All options for wall decoration in the interior and an overview of finishing materials

By | July 17, 2022

Repairs are always troublesome and costly. It is necessary that the efforts of the owners of the apartment were not in vain. Designers think over every smallest detail in the decoration and furnishings of the apartment. Only in this case, the renovation of the home will bring joy and satisfaction.

Before you start the renovation, you need to think carefully about all the options: decide which style you like, which implies a particular style solution in the design, which furniture is suitable for each room and, of course, choose the right materials for finishing walls, floors and ceilings.

General recommendations for wall decoration

An incredible number of types of building materials, techniques and finishing methods greatly facilitate the entire repair process.

But you need to know a few general rules before you start renovation.

  • Environmental friendliness of materials. An important aspect that you should definitely pay attention to. This is especially true if there are allergies in the family. And in other cases, it is better if the material does not emit any toxic substances and odors.
  • Fire resistance. In the modern construction market, many types of finishing materials are offered, tested for combustibility, so there is plenty to choose from.
  • A special approach to each room separately. Ceramic tiles on the bedroom wall will be completely out of place, and paper wallpaper in the kitchen may be impractical.
  • The cost of materials. It is up to the owner himself to decide how much he is willing to spend. But remember that not always expensive means the best. It is quite possible to choose a high-quality budget option.
  • Of no small importance is the ease of finishing work, especially if you are doing repairs yourself.
  • Aesthetics. Everything should be combined, nothing can fall out of the overall design. Each type of finish suits its own style.

Wallpaper for wall decoration in the apartment

The most common type of decoration, often the cheapest, is wallpapering. Now their diversity is simply amazing and sometimes baffles: what to choose?

Consider the most diverse types:

  • Paper wallpaper. The most numerous assortment of this type is presented on the market. Depending on the quality of the walls, single-layer or multi-layer wallpaper is selected. Paper wallpaper is best suited for children’s rooms and living rooms.
  • Vinyl wallpaper. A great option for the kitchen, because their main quality is moisture resistance. In addition, they do not absorb odors. With the help of vinyl, it is easy to simulate stone, decorative plaster, relief drawings. During installation, it is necessary to observe the technology.
  • Non-woven wallpaper is considered the most durable. But at the same time, they are quite heavy, so gluing will not be easy. It is better to entrust this process to specialists. The advantages of non-woven wallpaper are that they allow air to pass well, do not shrink after drying, and it is they that are glued under painting.
  • A good option for the design and decoration of walls are photo wallpapers. Forest landscape, hunting scenes, fireplaces, aristocratic atmosphere and much more. This finishing material will help to realize any fantasy.
  • Acrylic wallpaper perfectly shows itself in care, so it is perfect for children’s rooms. Gluing will also not cause much difficulty.
  • Glass wallpaper. If you decide not to save on repairs, then such a choice will be fully justified. Not the cheapest option, but durability, showiness is provided.

Silkscreen printing is suitable for a bedroom in a classic style.

All the listed types of wallpaper can be used in any style.

But there are several other types that require a special approach:

  • Cork, made from the bark of Mediterranean oak, have some unique properties: non-flammable, pleasant to the touch, help to improve sound insulation; such wallpapers are suitable for rustic, Mediterranean, loft style.
  • Linkrust, in addition to its advantages in the form of environmental friendliness, non-combustibility and ease of care, will help create the atmosphere of an elegant old mansion of rich aristocrats; a great option for classic style.
  • Liquid wallpaper, a relatively new material, when using it, you can hide the irregularities of the walls, choose an exotic pattern, not be afraid of damage. Art Nouveau styles, eco-style, ethnostille welcome such a finish.
  • “Metallic” wallpaper attracts with the luster of metal, although not real; the advantages include a high degree of durability, environmental friendliness, mirroring; art Deco, Empire and even high-tech styles are perfectly emphasized.

Textured decorative plaster for interior decoration.

In addition, manufacturers offer silk-screened wallpaper, jute, fabric, with imitation under the skin. It all depends on the style of the apartment and the taste of its owners.

Wall painting

This type of decoration is not always liked by the owners of residential premises. But it is worth listening to the advice of designers and appreciating its advantages.

The main rules when painting walls:

  • absolutely flat surface;
  • performing work with “skilled” hands, i.e. specialists;
  • compliance with all necessary technological conditions.

Graphic design of premises as an option for wall decoration in an apartment.

  • The most common option is water–based paint. It does not require additional solvents, dries very quickly, makes it possible to add color, practically has no smell. Walls covered with water-based paint are easy to clean, which is also a plus.
  • Acrylic paint gives variable end results. The walls can become glossy, matte or semi-matte. Perfect for bathroom decoration, because it has a high degree of protection from moisture.
  • Silicone paint is made on the basis of liquid glass and silicone resins. Thanks to this, it is very durable, moisture-resistant and practical.

These types of paints are environmentally friendly, so they are recommended for use indoors, and even in children’s rooms and kitchens.

Wall decoration with decorative plaster

Speaking of plaster, many imagine a rough finish of the walls, requiring subsequent additions. This is not quite true.

Wall cladding in the apartment with silk plaster.

With its help, you can create an original and practical apartment design.

  • Venetian plaster is a very ancient method of wall decoration. If you want to create a really chic atmosphere in an apartment that is in no way inferior to palaces, then this is just the most suitable option. The price of such a material corresponds to its prestige, but it will give the walls a rich look. There will be an impression that they are decorated with jasper, marble, opal, granite, amber. Agree that it is worth paying for such beauty in an ordinary home.
  • Mineral plaster is a more budget option, but it should not be abandoned in the repair. It will help to level the surface, is very resistant to abrasion and is quite safe.
  • Textured plaster. Not everyone likes wallpaper and painting in the hallways. Textured plaster will come to the rescue. With its use, an unusual interior is provided.

Wall decoration with decorative plaster.

Stone and wood for wall decoration

Have you decided to transform your apartment, make it more modern and spectacular? For example, you chose the loft style. There is no way to do without a stone. It is better to entrust the laying to the masters. The installation process is not fast, but the result will exceed all expectations.

The following types of stone are used:

  • natural;
  • gypsum;
  • based on cement.

You can use a stencil technique that does not weigh down the walls.

Along with stone, wood is often used. You just need to remember that not every style is able to withstand such a design. If you do not know the specifics of the use of this material, it is better to consult with designers. Wooden beams, plywood, secondary wood materials have recently become popular because of their naturalness and environmental friendliness.

Decorative stone slabs.

The walls will “breathe” and give the necessary air, which is so lacking in the urban environment, often referred to as the “stone jungle”. Provence, Mediterranean style, eco-style welcomes such decoration. A good option for finishing will be wooden slats, for example, in Japanese style.

Wall panels

There are also a lot of varieties of wall panels. Each of them has its advantages.

  • Panels made of plastic are quite cheap, but at the same time they have practicality: easy to wash, resistant to moisture, convenient to install. Perfect for the bathroom.
  • Chipboard panels will look good in the living room, hallway, large hall. Their advantage is their diversity, i.e. a variety of color shades.
  • 3D panels are very original in their texture and aesthetics. Glass, bamboo, reed, plastic, aluminum panels will create a unique interior that will impress everyone around with its uniqueness.

3D decorative plaster wall panels.

Wall cladding with ceramic tiles

A familiar material for wall decoration in the bathroom and kitchen. The variety allows you to choose a beautiful and budget option, as well as a luxurious, more expensive and refined one.

Ceramic tiles for interior wall cladding.

Types of tiles:

  • Glazed, most often used, practically not susceptible to dirt and dust, the color scheme is very rich and is limited only by the imagination of the master.
  • Unglazed does not give much choice in color, but it will allow you to embody interesting ideas with unexpected ornament or relief, custom-made tiles will add individuality, for example, for finishing a fireplace.
  • Porcelain stoneware is particularly durable, it will add warmth and comfort to the atmosphere of the room, and a variety of colors and ornaments will amaze the imagination and allow you to apply the material in many stylistic directions.

Drywall for wall decoration

Universal material for finishing.

  • Firstly, any kind of wallpaper is perfectly glued to it.
  • Secondly, with the help of drywall, you can easily hide the pipes, build the desired structure.
  • Thirdly, if you make suspended ceilings, then you can not do without this material.

You just need to remember a few simple rules:

  • drywall “eats up” the space a little;
  • heavy hanging cabinets, a large TV or massive shelves are problematic to hang on it;
  • additional finishing is definitely needed.

Drywall in the interior: ideas that will inspire you.

Mosaic wall decoration

An exotic type of decoration will suit lovers of extravagant interior solutions. Natural stone, glass, metal, wood are the materials from which mosaic tiles are most often made.

Interior decoration with mosaics.

Small niches can be filled with mosaics. An apron in the kitchen, made in this way, looks very impressive. The simplicity lies in the fact that it is attached to any surface. Such qualities do not make the cost of the material low, but the effect is amazing.

Modern wall decor

Finally, I would like to dwell on some modern ideas of wall decor.

First of all, these are paintings, photographs in an interesting frame, planters with flowers, mirrors. Moreover, paintings can be laid out using finishing materials, for example, ceramic tiles.

Mirror tile wall decor in the apartment.

In addition, the decorative function will be played by the shape of the walls. An arched opening, a niche in the wall, and originally decorated corners of the room will do their job in creating an individual, unlike anything else interior.

Some designers choose fabric drapery to create a more romantic atmosphere.

An interesting design solution.

Another modern technique will appeal to energetic and courageous people: graffiti. Street wall painting perfectly takes root in urban apartments.

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