Arabian Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Arabic interior design is like a fairy tale in reality. Noble, luxurious, gentle, romantic and cozy. The Arabic interior impresses with its beauty and charm. Of all the oriental interiors, it was always the refined Arab direction that was singled out. It combines national ornaments, expensive fabrics, elegant details. All this makes the atmosphere comfortable and relaxing.

Luxurious interior design of the lounge area in Arabic style.

Distinctive features of the Arabic style

  • The religion of Eastern countries largely influences the formation of aesthetics in the interior. It is necessary to respect and observe Arab traditions in the atmosphere of your home.
  • Handmade jewelry. There are many masters in the East who do amazing things. In Arab interiors, they are valued especially highly.
  • Imitation of a luxurious and rich environment. Not everyone has the opportunity to design a truly palatial interior. Therefore, they resort to imitating it.
  • Brightness and juiciness of shades, abundance of gilding in details and surfaces.

Oriental fairy tale in the bedroom interior.

  • Textiles and all surfaces in the house with oriental ornaments. These are climbing plants, geometric shapes, and small patterns that connect large intricate shapes.
  • Ban on paintings and statues that depict animals or people. It’s against religion.
  • The use of arabesque is a medieval oriental pattern. Also, sometimes callouts from the Koran are added, framed accordingly.
  • Carpets, bright fabrics, heavy curtains. It all has to be expensive or look like this.

Entrance hall.

  • Decoration of the sleeping area with a canopy. Traditional and recognizable oriental reception. It recalls the history of the Arab nomads.
  • The presence of arched arrows. Openings in the form of an elongated rounded cone, extending into the ceiling are an integral attribute of the oriental interior.
  • An abundance of living plants. Dwarf citrus or avocado trees are very appreciated in the Arabic style and add a special charm.

Cozy living room.

Color palette

The color palette in the Arabic interior is warm, rich and very bright. It is she who creates the right mood and oriental atmosphere of warmth and hospitality. Let ‘s list some of the shades:

  • Bright red shades.
  • Crimson shades.

The crimson tone of the bedroom.

  • Coral shades.
  • Emerald shades.

Turquoise walls look great in the living room interior.

  • Blue shades.
  • Turquoise shades.
  • Gold colors.

The shade of gold in the interior gives the chic of the living room.

  • Bronze shades.
  • Rich green colors.
  • Yellow and sandy shades.
  • Orange colors.
  • Soft peach tones.

Yellow-orange tone in the living room interior.


There are a lot of upholstered furniture of different types and sizes in the Arab interior. Sofas, armchairs, poufs are covered with bright fabrics with or without oriental ornaments. Upholstered furniture is a mandatory and the most important element of the Arab interior.

Low small tables of unusual shape. In the East, according to tradition, it is customary to sit directly on the floor. More precisely, on the pillows that lie on the floor. Accordingly, the tables are made small in height. As a rule, they are made of natural wood and decorated with precious stones or simply make painted oriental ornaments.

Tables made of glass are often found. Their legs are forged or made of wood. But the main thing is a luxurious appearance. Glass is inferior in luxury and richness to natural wood, which means that it is worth approaching the issue of its decoration especially carefully.

As mentioned above, there are a huge number of pillows in the oriental interior. They act as decorations, and also perform the function of chairs.

A bed must be installed in the bedroom, which is always located in the center of the room. A lot of pillows on the bed is a centuries-old tradition. A rich and luxurious bedspread and a canopy over it will create the right atmosphere of comfort and carelessness. On the sides they put the usual curbstones or beautiful tables for various little things. There are no large and roomy cabinets in the Arab interior. Niches are made for storing things, which are covered with intricate carved doors. Light hanging cabinets decorated with beautiful facades are also allowed.

Living room.

Textiles in the Arab interior

Textile elements make up 70% of the interior. Every piece of the Arab interior is covered with a beautiful fabric and it looks harmonious.

  • Carpets. Of course, it is difficult to imagine an oriental interior without this element. There are a lot of them on the floor and walls, sofas and armchairs. This is a tradition that is treated with great respect. They have bright colors and stylistic patterns. They often have a long fluffy pile.

Luxury bedroom.

  • Curtains. They are made heavy, in several layers, combining different colors and textures. The most important thing is the abundance of beautiful flowing folds. Curtains are tied up with ribbons and voluminous cords. Often the textiles on the windows are complemented with upper lambrequins with fringe.

Beautiful decoration of the living room.

Decorative elements

Handmade products are a special atmospheric decoration in the Arab interior. This gives a special charm and uniqueness to each interior. Carpets are almost always the most striking element. And as we already know, they are present in great abundance in the Arab interior. They are made of natural wool. Oriental masters have achieved great success in this craft. And they are rated very highly all over the world.

Living room.

We understand that not everyone will be able to purchase such unique carpets, therefore, to create an atmosphere, a synthetic carpet with an oriental intricate pattern will be enough.

In addition to carpets, there are other products that are very popular in the East.

  • Carved wooden products. For example, jewelry boxes.
  • Forged twisted elements.
  • Inlaid interior details.
  • Embroidery in the national style.
  • Mosaic surface.
  • Hand-painted trays.

Mosaic composition in the bathroom interior.

For the mosaic surface, wood of different breeds and shades and pieces of different sizes are used. Often, precious stones or mother-of-pearl are woven into this ornament, which look very impressive.

Inlay is used on pieces of furniture, all horizontal and vertical surfaces. Gold, silver, bronze, and ivory are used for it. The voids left between the stones are filled with blue or blue paint.


The Arabic interior is a lot of light. Both natural and artificial. Install a lot of wall and floor lamps of different shapes and sizes. But they are not arranged in a chaotic manner, but in such a way as to emphasize the beauty and elegance of each element in the interior.

Combined lighting in the bedroom.

A mandatory criterion is that the light is made soft and flowing. And the shade of the lighting is warm, inviting and welcoming. Therefore, there are always textile lamp shades in bright colors on floor lamps.

If there is a high ceiling in the room, a beautiful chandelier with elements of forging or bronze details is installed.

A warm shade in the interior lighting of the spa salon.

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