How to choose a color for the living room: color combinations and features

By | November 17, 2022

The living room is the center of the house and sets the general style for all the other rooms in the house. Here we spend a lot of time with our family, relax and recover after a hard day. In addition, during holidays or special dates, guests and friends gather in the living room. The right color scheme will lift your mood and relieve tension.

A calm palette of shades.

Color selection criteria

The color palette is able to expand or narrow the space of the room. Hide the flaws and emphasize the advantages. So, what influences the choice of colors for the living room:

  • The size of the room.
  • The degree of illumination.
  • Wishes of the owners of the room.
  • Functional requirement.

For small rooms, a light and pastel palette of colors will be the optimal solution. They will make the room more spacious and cozy. Complement the interior with a geometric or classic pattern on one of the walls to set the dynamics and enliven the design of the room.

Light and cozy.

Large rooms have no restrictions on the choice of color, any shades here will look advantageous. Playing on contrasts will look fresh and bright, soft transitions and gradients will add tenderness.

Contrasting combination of light and dark tones.

Criterion by cardinal directions

Before turning to the cardinal directions, objectively assess the degree of natural illumination of the room. If it is dim, choose light shades. If sufficient and even excessive, do not deny yourself anything.

North side

This type of room is characterized by dim lighting and coldness. To balance these parameters and make the interior harmonious, use warm tones that gently and unobtrusively fill the room with light and “warm” the overall perception. Yellow, green, beige and brown colors are suitable for this.

Interior on the north side.

South side

There is a lot of heat and sun in this type of room, so the opposite rules apply here. Use cool shades, so the room will be comfortable to perceive and cozy. Choose pale blue, turquoise and white shades.

Interior of the south side.

East side

For this type, a warm and light color scheme will be a harmonious combination. Pink, honey, peach tones are perfect.

Interior of the east side.

West side

This type of room “likes” cold shades. Gray, blue and mint shades look especially good.

Interior of the west side.

The philosophy of Feng Shui

Everyone has heard about this philosophy, but few people really took it seriously. This is a long-standing theory that helps to create a favorable and comfortable environment using different shades and objects. According to feng shui, it is considered that each color carries a certain energy, which affects the general condition of a person.

Oriental style decor.

The color palette is selected according to the theory of the feminine or masculine principle, also takes into account the side of the light on which the windows of the room overlook.

Beige palette

The shades in the beige palette are universal. They fit perfectly into any style, look warm and cozy. And if after a while the interior seems too boring, complement it with bright textiles, decorative elements, carpets, chairs, blankets, capes. The general perception will change immediately, and you will not have to make expensive repairs. Again.

Beige palette with delicate pink accents.

Beige palette in design.

Gray palette

The most relevant color for today. It is often used for classic interior design, loft style and modern trends. This is the perfect background for the main color scheme. Bright colors look good on its background. The overall impression of the interior reflects calmness and restraint.

A calm palette of gray shades with accents of turquoise.

Gray palette.

Blue Palette

Such shades are associated with freshness, lightness and have a relaxing effect. For those who are constantly under stress, such a solution will be optimal.

The blue palette looks fresh.

The blue palette of tones gives tenderness.

Palette of white tones

White colors are neutral, and by adding different tones of the color spectrum, you can get a different therapeutic effect. This color will add light and lightness, will become a blank canvas for the interior designer.

White palette.

White color scheme with small bright accents.

Green Palette

The most natural color that reflects inner harmony. With the help of green, eco-interiors are created, which are very popular now.

Green color is associated with nature even in a modern interior.

Green refreshes the interior.

Yellow Palette

The color of the sun and good mood. Our subconscious perceives it as a messenger of wonderful news. Under his influence, a depressive state goes away, energy and vitality appear.

Sunny yellow improves mood.

Bright yellow palette.

Olive Palette

It is obtained by mixing green and yellow. He took the best from everyone. The interiors in its design come out calm, positive. In addition, they look noble, solid and expensive. A unique shade that all designers love dearly.

Noble olive shade.

Olive Palette.

Peach Palette

It bears the symbolism of the summer mood of carelessness, anticipation of positive events. Suitable for classical, modern, as well as art deco or fusion styles.

The peach palette looks gentle and romantic.

Peach Palette.

Turquoise palette

Creates space and the atmosphere of a fresh summer breeze. It has a positive effect on the psyche and general state of mind. This palette consists of many additional tones. From dark deep to light and weightless.

Bright turquoise shade.

A muted smoky tone of turquoise.

Color combinations

Shades of one ray. This means that the selected color is used in its variety of shades. From dark shade to light. This technique makes the room voluminous, add light and air.

Use neutral colors as a background: black, white or gray. Consider the area of the room to use a dark tone as the main one. Complement this design with bright and juicy accents to set the dynamics of the interior and enliven it.

Bright design.

Smoky, pastel shades are suitable for classic interior styles. They come with both a dark undertone and a light one.

Classic design.

Use two colors and all their shades on one half of the circle. Such an interior will be harmonious and will give you peace of mind. Use in a contrasting design to get a bright and daring room. In gradient design – soft and gentle.

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