Light color in interior design: trends of 2023

By | January 13, 2023

The first stage of interior design planning is choosing the right color palette. The interior in bright colors will make the room stylish, modern and cozy. In large rooms, this will give a sense of spaciousness and freedom, and small rooms will help to visually enlarge, make them more cozy and fill with light.


This color scheme is suitable for any style and size of housing and looks great with a wide variety of furniture.

Advantages and disadvantages of light shades in the interior

The advantages of using such shades include:

  • Visual expansion of the room space.
  • Due to the fact that white colors reflect the sun’s rays, it will not be too hot in rooms that are too illuminated.
  • They can be combined with any color and decor.
  • You can add curtains, pillows and other textiles without harming the interior.
  • The current basic palette.
  • The dust will be invisible.


  • Impracticality. The white color is easy to get dirty, any dirt will be visible on it. If there are children in the house, it is better to abandon such a decision.
  • Uncomfortable. If the white color is used incorrectly, the room can be associated with a hospital.
  • Negative impact on emotional people.

Of course, in the hands of a skilled designer, white shades will get the most out of themselves and show themselves only on the positive side. Let’s get acquainted with the features of light colors.

Features of the light interior

The bright interior is rightfully considered classic, because it is always relevant and will never go out of fashion. Houses decorated in neutral pastel shades could be found many centuries ago.

This is no coincidence, because this is the simplest and calmest version of the coloring of the room. It is ideal for small houses, studio apartments. Due to its good ability to reflect the sun’s rays, white color will expand the space and help visually increase the area of housing.

Bedroom interior in grey.

In addition to the small area, many owners also face a lack of natural light in the apartment. There are many reasons for this: small windows, trees outside the window, the northern location of housing, and so on. In this case, a light interior will also come to the rescue.

If you don’t like a monochrome interior, you can add an unusual multicolored decor or furniture. Bright accents look great on a white and beige background. This is a universal base color that can be combined with any tones.

Living room.

It will help to dilute the strict and languid atmosphere, made in dark gloomy tones. A bright palette of white color will make it less catchy and annoying, adding a touch of tranquility to the interior.

The influence of white on the human psyche also plays an important role in choosing shades for the interior. Psychologists have noted two of its effects: positive and negative.

On the one hand, the white room looks clean, free and calm. It seems that in such a room it becomes even easier to breathe. A person can feel a surge of energy, and in the bedroom, on the contrary, relaxation and peace. Waking up in such an atmosphere is much more pleasant and easier than in a dark bedroom. Black shades are very undesirable for rooms designed for relaxation.

Living room design in milky shades.

On the other hand, excess white can negatively affect people with depression. A completely white room is associated with a hospital and lowers the mood.

This is influenced by the shade. There are cold and warm shades of white, and their influence on the human psyche depends on the proportions in which they are present in the room. Therefore, it is important not to overdo the use of light shades and dilute them with other colors, accent decor and plants.

White color in the living room interior.

At the beginning of the last century, many aristocrats preferred crystal-white apartments, as they were considered a sign of luxury and prosperity. This color will really emphasize the good taste of the owner, because he is discreet, modest, but at the same time status and solid.

To get a pleasant and beautiful bright interior, it is important to follow the advice of experienced designers. They will help even an inexperienced person to turn a boring apartment into fashionable and modern housing, which will be pleasant to return to every day.

General rules of interior decoration in light colors

Experts do not recommend using crystal-white cooling colors for residential premises. The blue tide will not add comfort, on the contrary, it will create a cold, repulsive atmosphere. It is better to give preference to warm tones that are “not quite white”.

Light beige colors.

Beige color and its varieties also look very nice. Such a room will be as cozy and comfortable as possible.

However, the above colors do not always look advantageous. In a room with insufficient lighting, they can look dirty and cheap, and there is no question about increasing the space. In this case, it is necessary to choose the right lighting and correctly arrange it around the room, and replace the colors with more saturated ones.

Room decoration in white.

Paintings, plants and any other decor that is accentuated, it is better to place in the most illuminated part of the room on white walls. So he will attract maximum attention.

If we talk about the compatibility of white with other colors, then the most preferred are “home” shades – brown, beige and others. Cold and grayish tones, on the contrary, will add high cost and status to the interior. Pastel colors such as lilac, lavender, light green, sky blue, pink combined with light shades will make the atmosphere delicate and cute. This solution is perfect for decorating a bedroom or a children’s room.

There are a lot more light colors here than it might seem. Let’s take a closer look at the rich palette and find out which colors combine most advantageously.

A lot of shades and ideas of combination in a bright interior

As already mentioned, light shades are quite versatile and are friends with almost all colors.

Interior with olive accents.

But we also found out that certain pairs can influence the perception of the interior both positively and negatively. Designers have identified the most successful combinations.

Pearl shades in a light interior

They are also called mother-of-pearl. Pearls have always been a symbol of luxury and elegance. Light gray, pastel pink and sky blue add sophistication and elegance to the interior.

Pearl shades in the living room interior.

They look great in combination with more saturated blue, pink, beige, gray, silver and purple. It is highly not recommended to use brown, otherwise the situation will become difficult and uncomfortable. Lighting plays an important role – it should be muted and discreet.

White color in a light interior

Refreshing and pure color, loved by many designers. It can be combined with any color. In combination with warm shades, it gives sunshine and softness to the interior, and in tandem with cold ones, it refreshes and gives a chill.

Kitchen in white.

Pure white color is rarely used, it is usually diluted with gray, black, brown or bright colors.

Cream color in a light interior

It is very similar to beige, but a little lighter and more subdued. The best pair are chocolate shades, as well as purple, pistachio and yellow.

Cream color in the design of the living room.

Many designers note the success of the combination of blue and cream – this is one of the most classic combinations. It is great for living rooms and bedrooms located on the sunny south side.

Beige color in a light interior

With its help, you can create a calm home environment. Like white, this color is versatile and is combined with both cold and warm tones. It can be either dominant or additional, acting as a background for brighter objects and details.

Cozy light beige room.

It perfectly combines with natural shades such as brown, earthy, light green, blue and white. Such color solutions are often used in the Provence style, the main feature of which is the attraction to nature. A combination of beige with rich purple, black, bright pink and burgundy colors is also acceptable.

Sandy in a light interior

Another color combined with natural shades. You can be inspired by nature itself, because everything is harmonious and natural in it. Pay attention to the seascapes – the sand color looks great with beige, light green and sky.

Sand-colored interior.

Wheat fields combine many shades, one of which is sandy. It can be used with pastel blue, cherry, light and dark brown, burgundy and other similar colors. The result will be a calm, comfortable home environment.

The color of coffee with milk in a light interior

It can be described as dark brown, diluted with white. A room decorated in this way looks solid and expensive, and being in it relaxes the nervous system and gives a sense of calm. Coffee shade is often considered a classic, so it is preferred by people who do not like to change the situation in the room often.

Coffee-colored interior.

However, it should be used carefully: the abundance of this shade can make the room boring and languid. It is important to add well-chosen decorative elements, such as vases or paintings, as well as proper lighting. Great for zoning: using the color of coffee with milk, you can highlight any area in the room.

Gray color in a light interior

If you think there are only 50 shades of grey, then you are wrong. There are a lot more colors in his palette, and many of them are light and calm. They will become a wonderful neutral background for saturated bright details.

Light grey living room.

Light gray shades look very stylish in combination with black, yellow and darker gray colors. The main thing is not to overdo it: a long stay in a too gray room without additional colors has a detrimental effect on the psyche, can worsen the emotional state.

Adding drawings to a light interior

If a room decorated in light colors seems too simple and boring to you, you can dilute it with original prints. Their location can be absolutely anything.

Now simple but stylish drawings are very popular – stripes, a cage, rings or spots. It can be placed on walls, armchairs, pillows, carpets or bed linen. Also, a fabric with this design is suitable for upholstered furniture upholstery.

Floral ornaments in the living room.

When combining two drawings, it is important to pay attention to the fact that they have a common leading element. For example, if a pattern of daisies or drops is used on the walls, an additional print should have round elements.

Drawings can also affect the visual perception of space: small ornaments expand it, and large ones, on the contrary, narrow it. You can visually make the ceiling higher by using vertical stripes on the wallpaper. The opposite effect is produced by horizontal ornaments, but they lengthen the room. Striped wallpaper looks great together with lace decor.

Light interior decor options

No interior is complete without decorative elements. Even strict minimalism, which does not tolerate a large number of objects, necessarily has a couple of decorations. Without them, the room looks dull, empty and boring.

Yellow accents in a white living room.

When arranging the decor and accents, it is important to adhere to the following rules:

  • There should be a color balance: most of it, about 60 percent, is the main background, 30 percent is an additional one, and only 10 is a bright accent tone. If there is no additional color, you can increase the content of accents.
  • Avoid an abundance of small details.
  • Bright accents of saturated colors will help to add cheerful notes to a light, calm interior, and any tones will suit.

Light beige living room with bright red.

You can choose absolutely any decor: it can be colorful pillows, bright curtains, unusual paintings or even photo wallpapers.

The light interior will be an excellent choice for any living room. It is suitable for both living room and bedroom, hallway, nursery, kitchen and bathroom. If you want your favorite color to be present in the atmosphere, but you don’t know what to combine it with, feel free to choose white – it will definitely fit and become an ideal base!

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