.

Interior design of the living room in a tropical style.

Tropical notes in the interior of the living room.

Cozy atmosphere of the terrace interior.

White Mesh fabric

It protects against flying insects. It will look romantic and atmospheric in the form of a canopy over the bed. Such an element will mentally transport you to the tropics and make you forget about the gray everyday life outside the window. Even if your bed does not have special supports going to the top, to which such a detail is usually attached, you can always hang it from the ceiling, and fix the edges around the perimeter of the bed. There are even special hanging canopies for such purposes.

Romance in a tropical style bedroom.

Explosion of juicy colors

To implement this feature of a tropical interior, take floral prints, straight or wavy lines in different colors as a basis. You will get a colorful bouquet that will look great in such an environment. The main thing is that the ornament should be clear, not blurry. Palm, banana leaf or plumeria prints are used. Remember about the harmonious combination of all shades. Rich green, bright red, juicy yellow and fuchsia color, deep blue is a perfect combination for a tropical direction in the interior.

Colorful interior.

Elements of weaving in the interior

Jute, sisal, rattan and bamboo fibers are natural tropical riches that give a special atmosphere of carelessness. A carpet with large fibers, wicker baskets and armchairs, a mat or a collection of straw hats will enhance the effect of relaxation and eternal vacation. If you have now come up with the idea to decorate the whole interior with wicker things – it’s not worth it. A few such accents are enough to make the interior play in a new way.

Elements of weaving in the interior.

Living vegetation in the style of the tropics

Pots with exotic lush flowers in your home will look just incredibly beautiful. To give an atmosphere of comfort and a sense of closeness to nature, which we lack so much in everyday life. Just be careful in choosing the number of plants. They should not fill the entire room. And yes, we know that not everyone has the talent and desire to take care of plants. There are such types of tropical flowers that will delight you, even if you forget about them for a long time. For example, philodendron, croton, bocarnea and many others. They look spectacular and will not take up precious time for their care.

The energy of the tropics in the interior of the living room.

Landscaping of the living room in a tropical style.

The presence of objects made of natural wood

The texture of natural tropical wood looks great. She charms at first sight, gives comfort, comfort and peace of mind. The interior in a tropical style is just about living for your own pleasure. Therefore, you should not worry too much about what kind of wood to choose, feel free to mix them in a chaotic manner. Beauty and comfort will turn out in any case. As a hint, we will tell you where natural wood looks most advantageous. A place above the bed that is turned into a decorative panel or just make a wooden headboard. The main thing is that it should be the most noticeable and accentuated place. Bedside tables or just a coffee table also look incomparable in the decor of tropical wood texture.

The use of natural materials in the bedroom interior.

Wooden textures in the bedroom interior.

Feeling of freedom

In a tropical interior, it is difficult to distinguish where the house ends and nature begins. Of course, in the case when you live in a cold climate, you will definitely see the difference. But in the room itself, you can arrange everything in such a way that there is a feeling of flight and a starry clear sky above your head. For example, plan the arrangement of furniture in such a way that the room looks like a terrace or veranda. Where you can lie down and relax with a cooling cocktail.

Do not think that you urgently need to rebuild the layout or add additional space to the room. There are many techniques that will help visually bring the interior closer to the street. For example, blinds made of wood, a light screen made of natural fabric. With their help, you will be able to zone the space and enjoy the result.

By the way, a beach chaise longue and a wicker chair will help you complement the interior with the charm of hot countries. Or, for example, a hammock.

Spacious living room in tropical style.

Tropical motifs in the design of the living room.

Interior decoration: shutters

This element is present in every tropical house. It helps to restrict access to the house to the hot sun and does not prevent the fresh breeze from getting inside at all. The mere appearance of this detail takes you mentally into the distance, to the sea and the beach and brings carelessness.

Shutters in the bedroom interior.

Ceiling fan

We know what you’re thinking. This is the last century, no one does this anymore, it’s not an effective cooling method or it just looks terrible. And yet, in the age of technological progress, there are air conditioners. So why do we need a ceiling fan? Everything is simple. In the southern climate, when the sun burns all day, fans are simply necessary to have air movement. They create the effect of a light breeze right inside the house. And it is thanks to such a detail in the interior that you get the effect of relaxation that occurs in hot countries. Today you can buy remote-controlled fans, which will add even more comfort when you are too lazy to get up from a wicker cozy chair to turn it on.

Ceiling fan in the living room interior.

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