Terracotta color in interior design and rules of combination

By | November 17, 2022

The perfect color for lovers of brightness and natural shades. Let’s analyze how terracotta can participate in your interior and make it stylish.

Terracotta is burnt red clay. They make dishes and bricks out of this, so some people call this color brick. The color itself has a warm reddish undertone. A wide range of shades of terracotta helps to fit this color into almost any interior.

Let’s take a closer look at how and with what you can combine terracotta, in order to make it look as stylish as possible.

Living room.

Color combinations

Despite the fact that terracotta is a complex and rich color, it is easy for him to find a worthy combination among both warm and cold palettes. Therefore, now we will analyze the most successful combinations with it, which will look beautiful and advantageous in your interior.

  • Brown is a very close and related color for terracotta. It will suit you if you decide to create a juicy monochrome interior. The most advantageous combination will be with slightly dusty shades, for example, gray-brown. So the colors will look more harmonious.
  • Gray – this calm color will help balance the brightness and saturation of terracotta. Its versatility allows it to be used in all rooms. However, in small rooms it is better to use lighter shades – they will help to visually expand the space and add light to the room.
  • Shades of white and beige – these natural colors will help to create a calm and cozy atmosphere in your home. They look especially good in the bedroom or living room. Terracotta looks very nice with a milky or cream shade.
  • Yellow – this color combined with terracotta will help you recreate the sunlight in the room. A very cozy and cheerful combination. It also looks great in a mix with olive or brown.
  • Black – this color is not considered universal for nothing. The interior with a combination of black and terracotta looks strictly and minimalistic, due to this it looks good in modern styles. Since both colors are quite heavy, it is worth adhering to restraint in textures in order to make a balanced and not overloaded interior.
  • Green – this color with terracotta allows you to create a natural combination. If you complement the interior with a decor of fresh flowers, it will look very harmonious and natural, will create a sense of unity with nature.
  • Light-blue – will help to create a calm and harmonious combination in your interior. It is advisable to use paler and less saturated variations of blue to create a comfortable, rather than disturbing, design of the room.
  • Blue and turquoise – the combination of these bright colors will help you create a contrast that is relevant for Art Deco or boho styles. Especially exotic in this combination is the difference between a warm sub-tone of terracotta and a cold sub-tone of blue, which adds a special zest to the design of the room.

In combination with a gray shade.

Combined with a blue shade.

Combined with a green shade.

Terracotta color in interior design

In this section, we will take a closer look at what variations there are of using terracotta in the interior – both as a background and as an accent element.


Terracotta color in the form of wallpaper or wall painting will become a universal basis for many styles.

  • In a modern style, in addition to applying a monochrome coating, you can experiment with geometry by creating an interesting pattern using color combinations with terracotta. Such a non-banal coloring will help to make an unusual interior.
  • Also, terracotta will perfectly fit into the Scandinavian design. You can focus on one wall by covering it with brick color, and use neutral and natural shades on others, for example, olive. You can complement this decor with natural wood.
  • In a minimalist style, terracotta looks most advantageous as an accent. In this case, it is better to decorate the remaining walls in white, black or gray design so as not to visually overload the interior.
  • Adherents of art deco, on the contrary, need to look for the most contrasting combinations, for example, yellow or blue. You can supplement this with details made of brass or metal.
  • Terracotta looks very organic in boho. It is better to reflect this color not only in the wall covering, but also in textiles.

Scandinavian style in the interior.

Upholstered furniture

Due to the accentuation and brightness of the color, it is worth initially choosing more restrained and minimalistic formats of sofas and armchairs. More flashy models, for example, made of leather, will perfectly fit into art deco.

Round poufs can become a highlight of your living room or bedroom. They look great in almost all styles, especially in Scandinavian design, where they look incredibly natural and harmonious.

Living room.


Soft variations of the headboards will help you create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort in the bedroom. And the linen material is more suitable for Scandinavian design and restrained minimalism.

But if you like bright art deco or traditional classics, then you can’t do without velvet textures or quilted details.

In addition to choosing textures, you can also embody your unusual ideas in prints.



They will look spectacular both in modern designs and in more vintage ones. For minimalism, it is better to use more concise and closed storage departments. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical, because this approach will keep the shelves from dust and reduce the amount of time you will spend cleaning.

Interior design in terracotta tones.

Upholstered chairs

Velour and velvet textures look especially impressive in this color scheme. This upholstery format will look perfect not only in the kitchen, but also in the bedroom. When using a material such as wood, you can enhance the comfort and create the atmosphere of a country house.

Velour chairs.

Kitchen set

You can use terracotta as an accent, highlighting only some cabinets and a kitchen island, and make the rest a contrasting shade, for example, white. And if you want a headset completely in terracotta, it is better to choose models with a minimum of details, matte finish and no handles.



Terracotta can bring your interior closer to nature, add warmth and comfort to your home.

  • Velvet texture pillows will look harmoniously in art Deco or classic style. Well, in minimalism it is better to use natural textured fabrics, for example, linen.
  • Carpets – unusual fluffy models or products with bright and unusual prints will perfectly fit into the style of art deco or boho.
  • Plaids – voluminous knitted products will perfectly complement the Scandinavian style, making it really cozy and homely.
  • Bed linen – made of natural materials, will fit seamlessly into the Scandinavian style or minimalistic interior.
  • Curtains – will look organically in all stylistic directions. However, in order for the color to look the most advantageous, you need to use denser materials for decoration, for example, velvet.

Living room.

Features of the design of certain premises

Terracotta is a fairly universal color that is not limited to certain rooms. It will help you create a real comfort and warm atmosphere at home.


Terracotta in the hallway will help create a welcoming atmosphere. If the room is small, it can easily be expanded if you combine terracotta with pastel shades. Natural wood will look great in such an interior.

Stylish entrance hall.


Terracotta color creates a warm home atmosphere, which has a beneficial effect on sleep. It is not necessary to do everything completely in terracotta, you can arrange the color as an accent or use it to design a bed headboard.

Do not forget that this shade can be present in your bedroom and in the form of bed linen. Natural fabrics in a monochrome design will look the most spectacular.


Living room

Terracotta will help you create a special cozy family atmosphere and comfort. If you do not want to decorate the walls, then you can choose furniture in this shade.

Living room.


Terracotta helps to awaken the appetite, which is ideal for the kitchen area. As in the situation with the living room, it can be used both as a wall covering and as a kitchen set made in terracotta completely.


Children’s room

This shade is universal and promotes good sleep and peace of mind.

Teen’s room in American style.


Terracotta color in the design of work areas promotes concentration, because it does not distract a person’s attention. Also, this shade relaxes people, which will help in the work of a psychologist.

The atmosphere of calm in the office.


Terracotta color is suitable for decoration of bathrooms of any size. Its only feature is that it can throw yellow reflections, and this can interfere with you if you apply makeup in the bathroom. In this case, it is recommended to selectively use a terracotta coating.



You can create an imitation of brickwork or, if it is already present, emphasize the color with textiles. In any case, when decorating a balcony, loggia or terrace, terracotta will look very advantageous and harmonious.

Designer decoration of the balcony.

Terracotta is a juicy natural shade that can bring comfort and closeness to nature to your interior. The color is not difficult to combine with something, and it is quite easy to introduce it into the interior with the help of textiles. Terracotta looks organically in both modern and classic style.

Living room.

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