Olive color in interior design and rules of combination

By | November 17, 2022

Olive color fills the interior with the warmth of nature, the freshness of summer and carefree charm. There is peace and tranquility in it, which we transfer to the decoration of the premises. With its help, you can create amazingly harmonious interiors that give home comfort and a feeling of joyful anticipation.

Living room.

This color combines green, gray and yellow. It is a complex shade, which only makes it more interesting and mysterious. After all, it is his ambiguity that attracts us, on a subconscious level. In addition, olive perfectly harmonizes with many other colors, which only adds to its attractiveness. Even a novice designer can easily create a beautiful and noble interior with his participation.

Noble and charming interior.

The psychology of olive color

Olive color is associated with freshness and youth. It symbolizes a bright and interesting life full of positive moments. Dark shades represent wisdom and nobility. It evokes a sense of security.

Dark shade.

Olive color is also associated with conservative views on life, so it is often chosen by self-confident people who know exactly what they want from life.

A noble shade.

This shade sets you up for peace and contentment from life, brings you out of depressive and oppressive thoughts. It is often used in color therapy. It has a positive effect on the overall psychological state and promotes informed decision-making.


Combinations with olive color in the interior

Olive is a full-fledged color that excites consciousness and attracts us. But in combination with other shades, it becomes even more pronounced and is able to evoke different emotions. Therefore, we have selected successful combinations that will only emphasize the nobility and richness of this color.

Variety of olive shades.

Olive and grey

Gray is an excellent base color that will highlight olive, give it elegance and sophistication. This combination looks simple and at the same time very impressive, which is why this combination is one of the most favorite among designers around the world. Chrome interior elements look especially advantageous against a green-brown background. This is especially true in high-tech or minimalism styles.

A harmonious combination.

Cozy atmosphere.

Pastel colors also look charming.

Olive and beige

Beige goes well with olive. It turns out a gentle atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. This combination of colors has a positive effect on the overall perception and psyche. Soothes and gives a feeling of harmony. All because it includes only natural shades that affect us so much. The interior looks especially good with a beige background and intense olive accents. So the nobility of the latter is fully revealed.

The lightness and elegance of the interior.

Cozy living room.

Small accents in the form of two armchairs look advantageous on a light background.

Olive and brown

The most appetizing and delicious combination. It fills you with a sense of fundamentality and freedom. It looks luxurious, charming, expensive and solid. Olive walls will make a wonderful background for pieces of furniture in a chocolate shade, especially made of natural wood. Add accessories in green tones and the interior is transformed, it is an oasis of tranquility. In such an atmosphere it is easier to think and create logical chains in your head. Or just sit in a cozy armchair with a cup of coffee.

The nobility of shades.

A bedroom with a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Brown emphasizes the depth and nobility.

Olive and white

A win-win combination of colors. It looks light and airy, at the same time strict, simple and concise. Make white the main background and add accents of olive color. For example, one wall in the room, pillows, capes, poufs, candlesticks, curtains, carpet, coffee table. Your imagination is boundless.

Lightness and freshness.

White refreshes the interior.

Comfort and tranquility.

Olive and blue

Blue, combined with olive, looks gloomy and depressing. Therefore, white is always added to them. Next to it, the main colors acquire a semantic and emotional load in a positive way. They become fresh, bright and light. If you add milk and coffee tones here, the effect will increase many times. Blue immediately looks fundamental and evokes a sense of peace.

The blue color emphasizes the tenderness of the interior.

The deep blue color favorably emphasizes the luxury of the interior.

Bright shades complement each other.

Olive and yellow

This combination causes positive emotions. It gives vitality and energy, lifts the mood and charges for the whole day. In addition, such a tandem increases appetite, which is not always appropriate. Combine the saturation of tones and get the effect you need. For a calm interior, use muted shades. For bright and dynamic – more saturated and juicy. Add white, milk, coffee to give solidity and elegance.

Positive atmosphere, thanks to the combination of shades.

Dotted accents of yellow and olive.

Olive and pale blue

A gentle and romantic combination that is perfect for the interior of a bedroom or nursery. White color will perfectly complement this duet, which will dilute the brightness and saturation of the main shades. This design is associated with the warmth and hospitality of southern and warm styles. Such a room will become the personification of a romantic and vulnerable soul.

Delicate interior.

The main background of pale blue.

Light and fresh interior.

Olive and purple

An original, bright and unusual combination. This design looks feminine, mysterious and romantic. This combination is associated with care and confidence in the future. It conceals a feeling of freedom and looseness, while it looks very elegant and refined.

Elegant and sophisticated interior.

Purple looks especially good with a predominance of red: the color of plums, eggplant. These shades enhance the effect of femininity. Complement them with white, black or gray and the interior will play in a new way. Basic colors add dynamics to the room. In any case, the interior will become the center of attention and will not leave anyone indifferent, as well as female soft energy.

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