How to choose a color for a bedroom: color combinations and features

By | November 17, 2022

The bedroom is designed for relaxation and sleep. And we all know that colors have a huge impact on the human psyche. This means that the color scheme for this room should be selected with special care and attention.

Harmonious bedroom interior.

Criteria for choosing a color for the bedroom

The bedroom should be made in those colors that help its owner feel calm and peaceful. Everyone has different preferences, so the color scheme will be different. You will see the created interior when you fall asleep, and in the morning when you wake up. Color is the first impression that sets the mood for the whole day.

Bedroom in gray tones.

To determine the color scheme for the bedroom, it is worth considering several factors.

  • The area of the room. In large spaces, it is possible to use dark tones and play on contrasts. In a small room, it is best to opt for pastel and calm colors. Coffee colors, pink, white, nude, beige, light green and others.

A small bedroom in a calm color scheme with a turquoise accent.

A small bedroom using a light shade of blue.

  • The lighting level. If bright lighting is expected, then feel free to use dark and bright colors. Just consider the first point, the size of the room. If the room is small, even with good lighting, you should not abuse dark tones and limit yourself to light and airy pastels.

Multi-level lighting in the bedroom.

The room with dim natural light is made in a light color scheme.

  • The selected style. Different design directions are characterized by their own color scheme.

Bedroom in a classic design.

High-tech bedroom.

  • Personal preferences. The interior design of the bedroom should take into account the personal preferences of its owners. The interior can be trendy and trendy, but you just might not like it. The main thing is that the master of the bedroom is comfortable in the room.

Tropical style of interior design.

Consider all these criteria when choosing a color scheme. They are simple, obvious and will help you make the right choice.

Psychology of color

It’s no secret that the color palette affects our perception. Different shades awaken a range of emotions in us and are associated with a certain state of mind. What tones should I choose for the design of the sleeping area in order to have a positive effect on my psyche? Everyone is asking this question, and we will analyze it now.

Bright bedroom.

To create a harmonious atmosphere in the interior, you should take into account the psychological portrait of the future owner of the bedroom, his desires and aspirations. The climate zone is also important in choosing the color.

  • Beige-coffee palette, a combination of gray and ivory. Helps to focus attention on one thing, increases efficiency.

Beige-coffee bedroom.

Combination of gray and ivory.

  • Orange, sand, light yellow palette. Improves mood and energizes, tones up.

Light yellow bedroom.

  • Blue and green palette. Promotes relaxation, creates a light and cool atmosphere.

A combination of blue, white and brown.

  • A palette of white and beige. Helps to remove tension and relieve stress.

White bedroom.

  • Black, red, purple and snow-white palette. The most controversial and ambiguous colors. Psychologists do not recommend using them in the sleeping area or diluting them with white.

Purple palette.

Red represents passion, fire, aggression and overexcites consciousness. For the bedroom is not the best option.

Bedroom decoration in red tones.

The orange palette has a positive effect on the child’s psyche, so this shade is often found in children’s rooms. For adults, this color also works well, tones up and improves mood.

Bedroom in an orange palette.

The yellow palette represents the sun, increases efficiency and mood for the whole day.

Yellow palette of shades.

The green palette contributes to the creation of a peaceful and calm atmosphere.

Green Palette.

The blue palette has a positive effect when irritability and nervousness are present. A person becomes less active and mentally relaxes.

Blue Palette.

The blue palette reduces the working condition of a person and sets up a wave of philosophical reflections.

Blue Palette.

Purple in large quantities is depressing and even contributes to the development of depression.

Purple accents in the design of the bedroom.

The palette of chocolate tones will create an atmosphere of comfort, a feeling of warmth and restraint.

Chocolate Palette.

A palette of black tones will reduce the mood for the whole day and the level of efficiency. This color is able to take away your energy.

Black Palette.

Dark gray has a negative effect on the psyche, at the moment of awakening.

Dark gray palette.

The white palette gives a sense of calm and stability.

White bedroom.

  • For a melancholic psychotype, a blue palette of tones is suitable.
  • For a phlegmatic psychotype, green is ideal.
  • For sanguine people, a warm palette of yellow and sandy tones is often chosen. A little purple drops are also added to reduce the level of energy.
  • A blue and green palette of tones will suit choleric people. They will feel great in a red interior. Just choose soft pastel colors.

The philosophy of Feng Shui

The rules of feng shui are sometimes taken into account as the basis for the interior design of the bedroom.

The choice of color for the walls of the sleeping area directly depends on which side of the world she is looking at. For the south-east or east, the green palette looks harmonious.

Green palette in the bedroom interior, made according to the rules of feng Shui.

Chocolate shades are chosen for the southwest and northeast sides. The south side is decorated in red tones. Northern in shades of blue.

The use of red in the design according to the rules of Feng Shui.

All colors in Feng shui philosophy have a smoky tone. They are used in lightened pastel shades. The presence of red elements is mandatory, they symbolize the harmony of family relations.

It is not recommended to use black and white combinations. This combination is considered the most unfortunate.

Cardinal directions

The side of the light to which the windows of the room are directed affects the choice of colors for the bedroom. The right combination of shades will make up for the lack of lighting or, on the contrary, its excess.

The entire color spectrum is divided into the cold side and the warm side. For the north side, use shades with a cold undertone, and for the south side, respectively, cold. With such planning, the design of the room will be harmonious and comfortable for perception.

It happens that the degree of illumination of the room is very low, even when the windows face south. Here it is best to opt for a light design. This solution will expand the space and make up for the lack of lighting.

Advice from psychologists

The personal wishes of the bedroom owner are the main selection criterion. However, if you are delighted with red and bright tones, it is better to choose pastel and soft variations for the bedroom.

Orange, gray, blue, yellow, green, blue, brown, beige are recognized as favorable shades. Especially if 60% will be occupied by white.

Bedroom interior design.

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