Antique Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Despite modern trends in interior design, the antique style is still a classic and a kind of reference point for modern designers. The unique aesthetics and harmony of such a design is unlikely to ever lose its relevance, so the use of this style in the interior will always be relevant and incredibly majestic.

Harmony in the design.

Distinctive features of the antique style

This style direction is characterized by references to ancient Roman and ancient Greek architecture and culture. In addition, the antique style strives to observe proportions, harmony in a combination of colors and a variety of decorative elements, a certain restraint, but at the same time, incredible majesty. This makes it attractive in our time.

If you dive into history, the Greek decoration of the rooms was incredibly minimalistic. The only decoration of their chambers were frescoes, which were often also extremely restrained. In its origin, the antique style is a glorification of simplicity and harmony.

Let’s analyze in more detail the most striking features of this style.

1. Minimal decor and its strict dosage.

Dining area and sitting area.

2. Large space, high ceilings, large windows that let in a lot of light. To some extent, it is precisely because of these reasons that the antique style is much easier to implement in a private house than in an apartment.

Spacious living room in antique style.

3. The use of architectural elements originally from antiquity, such as porticos, columns, various arches. Also, do not forget about the colorful frescoes and a variety of wall paintings.

Columns in the interior of the antique style living room.

Due to the peculiarities of the antique style, it is suitable only for private houses and large apartments that can afford a free layout.


The shades in this style are quite restrained. Usually these are neutral pastel tones, for example, white, milky and other shades in combination with a brighter and richer color, for example, black, blue or any other shade.

White combined with gray in the interior.

Milky shade of the living room.


Even in ancient times, the most premium materials were used in the construction of houses of noble people. These were rare types of wood, and rare things like ivory, as well as natural stone, for example, marble or granite. The walls were decorated with tapestries with various stories from myths, battles and more. In those days, such products were made only by hand, so they were of incredible cultural value.

Luxury interior design of the hall.

Wall decoration

For wall decoration, the most correct choice would be the use of restrained and warm shades that will make the atmosphere in the room very comfortable. You can also use painting or textured plaster for decoration. To decorate the walls, you can place paintings in gilded frames that would look very impressive on a light background. In addition, it is permissible to design with the help of bas-reliefs and stucco, as well as gold leaf. The main condition is to preserve harmony and not to overdo it with an abundance of elements.

Also, if desired, wallpaper can be pasted on the walls. The main condition is that they should be similar in color and relief to natural stone or plaster. The use of wallpaper helps not to worry about the alignment of the walls, and, unlike the same plaster, this material helps to save money. But it is worth remembering that this coating is very negatively affected by moisture, because of which the appearance of the wallpaper is very spoiled.

The decor of the walls of the living room in antique style with paintings in gilded frames.

Floor decoration

In most cases, the floors of the Greeks were decorated using mosaic masonry. This made the floor beautiful, so rarely anyone thought about any carpeting. However, the Roman people made carpets one of the brightest decorative elements, placing colorful patterned carpets on top of a minimalistic stone floor.

Now if you want your floor to be made of stone rock, then you should use the same porcelain stoneware or ceramics, which will be much more budget-friendly than real stone, but visually they will not differ from it in any way.

An interesting variant of the flooring decor can also be made using two shades of the material arranged in a staggered order. Also, if you wish, you can find slabs with some beautiful antique pattern that will look no less aesthetically pleasing in your home.

However, the options are not limited to this. If desired, you can use wood, for example, laminate or parquet. When choosing such a coating, it is important to choose the color that will be harmoniously combined with the other shades present in the interior. Do not forget that even here you can embody any interesting ornament.

Ceramic tile flooring in the living room.

Ceiling decoration

In antiquity, the ceiling was often made of natural stone, most often marble, or painted with some colorful ornament. Moreover, the shape was chosen, by modern standards, very unusual, and it was reconstructed from beams. Now this effect is easy to repeat with the use of plasterboard. Stretch ceilings can also be used to decorate this area.

In addition, a voluminous cornice with some interesting ornament is often made for decoration.

Unusual design of the ceiling in the living room.


Furniture should be made of wood and, if desired, decorated with bronze or gilding. It is important to be attentive to the choice of shape so that the object fits perfectly into the rest of the interior.

You can also decorate the legs of furniture, which in the antique interior were often made in the form of paws of any animals. In addition, it is permissible to use ivory inserts for decoration, as well as ornaments using a different shade of wood.

Do not forget that there should not be too much antique-style furniture, because free space is very important in such an interior.

Elegant furniture in the living room.


Sculpture is not only full-fledged statues of any nymphs or heroes of myths, but also stucco, columns and even bas-reliefs. In this regard, it all depends on your imagination. It is very common in the antique style to use busts of any great figures of that time. Moreover, they can be made of completely different materials – from gypsum to rare ivory.

  • Paintings in beautiful frames.
  • Crystal chandelier.
  • Carpets – this decoration option depends on what kind of coating you have chosen for the floor decoration.
  • Fireplace surrounded by columns.

Crystal elements in the interior.

Fireplace in the living room interior.

Features of interior design of different rooms

In the antique style, a lot of attention was paid to zoning, so now we will go through the design features of different rooms in the house.

The living room – in an antique interior, it is the center of the dwelling and an ideal place to relax, so it would be ideal to place a fireplace surrounded by armchairs here. For comfort, you can use a carpet.

Bathroom – the design of this room is better done in neutral shades of porcelain stoneware. Faucets should be chosen in gold or bronze color, so that they fit perfectly into such a classic interior. As an ornament, you can use a beautiful mirror decorated with stucco or some interesting ornament. If desired, you can add fresh flowers in pots.

Bedroom – in this room, the central element is the bed itself, which can be decorated with an elegant soft headboard and stucco molding or some kind of painting. For decoration, it is better to use not massive objects, but a mirror, a chest of drawers and beautiful light curtains.

Kitchen – in this area there is a kitchen set with a carving and, as an option, mirror inserts, and the working area is decorated with artificial stone. It is also better to choose an apron made of stone material. As decorations, mosaics in the dining room and a variety of bas-reliefs, cornices and even stucco are acceptable.

Beige tone in the bathroom interior.

These are the basic principles of working with the antique style, which will allow you to make a cozy and harmonious living space.

Successful experiments!

Bedroom decoration in antique style.

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