Retro Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

This interior began to emerge at the junction of the 50s and 60s of the 20th century and diluted the post-war greyness with its appearance. This style gives considerable freedom of design decisions. This direction in design is suitable for bold and creative people who love a bright saturated accent, who love the romance of past times. Bright, saturated colors, harmony in their combinations is one of the requirements for such an interior. At the same time, taste and a sense of proportion should be taken into account, the main thing is not to overdo it with details, because such an interior can quickly tire.

Interior design of the living room in retro style.

Distinctive features

This interior reminds us of the old days, and that these times are back in fashion. Modern designs with a hint of the past are gaining momentum again. The Rétro is striking in its width, because the past was different. Vintage furniture, the highlight of rare items – all this will help you in creating a truly unique design, especially rarities in modern design. Modern furniture will be a great addition to such an interior. The main criterion is the conformity of the design and the owner’s idea of the recreated times.

Elegant lines in the interior.

In the design of such a design interior, you need to take into account some conditions:

  • Furniture should be selected, taking into account the nature of the shape and colors.
  • Harmony of the color palette.
  • The emphasis on accessories should be appropriate and measured.

Before finishing, it is important to determine which time interval you want to give preference to, because the harmony and comfort of your room directly depends on it. In the article below we will understand the style solutions of different times.

The interior of the living room in the style of the sixties.

The history of retro style

In different decades, the design had its own difference of distinctive features and content. The 1950s of the twentieth century were distinguished by liveliness and fervor, especially reflected in the development of the global automotive industry and the recovery of countries after the war.

1950 had a difference in bright colors and an abundance of chrome in details. Solid coloring and the absence of any patterns have become relevant. The manifestation of post-war rationalism found its manifestation in the furniture of dense seats of geometric shapes.

The embodiment of the living room design in retro style.

1960 became less distinguished by rationality, with the exception of the furniture solution, it remained the same. What is this era remembered for? The appearance of prints with flowers in the paneling due to the influence of Hippies. A wide combination of bright color solutions is becoming more and more fashionable at that time. The relevance of juicy tones and random mixes, the manifestation of courage and new trends captured the owners of houses, and such an interior has become very popular. In this era, interesting artistic inventions begin to appear, furniture equipment of a stylish, laconic appearance with thin legs.

1970 was marked by the change of juicy shades to pastel, natural tones: mint, gold, cinnamon. The appearance of ambiguous ornamental patterns in the decoration of wall surfaces. The furniture becomes the most complex forms, with soft seats. The presence of coffee tables, bar cabinets and sideboards has become relevant in every home – all this contributed to pleasant gatherings with guests.

Mint shade in the living room interior.

Interior design in retro style

Retro interior design does not imply following strict rules in preference of components for interior decoration, these rules should be adhered to:

  • The most popular material in the design of ceiling spaces is wood. Coloring and in solid colors, and in a mix of juicy, fresh tones. In the design, you need to give space to a flight of imagination, you should not limit yourself to boring and calm solutions. The main criterion is an artificially aged ceiling canvas.
  • For wall surfaces, the design of fabric wallpaper prevails. In many finishing stores, you can buy ready-made wallpaper of intricate prints. This solution contributes to the simplification of finishing. The color palette is selected to your liking. Any spectrum – pastel, juicy, darkened tones – trust your taste.

Laconic interior design in retro style of the 60s.

  • Another solution is that the wall panels can be painted. To use the emphasis on mixing shades, it is worth adhering to the rule of harmony. A good combination would be a mixture color of orange and azure, ecru and cinnamon, lemon and peas. In modern decoration, the presence of an unfinished wall without decoration is allowed – a good choice to complement the situation.
  • The decoration of the floor with a light laminate under the tree will be a chic addition to the fabric wallpaper. For painted walls, such floor coverings as natural wood and stylized linoleum with a checkerboard pattern are suitable. The presence of a round floor carpet is an integral part of such a design. This accent will add charm, practicality and authenticity.

Retro style in the design of the living room.


The main feature of the Retro style furniture is its unusual appearance. Armchair groups, similar to the buds of luxurious flowers, complemented by low tables and chairs in the form of violin keys – there is no limit to creativity. What the furniture is made of is not of particular importance.

Furniture in the living room.

Antique furniture passed down from the older generation will be an excellent thematic addition to such a design. Refine and restore the pieces of furniture if they need it. Apply various prints using stencils and your furniture will be transformed.

Bedroom design with fabric wallpaper.

Flowering plants, fruit and vegetable motifs, fancy geometric shapes and stripes are the most suitable stencils for decorating furniture. Heavy, with sharp corners, low and eye-catching – this is exactly what a furniture group should be.

A room on the attic floor.

A catchy environment creates a desire to consider it. The furniture equipment of the lounge area should be different in style and texture. The presence of the same type of styles is less relevant, because Retro-housing is a creative workshop with the reign of disorder and lawlessness of thought. A collection of exclusive items, completely different in color, texture and era, will add uniqueness to your room of the Rétro design. The main detail of the furniture – legs made of chrome and wood – should be present in all furniture.

Retro-style office.

Accents and decoration

Accent decoration can be completely different, there are no clear requirements for them, but the presence of air curtains of prints with flowers, photos and magazines of the past years, lamps on high legs, original appearance will be especially harmonious.

Small living room.

It is relevant to use carpets with geometric shapes depicted on them, posters, cast iron dishes, round-shaped clocks, authentic decanters, vases, potted flowers, souvenirs.


This style has become a unique opportunity to inspire a new life in outdated, but cute things, to create an ultra-stylish, intriguing and original room. The relevance of the past years does not lose the top lines of the design rating for several decades in a row due to the ease of implementation and the preservation of a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Hallway decor in retro style.

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