The color of the sea wave in interior design

By | November 17, 2022

The unusual, deep and calm shade of the sea wave allows you to create a relaxed atmosphere. This color looks advantageous in combination with the sand scale and gives associations about the seashore.


The sea wave is a combination of green and blue, in the center of the spectrum. The shade is distinguished by its harmony. Color has a beneficial effect on a person, relieves stress and irritation, soothes and helps to tune in to sleep.

Living room.

Shade options

Palette of shades.

It is customary to distinguish several shades of the sea wave:

  • Shades of the sea wave with a predominance of green: malachite, emerald. They are accentuated, always look bold and unusual in the interior.
  • A sea wave with an admixture of yellowness is a more versatile color option. Such shades include, for example, dark turquoise.
  • Such pure colors as aquamarine and turquoise are more common today in classic, Baroque and vintage styles.
  • The predominance of the blue-gray scale creates unusual dark colors, which differ from the classic sea wave in greater saturation.

The color of the sea wave can often be found in Scandinavian and eco-style interiors, as well as Art Deco and high-tech. The variety of options makes it versatile and multifunctional. All the presented shades look exquisite and elegant. They are most often used in the interior in the form of decorative elements: textiles, figurines, paintings. Such accents add freshness to any space.

Living room.

What to combine with

The shades of the sea wave go well with other colors of the neutral range. As a recommendation, designers advise to pay attention to a number of combinations:

  • Sea wave and orange. A bright combination that evokes summer associations. This combination is most suitable for spacious rooms.

Living room.

  • Sea wave and coral shades. Another accent version of the combination, inspired by the marine theme. This solution is also more suitable for large spaces.

Living room.

  • Sea wave and black. The most neutral combination, which is accentuated, but at the same time does not create a feeling of color overload.


  • Sea wave and gray. This calm combination is perfect for a bedroom or a children’s room. Light shades create an ideal environment for sleeping and relaxing.


  • Sea wave and white. A fresh solution that will look great in spaces of any size. The sea wave will unfold beautifully on a neutral monochrome background.


Sea wave and yellow. As in the case of coral, this combination is found in nature and is associated with the Mediterranean style.


Each of the presented combinations provides for the introduction of additional shades. The most harmonious will look blue, blue and green shades. It is also acceptable to use basic shades.

Lighting selection

Living room.

The shades of the sea wave are not accidentally considered controversial and complex. They absorb light well, for this reason it is better not to use them in rooms with windows facing the north side. It is worth considering in advance the lighting of the space in such a way that the color of the sea wave always stands out with light. LED lamps will perfectly cope with this task. Another original solution is lamps with a dimmer, which allows you to change the color of the backlight and its intensity.


The color of the sea wave in the interior of the rooms

In limited quantities, this color will look appropriate in any room. If you are interested in choosing shades of sea wave as a finish, it is worth considering that such a project will look best in a spacious and well-lit room. Small details in the color of the sea wave, if desired, can be integrated into the interior of any room.

Living room.

The shades of aquamarine and turquoise will look good in the living room. As additional interior tones, designers advise paying attention to chocolate, white and beige.


Deeper shades of the sea wave are more suitable for textiles and additional decorative elements. Carpets, pillows and curtains in ultramarine color will add warmth and comfort.

Minimalist interior.

Since the color of the sea wave has many transitional shades, it is perfect for zoning space. It will look good not only in the living room, but also in the interior of the studio apartment.

This color is perfect for the bedroom. Such shades help to relax, tune in to sleep and rest and immerse yourself in your thoughts. Depending on your personal preferences, you can use the color of the sea wave both in the decoration of the room and in accent details. Ultramarine is well suited for multi-level ceilings. In combination with LEDs, the color becomes the center of the overall composition. This will visually increase the height of the room.


The sea wave will perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen. In this case, the color can also serve as the main accent or the basis for the interior. It is best to combine it with textures that mimic wood. The most interesting shades in the kitchen are considered to be malachite and turquoise. Dark tones of the sea wave in the interior of the kitchen should be abandoned, as these shades can negatively affect the appetite.

The interior of the studio apartment.


In the bathroom, this color will be especially appropriate because of associations with marine themes. If you stop at finishing in shades of sea waves – all other interior elements, including plumbing, should be neutral. At the same time, it is better to choose a white bathroom and toilet – black options will create the effect of a gloomy enclosed space, especially if there are no windows in the room.

The interior of the nursery.

In the children’s room, you can also use this color. However, in this case, it is worth abandoning dark and deep tones in favor of calmer, airy shades. Furniture, textiles and other sea-green decor items perfectly set off the main color scheme.

The color of the sea wave in the hallway is permissible to use only if it is a spacious entrance hall. If there are no windows, a complex shade will visually reduce the space.

Decorative elements

Such an accent of color will look good in the interior of neutral tones. Also, as an experiment, details in the color of the sea wave should be added to warm and bright interiors. Different items can act as parts: textiles, vases, paintings, figurines, flower pots, mini sculptures and small pieces of furniture. At the same time, designers do not recommend choosing curtains in the color of the sea wave, since such shades absorb sunlight.

Living room.


The color of the sea wave is one of the most complex and deep shades. It looks advantageous in the interior, but the predominance of shade can lead to a visual reduction in space. Most often, the color of the sea wave is combined with more transparent light shades, but there are also non-standard active design projects. If you would like to add this color to your interior, but do not know how to do it better – you can spy on the designers’ ideas in our photo collection.

Light shade in the interior.

Cozy bedroom.

Living room interior with a variety of decorative elements.



Combination with natural materials in the interior.

Living room.

Unusual design of the walls.


Minimalistic bathroom.

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