Loft-Style Hallway Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

At first glance, it seems that the loft looks careless and even abandoned. At the beginning of its inception, this was exactly the case. But today it is a trend in interior design. And its popularity is growing every day. He is especially liked by creative extraordinary personalities who do not want to “like everyone else”. And they strive to stand out in everything and the loft gives such an opportunity. In order for the interior of the hallway to be harmonious, it is necessary to think through every detail. In this article we will tell you how to do it.

Loft-style entrance hall.

Distinctive features of the loft style

The origin of this style originates about 100 years ago. Initially, these were abandoned factories that began to be rented out for minimal payment. This attracted freelance artists who did not have a steady income. Since these were storage rooms, there was no repair in them. At the same time, there was a lot of space: high ceilings, panoramic windows, an abundance of light. Of course, there was no money for repairs. Therefore, the situation retained its original abandoned appearance.

Such an interior has become popular and today it has already been transformed into a modern look, with the characteristic features of that time.

A common space without walls. In extreme cases, light glass partitions. All in order to preserve the effect of the scale of the room.

Loft style interior design.

An interesting combination of white and red bricks in the decoration of the walls.

Walls with imitation of brick, concrete, stone.

Concrete wall- rough, but effective.

Spacious entrance hall.

A variant of the design interior.

Abundance of natural and artificial lighting.

The originality of the design.

The use of natural and artificial lighting.

Combination of white and gray.

The ceiling is above 3 meters.

Interesting lamps on the walls and ceiling.

Loft Atmosphere.

Monochrome color palette with the addition of wood decor, terracotta shades. Today, this is no longer a strict rule, because designers experiment and find successful combinations of bright colors for this style.

Strict and laconic design.

The solid wood wardrobe fits perfectly.

Simultaneous combination of monochrome shades.

Small Loft-style entrance hall.

Decorative elements of unusual shape in the retro style of the American spirit.

An interesting mirror decorates the interior.

A brick wall and retro-style decor elements.

A combination of a loft style hallway and other rooms. The difference from a stylish loft to an equally stylish classic will not look too harmonious. And for the psyche it will be a constant stress.

The use of mirrors visually increases the space.

Interesting design of the Loft-style hallway, separated from the living room by a small partition.

Coffee tone.

Lack of carpets.

The Loft-style design of the hallway looks organically with this combination of shades and the use of decorative elements.

A bright accent in the form of a small red chest of drawers gives the mood.

In short, a minimum of details, maximum functionality and stylish decoration of walls, floor and ceiling will turn your hallway into a trendy interior of the 21st century.

Original design of the hallway with decorative elements.

Brick, concrete wall and wooden beams are all elements of the Loft style.

The color palette of the hallways in the loft style

The choice of color is one of the most important aspects that affect the perception of loft style in the hallway. Over time , two directions have emerged:

Urban conservative loft hallway style

For such an interior, the following colors are characteristic: white, black, concrete gray, brick and walnut. White will add space, gray will bring the cold spirit of concrete, black accents are placed, and brick and walnut will breathe life into the conservatism of the room.

A small hallway in a city apartment can also be decorated in the Loft style.

The creative thinking of designers is admired.

The color palette corresponds to the Loft style.

Bright modern colors in the loft hallway

Here, yellow, blue, dark green, dirty burgundy shades, and muted reds already act as accents. Brightness should not be much. For example, they decorate decorative elements. Or use it on one wall so that other colors become brighter and richer on its background.

Bright elements.

A new look at the design of the hallway in the Loft style.

Accent wall in the Loft style hallway.

Dark green shade in the interior.

A bright accent in the form of a red chest of drawers.

Finishing of the walls, floor and ceiling of the hallway in loft style


The walls are decorated with ordinary cheap plaster. They are left in a textured version or sanded to a metallic sheen. Be sure to add posters and posters in retro style. Brickwork decoration is also used. It is not advisable to use cheap imitations in the form of embossed PVC panels. It looks cheap and does not fall under the urbanism style at all. It’s worth spending money and laying out a wall with a real brick.

Plaster wall decoration in the Loft style hallway.

Brick in interior design.


The ceiling can be left concrete. Wooden or metal beams can also be stretched along the ceiling. Accordingly, in this case, the ceilings should be more than three meters. And the beams should be located at a height of 2.7 – 3 meters.

High ceilings with a concrete finish.

Modern solutions in the interior design.

Wooden beams – as an essential attribute in the interior of the Loft style hallway.


The floor should be laid with natural parquet decorated with scuffs and defects. It is necessary to create an image of an old worn-out parquet that has been lying here for a long time and has its own history. Laminate flooring is suitable as an analogue, but also with the effect of antiquity. Now a wide range of such design is presented in the salons of stores. It is worth noting that the baseboards should also be stylized so that they look harmoniously with the floor.

Floor finishing with an antique effect.

Parquet flooring in the Loft style hallway.

Choosing furniture for the hallway in the loft style

Now we will give you some ideas that you can adapt to your perception of the loft style in the hallway. After all, every person is different and everyone’s visual perception is different.

Wooden or plastic interior items. The main thing is that the surface of the products should be simple, without texture and decorative drawings.

Wooden mirror framing.

Some items can be mounted on wheels. This will increase their mobility and give a feature to the interior.

Minimum furniture.

Open shelves and a hanger. Bulky furniture sets are not suitable for this style. But in the realities of the modern world, you can use a built-in wardrobe that imitates an ordinary wall. The cabinet has no handles, and the texture of the facades is close to the surface of the wall.

Floor hanger.

Light tones combined with dark.

Built-in closet fits perfectly into the interior.

Non-standard accents. For example, the ceiling lights of the upper lamps are crumpled or old things hung on the wall.

A cabinet with a mirror will visually increase the space.

Contrast of styles. Combinations of antiquity and modern urbanism look great. For example, a blinkered parquet floor and walls with overhead lighting in a trendy neon design. Or a classic banquette at the entrance against the background of concrete walls.

An interesting variant of wall decor.

A large mirror “antique”.

Lamps of the original shape. For example, in the form of a spotlight or even one lamp without decoration hanging from the ceiling.

Unusual design of the overhead light.

Spotlights in the hallway Loft style.

A large mirror of the correct shape. Small options will not fit into this style. A huge mirror in a baguette frame with scuffs, placed on the floor, will look cool.

A large mirror allows you to visually increase the space in a small hallway.

A large mirror – allows you to provide comfort and practicality.

Accent decor. It can be frames without pictures, discs, posters, drawings with spray paint. The main goal is to restore the atmosphere of that time.

Decorative elements in the interior.

Slightly dilute the atmosphere of the Loft in the hallway with accent elements of the interior.

One of the main details of the Loft-style hallway interior, which creates its character and mood, is the light.

Mixing styles

The loft has incorporated a combination of several styles that you can mix with each other as you want. This is the peculiarity of the loft – imagination is not limited, create and enjoy.

Minimalist. Of course, the minimum of details and maximum functionality refer us to this style.

Practical and functional.

Hi-tech. This style is very fond of non-standard metal decors, restraint in the color palette.

Contrasting Loft hallway with hi-tech style elements.

Japanese style is associated with the presence of pieces of furniture made of natural wood. As well as simplicity and laconic interior.

Solid wood furniture.

Pop art. Bright accents are taken from this style.

A creative look when creating a Loft-style hallway interior.

Shabby chic. Scuffs and the appearance of antiquity for this style are characteristic features.

Aging effect in the Loft style Hallway interior Design.

Shabby chic in the Loft style Hallway.

All these styles can be mixed in any proportions, but there must be a part of each to make a really stylish trendy loft in the hallway.

Photo gallery

Entrance hall with concrete walls.

Interesting lighting.

Brick walls.

Minimum of things.

Interesting decor.

Track lighting systems.

Loft-style entrance hall.

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