Boy Nursery: design ideas and trends 2023

By | January 13, 2023

This article is aimed at practical tips that are based on experience and as close to reality as possible. There are many cool interior designs for teenagers, but few people think about how comfortable a boy (and in theory already a little man) is there will be. Therefore, we have described the rules by following which you will create an interior that everyone will like.

Harmonious interior of a room for a young man.

Fashionable teen boy room style.

Creative environment in interior design for a young man.

Light floor and comfortable chair.

The idea of designing a room for a sporty teenage boy.

Features of creating an interior for a teenage boy

Answer yourself the question: who are you making the interior for and who should like it first of all? There are three options: parents, designer, teenager. There are classic and modern interiors. And they can look balanced, cool, fashionable. But that’s all. Parents will be satisfied, the designer will get another job in his portfolio. And the teenager will live with it. And after a week or a month, he will not feel comfortable. What’s the matter? And it’s about the details. More precisely, in their presence.

Nothing superfluous is required in a teenager’s room. The young man himself will complement the image of the room the way he needs. And a fully finished interior with thoughtful details will not leave such an opportunity. Otherwise it will look ridiculous. Let’s say cool wallpapers on the walls with the image of superheroes or other idols look interesting. But when a teenager wants to post his posters or medals, the situation will turn into a mess. Another example. Classic interior, luxury and harmony. And in the middle is a basketball with a backpack, sneakers, dumbbells. The balance disappears, as if it never existed.

In general, a teenager needs space for self-realization. Even if right now he does not come up with how to decorate the interior of his room, then over time his hobbies will do it for him.

The recipe for an ideal nursery for a teenage boy is simple. You leave decors and accessories without attention. They are not needed. It is not necessary to enter the personal territory of a young man. But everything else will have to be taken care of:

  • Proper layout. It is not easy to do this in the youth room, but it is possible. We will analyze this issue later.
  • Electrical wiring.
  • Furniture selection.
  • Finishing of the floor, walls and ceiling.

Not so little. Or rather, everything except the last decorative part. If you think that you know your child and will be able to make a cool interior in an interesting subject for him, do not rush. The teenager himself does not know what he likes right now and what he will be disgusted by tomorrow. Well, in a month. Therefore, the walls, floor and ceiling must be neutral. It’s not just about the teenage room. This is the key to any cool interior. But in the case of a teenager, this is especially critical. Because there is a possibility of such things:

  • Posters and trending posters.
  • Items of sports equipment and musical instruments. This is a full-fledged decor for a young man.
  • Little things like pieces of paper, pebbles, spare parts. In general, things that for some reason are important and valuable to him.

You don’t know what color these valuable and important things will have, so the basic colors of the room should be gray, white, black or wood. And the use of contrasts is mandatory. This technique will distract the general perception from the “mess” that is bound to be. And you’ll have to put up with it.

Loft style in the nursery for a teenage boy.

Children’s room on the attic floor.

Stylish interior design in the nursery.

Zoning of a room for a teenage boy.

A variant of the nursery design using a graphite wall.

Interior depending on the age of the young man

Adolescence in boys lasts from about 12 to 18 years, on average. Agree, the run-up is big. Therefore, we will consider different ages and different versions of interiors. Let’s start with older children, and finish with younger ones. This is done intentionally, in the end you will find out why.

Nursery design for a boy over 15 years old

A teenager over 15 is no longer a child. But not yet an adult. Therefore, forget about such a thing as a “nursery”. And start from the rules of building an interior for adults. Namely around the bed.

It is important that it is not a baby cot, but a full-fledged adult bed. A good mattress is not discussed. We will discuss the location and layout later, and now the interior options for an almost adult young man.

Furniture in the room for a young man over 15 years old.

Loft elements in a room for a teenage boy.

  • The main palette is gray, black, and white tones. Bored? Not at all. Childhood has passed, the boy has grown up. He will appreciate the balanced neutral background of his room.
  • Thoughtful lighting. This is one of the main decors of the room. We are not talking about the main lighting, which is already implied. No. LEDs and hidden lighting at the table, under the bed. Sconces and a light garland on the walls. Table and floor lamps. Only due to this items, the room gets 50% of the style.
  • Textiles without drawings and patterns. Qualitative. Solid color scheme, just like adults. As for curtains, our advice is to take a material that does not let in light.

Everything is clear here. Once again, we will announce that it is not necessary to design the interior as for a child. Accept the fact that your son is moving to a new stage of life.

Accent wall in the young man’s room.

Nursery design for a boy 13-14 years old

This age is uncertain. Therefore, we recommend following the same rules as for a 15-year-old boy. It seems that it is still early. But believe me. If you offer a choice of children’s and adult design options, he will definitely choose an adult. And he will be very comfortable in it. But still the interiors for this age are different, look at the photo.

A spacious room for a teenage boy in an astronomical theme.

A bright environment with two beds that are designed compactly.

Football style in an interior setting.

Nursery interiors for a 12-year-old boy

And immediately a photo of children’s room, so that it was clearer.

Marine style room for a teenage boy.

The room of a teenage boy.

A room for a teenage boy in bright colors.

Surely, you have noticed the difference between the interiors of three ages. And now you understand why we went from older to younger. A room for a 12-year-old teenager cannot be converted into an adult in any way. Only constantly change the furniture and the general background of the repair. Are you excited about this prospect? Doubtful.

Therefore, the most practical option is to immediately design an adult cool room. Without childish motives. Firstly, you will spend once, which means you can afford to choose high-quality pieces of furniture, textiles and design normal lighting. And secondly, repairs are always stressful. Why do you have to experience such feelings every 2 years?

A room for a young boy.

Modern interior design of a nursery for a boy

Classical directions are not too popular with teenage boys. There are too many rules and conservatism in them. Young men don’t like that. Therefore, the original classic beautiful and balanced interior will change, no matter how much you don’t mind.

The wall stucco will be covered with stickers or cool badges, posters and posters will completely kill all classicism. Sports equipment and scattered clothes will not be in the subject at all. But it’s in his nature. It’s not worth fighting it, but it’s better to support it. Therefore, modern trends will suit much better and will not instill in the child a sense of guilt for a spoiled interior. Among a wide range of styles, you will definitely find the right one for your teenager. Loft and Scandinavian style are in fashion now.

Modern loft in the room of a teenage boy.

Loft-style interior design in a teenager’s room.

Loft style in the interior.

Decorative plaster or paint is used for wall decoration. Also wallpaper without patterns and drawings, for painting.

In general, it is not even necessary to maintain a certain style. And to stop at a neutral finish, and allow the rest to be chosen by the young man. Just remember that the color palette is in white, gray, black or wood contrasting tones.

Scandi style in the nursery for a teenage boy.

A cozy Scandinavian-style room for a teenager.

Functional design of a nursery on a small square for a teenage boy.

The correct layout of the nursery for the boy

The most difficult question in the whole interior. That’s because a lot of functional areas are supposed to be in a teenager’s room. Let’s list what needs to be provided.

  • A bed with a high-quality mattress. Why do we constantly repeat about the quality of the mattress? The reason: the formation of posture in boys just from 12 to 16 years. Therefore, decide for yourself.
  • A desk and a chair. The main quality of this item is convenience. You should not choose refined and elegant designer models that look beautiful, but they are just inconvenient. Choose a large table. The computer screen should be put away from the eyes. As well as speakers, headphones, disks, flash drives and other jokes of the teenage era should also fit somewhere.
  • Wardrobe. Of course, it’s not even worth explaining.
  • A closed storage system for all things that are not intended for prying eyes. Otherwise, chaos will settle for a long time.
  • Horizontal bar. A fashionable and useful accessory. Other accessories, like a hanging pear, are also welcome. But this is at the request of a teenager.

Children’s room for a teenage boy with a area for studying.

Interesting modern design of a room for a teenage boy.

The second tier in the room of a teenage boy will save space.

It is better when the study area is near the window.

Comfortable layout in the room of a teenage boy.

How to place it all, especially if the room is small. There is no single recipe. You will have to think through this part yourself.

The bed above the desk is very helpful in such cases. Or a windowsill bed? Start from your layout and improvise.

When choosing furniture, think about this: how easy will it be to do the cleaning? Furniture on small supports will become hell for a young man and eventually for you. Dust and dirt will clog under it. And it will be problematic to clean it.

In such a room of a teenage boy, cleaning is not difficult.

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