Marsala color in interior design and rules of combination

By | November 17, 2022

Many people like the rich wine shade, but they are often afraid to use it, for fear of making the interior too gloomy. However, when used correctly, the color of marsala looks incomparable.

Living room interior design in marsala color.

Color combinations

Marsala is a kind of sweet Italian wine. That is why very often this color is called wine, because this warm dark red shade is very reminiscent of this alcoholic drink.

In order for the marsala color to look good in your interior, you need to carefully select the rest of the palette, because this deep shade claims to be an accent color. Now we will analyze which shades will be the most advantageous in combination with wine color.

  • White is the default base color and the best background for a wine shade. He does not interrupt the burgundy, on the contrary, giving it saturation and highlighting. Both cold and warm shades of white are suitable.
  • Beige-brown tones – such natural shades in conjunction with marsala will create an indescribable atmosphere of comfort and home warmth. This combination will look especially beautiful in the living room, setting up all family members in a homely way.
  • Gray – this color perfectly balances the brightness and saturation of marsala, allowing you to use this color in all styles and rooms. This versatile combination looks good in all rooms.
  • Black – this base color is beautifully and vividly combined with burgundy. Since both shades are very saturated, it is worth making sure that only one of the colors prevails, otherwise there will be an overload, and the interior will not look harmonious because of this. Also, this combination is quite bold, so it is more suitable for more modern styles, for example, loft or minimalist.
  • Light blue – this shade perfectly balances the bright and saturated marsala due to its cold shade. Azure will suit you if you want to make the interior more calm by using burgundy color. This combination will look nice and fresh in the bedroom.
  • Pastel pink – the affinity of this shade with wine helps to make a stylish and very popular monochrome interior now. You can even play with the proportions, making one of the tones predominant, and leaving the other in the form of details.
  • Yellow – despite the contrast, it looks very harmonious with wine shades and looks great both in the form of prints and in the form of wall decoration.
  • Blue and green – in the interior they are the personification of sapphire and emerald, so they look especially advantageous in combination with marsala in classic style or art deco. Interestingly, these shades look like prints. Such an unusual combination looks advantageous in minimalistic styles like Art Nouveau, and in brighter ones, for example, in boho and Art Deco.

Bedroom in shades of marsala and basic white.

Marsala and emerald shades.

Marsala color in interiors

If you overdo it with the marsala, you can get an excessively gloomy and depressing interior. That is why it is necessary to adhere to certain subtleties in the handling of wine shade. Despite all the difficulties of balancing it in the interior, this shade is perfect for everything from furniture to curtains and interior decoration. And now we will figure out how to harmoniously and accurately use burgundy in the design of your home.


The most advantageous option is not painting all the walls, but the design of an accent wall. If you use this color on all the walls, then the room may look too gloomy. Now let’s analyze the relevance of this color on the walls in different stylistic directions of interior design.

  • Classic style – moldings and stucco, inherent in the style, help the color of marsala look the most advantageous in the interior. Also, the walls in burgundy color look very interesting in combination with furniture that is made of dark wood.
  • Modern style – this direction allows itself a little more freedom than the classics, but there are also its own peculiarities. The color of marsala in such an interior is better mixed with other dark shades, wood and geometry in the design. In this style, it is worth using simpler forms of furniture and abstract paintings that would balance the brightness and saturation of the finish.
  • Minimalist – a combination of burgundy with basic and natural shades, for example, white or gray, will look restrained and calm in this style.
  • Art Deco – both paint and wallpaper look great in this style direction, the main thing is not to forget to add some interesting details made of brass or gilding, for example, lamps, paintings or mirrors.
  • Boho – it is better to add interesting prints with this color to the marsala-colored walls in this style, and to make the atmosphere more harmonious, it is worth adding fresh flowers.

One of the basic rules in the design of marsala-colored walls is not to overdo it. That is why an accent wall is created in many interior designers. However, if you wish, you can cover all the walls in the room. It is worth doing this only if you rarely and briefly stay in this room or if you live in these rooms temporarily. So you can safely decorate the bathroom or some rooms in a country house in a wine shade.

Modern interior design.

The interior of the living room in art Deco style.

Upholstered furniture

The sofa in a wine shade looks incredibly beautiful, and in any style directions. However, in modern styles it is better to use more strict forms and a minimum of details, and in classical styles – voluminous armrests and a quilted back.

The armchair is ideal for a living room or an office. It will look especially advantageous in the art Deco style in combination with other interesting and bright furniture elements, for example, yellow.

The pouf will fit perfectly into any interior. It can be a great accent without disturbing the balance.

Living room.


A very stylish solution for the bedroom. The most elegant option would be a quilted or velvet headboard. It will be the perfect accent. In addition, marsala, as a shade of red, is the color of passion, which already makes a special atmosphere in your bedroom, setting up a romantic mood. Such a bright headboard will fit into both classics and art Deco.

A bed in marsala color with a velvet headboard.


It is not necessary to make the upholstery in burgundy, the colored legs will look exquisitely in the same loft style. Burgundy looks very interesting on various textures, for example, on velvet or leather. The first option is more suitable for classic interiors, and the second – for modern styles. Marsala-colored chairs look especially advantageous in kitchens with darker and more restrained shades, or made of dark wood.

Chairs in a shade of marsala in the kitchen interior.

Kitchen set

The kitchen in burgundy color will look interesting and unusual in all stylistic directions. In more modern styles, we simply minimize the number of details, leaving only smooth facades – this approach will be close to both loft style and modern. Carved facades and details like gilding and glass inserts will be more appropriate in classical style, art deco or boho.


Storage furniture

Wine-colored cabinets and cabinets can look beautiful and unusual in art Deco or classic designs. In the office, you can place a cabinet with transparent doors – in the art Deco or boho style, you can add interesting accessories.

Wine shade of the cabinet.


Textiles will help you quickly introduce burgundy into your interior, because it is much easier to hang curtains and lay a blanket than to repaint the walls. Wine-colored items will serve as a good accent in your interior

  • Pillows and blankets will look interesting both on the sofa and on the bed, especially plain.
  • Bed linen and bedspreads will add comfort and atmosphere to the bedroom. It will look best in a room with a dark design.
  • Curtains. Velvet curtains with tassels or fringe will look luxurious in classic and Art Deco style.
  • Carpets – minimalistic products without a pattern will look beautiful in all interiors, but for boho it is better to use an ethno pattern.

Bordeaux-colored textiles in the living room interior.

Decoration of premises

Wine color, like any saturated color, has the property of compressing space. Therefore, it is important to adhere to the balance of colors in order to maintain harmony in the room.


The marsala-colored hallway looks original and will surprise your guests. It is not necessary to cover the walls with paint, you can just buy a beautiful burgundy ottoman or a mat for the front door.

The interior of the hallway with the use of a shade of marsala.


The color of marsala is simply created for gourmets. A kitchen with such a shade simply disposes to rest and cooking culinary delights. In a small kitchen, you can use burgundy color in details, and in a large one on the walls or in the kitchen set.

Ergonomic kitchen.

Living room

The color of marsala initially encourages reflection, so it is great if you have some kind of sophisticated hobby, because this color sets you up for a calm and measured rest, for example, reading books. However, if desired, you can create a more modern interior in which unrestrained parties would look organically.

Modern interior.


Burgundy in the design will help you make a cozy and secluded bedroom in which you can relax. Velvet and satin textures will look especially luxurious in this room. Well, the bright bedroom will be decorated with burgundy-colored bed linen.



The color of marsala in the bathroom will help you relax. The main thing is not to overload the interior with this color.

Burgundy bathroom in a wooden house.

Children’s room

Not the most suitable color for the nursery, however, may be present in any details. It is important that the walls in the room are of a calm shade.

Marsala color in the nursery without overload in the interior.


Burgundy looks solid, so it sets up a working environment. However, it is worth remembering that it reduces the room and tires the attention. Because of these features, it is important to dilute this color with neutral shades.

Office in wine tones.

Balcony and terrace

Textiles, not wall coverings, will look the most advantageous in this area.

The color of marsala is a rich shade that will look great in your home. Use it if you want to emphasize the luxury and sophistication of the interior.

Cozy design of the balcony with a touch of marsala.

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