Lilac color in interior design and rules of combination

By | November 17, 2022

Lilac color is a modern and stylish choice for any interior design. How to combine this tone? In which room will it be harmonious? Consider in the article below.

A shade of lilac in the dining area of the kitchen.

Lilac tones and combinations in the interior

Plants of the genus lavender in the flora have a fairly wide spectral range: starting with a pale gray-lilac shade with a blue note, ending with a rich pink-purple. The design mainly uses light tones diluted with nude, and saturated, deep shades can be used to enhance it.

How to combine lilac tones?

The choice of harmonious shades for a combination of light lavender tones is in favor of pastels, but dark tones will go well with fresh, bright shades.

Combinations for the interior:

White and lilac

The union of lightness and airiness, which gives the room freshness and tenderness, will look harmonious and will not look cloying. It will be an excellent solution in the Provence style and can be used in all design solutions.

Shades of nude and ice orchid

This combination looks modest and elegant, gives the room comfort and a touch of chic. Suitable for quiet rooms, a bedroom, a living room, an office for true ladies of all ages. In addition, these tones will be quite harmonious in the design of a nursery for a girl.

Graphite and lilac shades

Lilac accent is a fresh and harmonious solution for a room decorated in graphite tones – it will help to dilute the grayness and severity of the room, add freshness, suitable for any style, even for strict minimalism.

Shade of graphite and lilac in the interior of the bedroom.

Shades of azure and lupin

All the tones of the pastel palette complement each other perfectly, even though these tones are quite bright. Such a mix will give your room coolness, freshness, airiness, create a calm mood, can be used in the design of bedrooms, lounge areas, for the decor of a country house.

Shades of mint and hyacinth

Perfectly refreshes, brings you closer to nature, adds a vintage mood, such an eco-union can be used in the design of bedrooms, bathrooms, halls. Suitable for both modern design and designs of the past centuries.

A combination of mint and hyacinth shades.

Shades of sapphire and amethyst

It is recommended to use this union for spot decoration, since these tones themselves are quite saturated, and if you use them for a solid design, you can overload the room, which will give it a heaviness and a feeling of twilight.

Shades of lemon and purple

This combination looks very bright and balanced, gives a cheerful atmosphere, a feeling of sunshine, gives a positive attitude. It is ideal in the design of the reception area, children’s, play area.

Lemon combined with a purple shade in the living room.

Shades of turquoise and fig

The mix with rich violet looks luxurious, gives additional comfort and a touch of bohemia. Good at decorating the bedrooms of older people. It is also relevant in the decoration of large open spaces.

Shades of orange and grapes

A rather daring symbiosis of rich tonality will breathe new life into a large open room. It sets you up for inspiration, the desire for new achievements, looks very original. Eccentric, brave people will like it. It is good for a home workplace, creative platforms.

Shades of grass and iris

A union bestowed by nature. Soft, calm, concise, visually expands the space and gives freedom of space. A very convenient and practical choice.

The shade of grass goes well with the shade of iris.

Lilac shades in interior design

This palette is very diverse and suitable for both solid designs and spot decor. How to correctly place accents in point design and not overdo it with details?

Lilac in the wall decoration

  • For the Provence style, the whole range of lilac tones is used: from purple to saturated clematis, flesh-colored furniture, textiles with floral print, wooden elements are well combined with them.


  • For classics, the same full spectrum is acceptable, harmonious with the decor elements of a universal palette of expressive texture – leather, velvet, metal accessories.
  • The romantic style is suitable for delicate lilac tones with graphite or pink notes, surrounded by snow-white: design elements will favorably shade them.
  • For minimalism, the lilac spectrum is used less often, mainly in spot decor, try to use them in accents to enhance attention to the central element of the decor, laconic furniture will help you with this.
  • In the Art Deco and modern styles, combinations of rich tonality are in harmony, complement them with dark wood elements, you can also add gold and brass accessories.
  • In the Boho style, variations of light lilac spectra will be in harmony, add accessories from weaving and rattan.
  • Modern style can mix contrasting tones of the same spectrum, antiques and art will perfectly complement the wall decoration, make the room original and ultramodern.

Purple shade in a modern interior.

Lilac shades in furniture upholstery

A sofa or an orchid-colored armchair will effectively decorate the lounge area of classical style, Art Deco and modern. Give preference to models with quilted upholstery with wooden inserts. In others, the furniture of a simple form of light lavender tones will be harmonious. Ottomans are suitable for all interior designs, will be most appropriate in Scandinavian, in the loft.

Living room.

Lilac shades in the bedroom interior

In Provence and Classic, a nude tone will perfectly complement a bed of lavender tones with a screed. It will be especially harmonious in Romantique and in the nursery. The softness of the shades will relax and set you up for a sound sleep.



Kitchens of wooden materials painted with a lilac palette, both with carved doors and glossy ones, will look great in Provence, Boho, Classic. In an ultramodern and minimal style, give preference to smoothed surfaces, simple design and discreet. Doors with glass inserts will perfectly complement the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles.

Orchid shade in Provence style kitchen.

Dining area

In Provence, give preference to a purple wooden table and chairs. For Classic and Art-deco, give preference to samples with velvet inserts. In modern and minimal purple is suitable for spot decoration of dining areas.

Storage systems for lilac tones

This color scheme will be in harmony in storage in bedrooms, children’s rooms and dressing rooms. Such a storage system will create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort, tenderness and romance. And for bathrooms, a laconic storage system with metal legs is suitable.

The atmosphere of Provence in the bedroom.


The use of textiles of this color scheme is suitable for spot decor: carpet, pillow and cushion, knitted and woolen plaid and bedspread, curtains and tulle, bedding will add extra comfort.

Lilac shade in details.

The use of lilac color in the interior of different rooms

According to research, lilac has many properties of a psychological aspect: a light tone will calm you down, set you up for pleasant communication, give the room a calm atmosphere, while saturated tones, on the contrary, will energize and set you up in a positive way.


Lilac coloring looks harmoniously in the hallways in classic and art Deco style. Light tones expand a small hallway, and in a wide one you can use darker tones, this will give the room a touch of luxury.

Art deco hallway.

Lounge area

The lilac finish of the lounge area is harmonious in both solid and spot decor. This paint sets the mood and makes the room incredibly stylish. For spot decor, give preference to a nude basic tone with bright details in the form of upholstered furniture or textiles.

Living room in Provence style.

Lilac kitchen and dining areas

Cozy kitchen – what could be easier if you add lilac tones to its decoration? Lavender combined with light or white wood and cute details will create additional amenities and will not leave indifferent even the most demanding hostess. And lovers of strict classics and minimalism should add gloss to the surface and metal accessories.

Provence style kitchen design.


The light shades of the lavender spectrum will be able to achieve a relaxing effect and set you up for a sound sleep. Wall decoration or spot decor is an excellent solution for the sleeping area. Add a soft carpet with pile, blankets and poufs.

Provence style.

Lilac children’s and play area

In children’s rooms, this palette is very versatile, it is suitable for both girls and boys of all ages. It is better to decorate the sleeping area with gentle tones, but it is better to highlight the workplace with bright accents.

Provence style in the nursery.

Lilac study or home workplace

The work area in bright lilac tones sets up a positive mood, is a source of inspiration and gives a boost of energy. Such a workplace is ideal for representatives of creative professions and the beauty sphere. Both solid decor and spot decor will look harmoniously.

Shades of Provence in the working area of the children’s room.


For the design of bathrooms, it is better to choose a light color scheme of the lavender spectrum, it will visually expand the space and will not press. Bright colors can be used as spot decor, textiles, bathroom accessories, curtains.

Bathroom in Provence style.

Balcony and terrace

Suitable for lovers of rustic aesthetics. Add fresh flowers, wicker furniture, textiles of natural materials and enjoy the views from the window with a cup of coffee and a book in your hands.

In conclusion, we can add that lavender is perfectly combined in all types of interiors, is excellent as a point decor and the use of bouquets, wreaths, lavender twigs, candles and wall decor in the design will make your room cozy and unique.

Terrace in shades of lavender in Provence style.

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