Loft-Style Nursery Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Standard colors for girls and boys are no longer in trend. For those who strive for originality and a fresh look at a stylish interior, the loft is perfect. This style is suitable for children of any age. For kids and teenagers. Children, as a rule, live in their own world of everything new and interesting, so such an interior is an excellent basis for developing a creative view of things and non-standard thinking.

Design of a children’s room in the Loft style.

Bright children’s room in Loft style.

Interesting design of a children’s room.

Design of a small children’s room.

The main features in the loft style for children

Surely you know what the loft looks like in its original form. Textured concrete walls, brickwork. It hardly belongs to the category of “safe”. Therefore, for a children’s room, they make a deviation from the strictness of execution and use materials that will not harm the little owner.

In terms of design, bold ideas are implemented with the preservation of style.

The most correct filling of space.

The color palette of this style also consists of heavy deep tones of gray, black, white, green, blue, yellow, brick, burgundy, red. But again, for a nursery, such an atmosphere can be too oppressive and joyless. Such an interior is unlikely to please your child. He will just be uncomfortable and will even push depressive thoughts. In this regard, it is quite justified to bring light and bright shades to the nursery environment. They are used both as accents and in the background version of the room. A light white design with bright accents in rough textures also looks spectacular.

Using contrast in the design of the nursery.

Room decoration in light – dark colors.

The contrast in the interior looks very impressive.

Using different color shades in the room.

For teenagers, this style will become an island for self-expression. Because bright posters and street drawings with spray paint are just “in the theme” here. A teenager will be immensely grateful to you for your progressiveness in the views of the interior for his room.

Everything is simple in the room. Sleeping and study area.

The attic floor is like a nursery room.

Bold design solutions are implemented in the design of the room.

The peculiarity of the loft is also the absence of internal partitions for zoning space. The room should be open, and the division into zones is carried out with the help of furniture, light metal structures. Or by using the color and texture of the finish.

Using a partition as an example of zoning.

Wall decoration in different colors is also used in zoning.

Functional areas for different ages

Kids under 2 years old.

For kids, you don’t need much. A crib, a chest of drawers for things, a feeding area and a changing table.

The room is designed for the younger generation.

A minimum of furniture and a lot of light.

Using bright soothing colors.

Child from 2 years to 7 years old.

The main area for this age is the play area. As a rule, the entire floor surface is considered gaming. It is difficult to explain to a child that it is necessary to play in one place. It’s just not interesting. But still the zone must be allocated. A rack or closet where all the toys, the child’s favorite things and books will be stored.

A child’s own house is always of interest.

Functional arrangement of furniture and objects.

Example decoration of a room for a girl.


Here we are already adding a desk area. A system for storing books and notebooks. Part of the wall is designed for educational “reminders”. A geographical map or here you will determine for yourself what your child will need. Of course, the play area and the bed do not disappear anywhere, you also need to find a place for them.

A two-story room is a child’s delight.

Allocation of study and play areas.

A room for a boy.

Wall, floor and ceiling decoration

Safe and eco-friendly materials in the design of the nursery are a prerequisite.

Wall decoration

The most popular materials for the nursery are paint and wallpaper. Brickwork is imitated with stylized wallpaper or walls are painted. The most practical thing would be to paint the walls, since they can be washed. The paint is chosen on a water basis. Since it does not smell and is absolutely safe for health.

If the interior is planned for an older child, decorative overlays in the form of bricks are used. At the same time, the process of creating such a wall will attract the child himself. There is also a cool technique, one of the walls is covered with slate paint. And the child can make drawings on it and create fascinating stories. One wall is completely given over to the pencil or partially. Here you already determine the measure of what is allowed. This paint perfectly adheres to any surface and it can be tinted in any color.

If a child has asthma or allergies, instead of a slate surface, make a wall for drawings with a marker.

The use of different colors in the design of the walls.

Light walls with dark ceiling.

The walls are decorated in a dark style creating a castle effect.

Floor decoration

The most suitable solution for covering the floor is parquet or laminate. Firstly, it is environmentally safe for the child, and secondly, it corresponds to the style. Parquet is decorated in an antique style, and laminate is bought immediately in a retro-style decor. A flawless finish without flaws is not suitable for a loft.

A carpet is laid on the floor to make it easier for the child to play. Also, the carpet will protect the floor from falling toys and multiple taps in order to explore the world. Carpet is not recommended to use. It is more difficult to clean and keep clean and it contradicts the concept of a loft.

Bright, simple and practical.

Dark floor combined with light walls.

Ceiling decoration

Finishing the ceiling will not take much time. In the nursery, it can be a stretch ceiling, necessarily a matte version or painted. If the ceilings are high, they create structures made of wooden beams.

It is worth mentioning that it is categorically not recommended to do: decorative cornices around the perimeter of the ceiling, plasterboard structures in several levels, drawings on the ceiling. All this will make the interior cheaper and there will be no trace of the style.

Ceiling with a large number of lamps.

Ceiling with beautiful lighting.

Choosing furniture for the children’s loft style

Of course, furniture should emphasize the chosen style of the interior and buying the first available option is not the best strategy. So, let’s take a closer look.

Ordinary cots are suitable for babies. They can only be aged slightly.

Implementation of bold ideas.

Light ceiling on the attic floor.

Beds with a headboard made of forged elements will fit perfectly into the interior.

An example of the presence of a wrought-iron bed in a contrasting red color.

A two-level bed will fit perfectly into the room.

All furniture with an open storage system, without facades. Or built-in wardrobes that do not remind you of themselves in any way and imitate a flat wall.

Open shelves and drawers.

The bedside table is selected in combination with the style.

Designing lighting

Open wires, as is typical for a loft style, are not at all suitable for a nursery. It is best to hide them, because the main thing is the safety of the child. But the lighting in the loft style is very suitable. Sconces in the form of emergency lights in industry, bare lamps on a wire hanging from the ceiling. A chandelier made of floodlights and spot lighting around the perimeter of the room are very suitable for a nursery.

A large amount of lighting design and practical.

The correct arrangement of light sources, light decoration of the walls and ceiling makes the room unusually bright.

Unusual chandelier with spectacular lighting.

Decorative design

Often, parents who have decided to implement such an interior for a teenager do the following. The background finish is chosen by themselves, coordinating with the child. And decorative elements and accessories are chosen by the child. That’s the beauty of the loft, it is possible and necessary to combine the incongruous. The child is pleased that his opinion is important. And parents get a stylish innovative interior. If the room is large, you can accentuate one wall. And it can be a wall with aerosol drawings, which the child himself will design. We are sure that he will even invite friends for this. Pop art posters and posters are also hung on the walls. Create and involve your child in this process.

Bold solutions are implemented in the design of the room.

A room in light – dark colors with lighting.

The presence of decorative items in the room.

Photo Gallery

Even more cool kids in the loft style.

Children’s bedroom for two children.

Youth bedroom in loft style.

Loft baby cot.

Design options for children’s rooms.

Loft-style bedroom decoration.

Children’s bedroom for a boy.

Teenage Bedroom.

Loft style in the bedroom interior.

Bright elements in the interior.

Boys’s bedroom.

Bright loft-style bedroom.

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