Kitchen with a bar counter: types of design

By | July 11, 2022

If you do not have time and need to constantly serve the dining table, there is not enough free space, or you want to divide the kitchen into zones, equip your kitchen with a bar counter. Initially, it was used in drinking establishments, then it found application in other public institutions related to entertainment and recreation: casinos, hotels, cafes and restaurants.

After some time, bar counters began to appear in the homes of wealthy people and became one of the symbols of wealth and prosperity. During large–scale parties, this attribute turned into the epicenter of the action – he gathered all the guests around him, where they could treat themselves to a variety of drinks prepared by an invited bartender or taste snacks.

Home bar counters were the first to be introduced into the design of kitchens by residents of the USA, then their example was followed by the population of Europe. To date, the furniture market is full of all kinds of variations of designs of bar counters, which are already firmly entrenched in everyday life and are actively used in residential buildings around the world.

A fashionable and modern interior item will fit perfectly into a space of any configuration and add functionality and a touch of style to the room.

Classification of kitchen bar counters by method of placement

The bar counter is a universal element that can be used in all existing styles and their combinations – from strict classics and restrained high-tech to luxurious Provence and daring loft.

The well-chosen shape of the countertop and the finishing materials of pipes and supports will help to harmoniously integrate this piece of interior into the overall design of the kitchen and observe the style. Classification of bar counters by location in the room includes main types:

  • If it is necessary to increase the useful working area or transform the shape of the kitchen, a good solution would be to install a rack combined with a countertop headset, which can be angular or straight. This option will allow you to equip additional storage spaces for kitchen utensils or small household appliances under the surface of the bar counter and zone the space.

Comfortable and ergonomic.

  • A combined bar counter that does not match the height of the kitchen countertop. This type can be either a fixed element or a rotary one, thanks to a special built-in mechanism and fastening. A rotary rack or a transformer rack is a win-win option for compact rooms. It can be a built-in accessory, which, if necessary, is inserted into the kitchen set with a slight movement of the hand and, in addition, frees up space.

White and Black.

  • Another option is a bar counter equipped with a folding device, which is also simple and convenient to use. In addition, there are additionally mobile transformer racks with the ability to adjust the height and size of the countertop to the required needs.

Interior design solutions with a bar counter.

  • For the design of small-sized kitchens, bar counters are in great demand, which serve as a replacement for standard tables.

  • If your kitchen is characterized by an abundance of space, then you should pay attention to the island bar counters. In fact, they act as a traditional dining table, but their peculiarity is that they can be combined with built-in household appliances, sinks, mini-refrigerators, dishwashers and ovens.

Modern design.

Manufacturers offer a huge selection of materials from which bar counters can be made:

  • any kind of wood;
  • natural stone;
  • artificial stone;
  • brick;
  • concrete;
  • glass;
  • ceramics;
  • drywall;
  • and others.

Depending on the type of construction, the shape of the countertop can be:

  • straight;
  • corner;
  • semicircular;
  • asymmetric;
  • ellipsoid;
  • curved wave-like.

Often the countertops are made with rounded corners, which reduces the possibility of injury during operation and adds smooth lines in the interior that look neat and elegant..

Ways to place bar counters in the kitchen interior

There are an infinite number of design solutions that are focused on taking into account all possible features of kitchen spaces and satisfying every customer’s wishes. Qualified interior design specialists will develop an individual project without much effort. But what if you don’t want to resort to outside help and additional expenses, and also not to make a mistake in planning the kitchen?

This will be helped by generally accepted basic solutions that guarantee to solve a number of key tasks:

  • properly equip the space;
  • to ensure the maximum possible functionality of the kitchen;
  • it is advisable and logical to divide the room into several zones;
  • design without violating the laws of style.

A bar counter in a small kitchen

One of the most popular questions: how to fit a bar counter into a small kitchen area? The ideal option in this case would be to beat the window sill and the adjacent free zone, or the French window. The window sill is easily replaced by a bar of suitable dimensions. This does not “eat up” free space and adds attractiveness to the interior.

A full-fledged table instead of a window sill.

Such a simple solution will save the kitchen from congestion, since now you can easily abandon the classic dining table and significantly save space! The bar area by the window will also create an additional cozy space in the apartment, where you can comfortably spend time not only eating, but also reading books, needlework, working with a laptop, talking with family members or just admiring the landscape outside.

Bar counter instead of window sill.

It is important to note that in the case when the windows in the kitchen are French, it is not recommended to block the free space under the countertop with drawers, stands, household appliances or install a monolithic closed structure, otherwise part of the natural light coming from the street will be cut off. The absence of partitions will allow you to keep a sufficient amount of light, lightness and airiness of the interior.

Bar counter in the kitchen-dining room

In the case when the room provides for the unification of the kitchen and dining room, designers recommend resorting to the method of zoning the space. For this purpose, bar counters of combined or island configuration are perfect. Thus, the room will be divided into two areas: for reception and cooking, respectively.

Modern interior design.

In this case, the combined rack will bring an additional functional advantage: it will act not only as a kind of “divider”, but also create an auxiliary work surface, and also become an attractive subject of the kitchen area.

The combination of red and black in the interior.

Bar counter in the corner kitchen

To increase the convenience of an L-shaped kitchen or, more simply, a corner one, you can also use a bar counter that continues the surface of the countertop of the kitchen set.

An interesting design option.

Thanks to this solution, a zone will be formed, surrounded on three sides by work surfaces, which will significantly facilitate the cooking process and provide a comfortable environment.

Bar counter in the U-shaped kitchen

An L-shaped kitchen can be easily transformed into a U-shaped one with the help of an elongated bar counter adjacent to the kitchen set. This design is applicable exclusively in spacious rooms. It is important to track during the design process whether the design of the kitchen does not intersect adjacent areas of other purposes. Otherwise, there will be visual dissonance and a violation of proportions.

Modern style.

With the correct arrangement of furniture, the U-shaped kitchen will be functional and ergonomic to use, and the bar counter will allow you to install household appliances or organize additional storage spaces for food and kitchen utensils under the surface of the countertop.

Modern design.

Kitchen bar counter in the studio apartment

For the owners of a studio apartment, a bar counter is one of the most appropriate interior items. Regardless of the shape of the room – square or rectangle – it is easy to divide it into functional areas – kitchen and living room.

Zoning with a bar counter.

The owner of the apartment will need to decide only on the method of placing bar stools. If you plan to watch TV while eating, which will be in the living room, then it is advisable to install seats in the kitchen area. In the case when you spend a lot of time cooking and you need more free space for movement, it is logical to arrange chairs on the side of the living area.

Designer tips for decorating a kitchen with a bar counter

The decor elements of the bar counter will help to give the kitchen originality and uniqueness – it all depends on your imagination! A common decoration option is lighting – there is a place for creative. The use of illumination around the perimeter of the countertop looks elegant and attractive, or you can focus the lighting in the space directly above the bar counter.

Bar counter with lighting.

The LED neon strip will look especially advantageous and fascinating. Experts recommend installing spotlights, which contributes to soft and diffused light that does not hurt the eyes. It is possible to organize lighting even with the help of candles isolated in glass flasks or candelabra – an insanely romantic and cozy solution!

An interesting and functional design solution.

Owners of a wide bar counter are invited to decorate the surface with fresh flowers in transparent spherical or elongated vases, photo frames, figurines or special culinary attributes: wicker baskets, coasters or small storage boxes made of wood or fabric.

The table top is made of epoxy resin and cork.

The bar counter can be additionally equipped with metal sections for storing wine glasses or other cutlery, as well as a wine refrigerator, open or closed shelves, miniature cabinets and even compact household appliances.

Photo ideas of kitchens with a bar counter for inspiration



Brick wall decoration.

Modern design.

Beautiful lighting.


Freestanding bar counter.

Bar counter with shelves inside.

Modern classics.

Lighting above the bar counter.

Non-standard shape of the bar counter.

Red chairs fit seamlessly into the interior.

Scandinavian style.

Classic interior.

The combination of dark and light in the interior.

Cappuccino color.

Bar counter with round table top.

Loft style.


Double tabletop.

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