Girls Nursery: design ideas and trends 2023

By | January 13, 2023

A nursery for a teenager is always not easy. It is necessary to accommodate a lot of things, distribute functional zones, determine the center of the composition so that it is convenient and comfortable to be there. And the main thing is that the interior is liked by a teenager. So, we will analyze in detail how to create a nursery design so that it is modern and everyone likes it for sure.

Interior design of a room for a teenage girl.

Rules for the interior design of the nursery for girls

  • A color palette of delicate pastel shades.
  • White furniture.
  • Simple finishing without unnecessary difficulties.
  • Lighting in several levels.
  • We pay special attention to textiles: bed linen and curtains.

Following these simple rules, you will be able to create a stunning interior that will be appreciated by everyone and even the fastidious inhabitant of this room. We do not recommend moving away from them and not paying the necessary attention to each of the points. The probability of creating an ordinary dim and uncomfortable room is very high. Even if you use all the colors of the rainbow. Many designers use these rules unconsciously, relying on their excellent taste. Here we formulate clear and understandable categories, performing which you will get a cool result. Take advantage of this. And let’s go.

A room for a teenage girl in powdery tones.

A cozy room for a teenage girl.

Delicate pink in the interior of the room.

Multi-level lighting in a room for a teenage girl.

Color palette

It’s easy to guess that a teenager will find different answers to the question about his favorite color within a month. What can we say about such a period as 3-5 years. It is for such a period that parents count on before decorating the interior in a different way. Therefore, it is not necessary to rely on the wishes to perform the interior in bright tones. Tomorrow, these colors will irritate her, and there is nothing to do. Therefore, there is only one way out. Use a neutral pastel color palette. These are bright shades to which gray was added, slightly dusted and muted. Teenagers are already young adults and it is difficult to attribute them to children. They follow new trends in fashion and know that brightness is not always relevant. Examples can inspire them to a calm interior with the addition of bright contrasts, which are easy to change, if necessary.

According to statistics, girls over 15 years old, intuitively, like quiet interiors. But right now they will be asking for brightness. Which will definitely be, but more on that later. The main thing to understand is that the background should be neutral, pastel and delicate.

Peach tone in the interior.

Beautiful decoration of a room for a teenage girl.

More space and freedom.

Calm pastel shades in the interior.

Furniture in the girl’s nursery

This is a universal and the coolest option that many ignore. It refreshes, expands the space, highlights accents, compensates for the lack of lighting. Yes, and all this is just white furniture. This rule is the strictest. There are no options and doubts. The furniture is white. Point.

White color is cool combined with any shades. Especially with a palette of unnatural colors. These are all mixed colors, which are just what teenage girls love. Turquoise, mint, violet, pink, orange and others. Yes, you yourself know what colors your child really likes. And they are definitely not calm.

In combination with white furniture, a neutral floor is also required. We have already said this above, but we will repeat it. Background – walls, floor and ceiling in neutral light and gray tones. And the furniture is white, as we have already clearly and clearly justified.

Design of a small room for a teenage girl.

Fashionable interior design.

Finishing a nursery for a girl

Girls are talented by nature. They like to create jewelry, drawings, soft toys, sew things and do many other things that characterize the female character. They themselves will complement their interior and do it based on their hobbies. Therefore, a complex finish with numerous decor is superfluous. Girls have the creation of coziness and comfort in their personal space in the blood. It is not necessary to take away from them this opportunity to self-actualize.

Photo wallpapers, frescoes and the texture of decorative plaster are certainly beautiful. But again, think about whether this is necessary. It is better to dilute the interior with paintings that are easy to remove and change the interior in any direction.

The cocoon chair perfectly complements the interior of the room.

Nursery lighting for a teenage girl

Already at this stage, you probably think that a neutral interior with white furniture will be boring. And there will be many supporters of this opinion who will vying with each other to advise completely different combinations and techniques. So, the stage of lighting planning is coming. It will create a mood and will be a wonderful addition to the interior of the girl. So, look:

  • Overhead lighting.
  • Illumination around the perimeter or for zoning.
  • Wall lighting in the design of beautiful sconces.
  • Table and floor lamps.

The ability to create muted soft lighting is a cool bonus for anyone. And especially for a romantic young lady.

Garlands with clothespins, on which photos are placed, are a wonderful decorative element that is in trend and will definitely appeal to a girl who strives for self-realization.

Floor lamps have a moving function, which adds the ability to periodically change the interior. But to do this, take care of the outlets around the perimeter of the room. A mirror with spotlights is the maximum trend that girls and even women dream of. What to say about teenagers.

An interesting idea of designers in the design of the wall.

Classic design of a room for a girl.

Light zoning of the room allows you to save electricity.

The play of light. And why not?

Textiles: bed linen and curtains

Textiles are always perceived as the finish line. And, as a rule, there are no forces left for his choice. It seems that this is a minor addition, for which everything will fit. But still consider the options:

  • Bed linen without drawings, in a monochrome color palette. And, very importantly, high-quality.
  • Emphasis on textiles. This is not always relevant. But if you really want brightness, then curtains and bed linen will help you add juiciness and saturation without overloading the interior in general.
  • We choose ordinary bedding and cover it with a blanket or a bedspread. Simply put, we hide faded patterns that do not fit into the interior under high-quality and beautiful textiles.

We recommend using straight-cut curtains. Ruffles and numerous waves are not only outdated, but are also an anti-trend. Especially for a teenager who knows this for sure.

Lightness in the interior of the room with bright accents.

Pastel color palette in the room of a teenage girl.

Plain textiles in the interior.

So, we have reviewed in detail all the rules for creating a cool interior. Agree, they are very simple. But how effective. Try it yourself and tell us later.

And we move on to the next stage and consider the interior style that is suitable for a girl.

Nursery Interior Design Styles for girls

Modern style is our recommendation. But even among the assortment of classic trends, there is one very gentle and romantic. This is the Provence style. Therefore, let’s look at these directions in more detail.

Provence in the interior of a room for a teenage girl.

Provence nursery interior

Provence interior design is very much loved for its romance, coziness and magical atmosphere of comfort.

In this style, all the rules that we have listed above are woven into a harmonious symphony and there is no need to invent anything. Take it and do it. Bright colors that are used in this direction: delicate turquoise, blue, pink. Just know the measure. Look at the photo.

Turquoise tone – bright and unusual and at the same time calm and not defiant.

Provence motifs in the interior of a room for a teenage girl.

Competent application of a blue shade in the room of a teenage girl.

Interior decoration in Provence style for a teenage girl.

Modern nursery interior design

Modern trends are good because they are easy to implement. All interior items can be easily found in the store without any problems. In addition, their cost is affordable, since modernity is relevant now.

The most common directions that are ideal for a girl’s interior:

  • Scandinavian direction. It is divided into white, wood and color. In the ratio of 70/20/10.

A spacious and bright room of a teenage girl in Scandi style.

  • Minimalist. Especially good for creative and active ladies who will complement their room with the necessary details themselves.

Minimum details and more functionality.

  • Loft interior design. For rebel girls. That’s where they will be able to vent their inner world and no one will be able to forbid. This implies the style itself.

Loft-style interior design.

A win-win recipe for a color palette. White, combined with gray and adding an accent. It looks modern and is on trend. Which is very important for a teenager.

Stylish room with bright accents for a teenage girl.

A competent combination of white and gray shades in the interior.

Restrained, laconic design of a room for a teenage girl.

Good luck with the repairs!

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