Parisian Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Immaculate ratio, clean outlines and unique charm – this is how housing in France is presented. Real Parisian houses are charming, but not chic and luxurious. Their design is based not on newfangled trends, luxurious furnishings and ultra-modern equipment, but on a special ideology of charm.

Laconic interior.

Features of Parisian interior design

Parisians have always been inspired by the historical past. People who grew up in Paris are distinguished by the deepest, reverent respect and passion for the architecture of their native city, studying and preserving historical monuments and a unique atmosphere. As a result, old, well-preserved houses and apartments can be found on almost every street of the city.

Parisians will never destroy the stucco created in the last century, they will not remove the floor covering with an interesting past that has become unusable, they will not replace old door handles with fashionable and modern ones. In Paris, the cult of old things prevails, which is a virtue transferred to the interior design of Parisian houses and apartments.

Vintage French chic in the living room interior.

Combinations in Parisian interior design

A slight nostalgia about the past times is reflected in the city apartment, decorated with retro-era decorations. However, Parisians are modern and like to complement interiors with new-fangled designer pieces of bold shapes and juicy shades, which adds eclecticism to this direction.

Living room in restrained colors.

There is no combination of contrasts, materials and a mix of different cultures, but there is aesthetics and a good taste of the combined details: pilasters, capitals, antique furniture, original lamps, author’s vases of bizarre shapes and shades, trendy art objects. Such a mix will add freshness to the old rooms, complement the dynamics and picturesqueness of the classical setting.

A perfect combination of past traditions and the comfort of modernity.

Zoning of space

Apartments in Paris are rarely spacious. A Parisian always knows how to make small spaces bright and spacious. The secret is simple – large window openings. Parisian apartments rarely have less than 3 windows and they are quite large and tall.

Zoning in interior design also plays an important role in increasing space. Parisians prefer studio apartments without extra walls, and also combine kitchens and living rooms, sleeping areas and a home office, highlighting every corner of the space.

Cozy living room.


The use of massive, mundane furniture in this direction of design is not relevant. It is certainly more convenient to sit in a voluminous upholstered chair, but they do not meet the requirements of the subtle elegance of Parisians. The furniture should have an elegant proportionality and lace outlines. It can be expensive or not, antique or homemade, the main criterion of which is the presence of sophistication, luxury and smooth lines.

Large windows and plenty of natural light.

Massive pieces of furniture are little used in the decoration of rooms, mainly lounge areas. In them you can see small sofas, couches, small neat armchairs, medium-sized open shelves, coffee tables. In studios and smart apartments, dining areas are complemented by tables with intricate chairs. Quite often in such interiors you can find homemade furniture, because Paris is a city of creators and artists.

Studio apartment in Parisian style.

Contemporary art

The owners of the houses are inspired by the love of art, in design solutions. Even in the most modest dwellings, under the attic, there may be unique items bought in antique shops, because the French are able to see valuable things.

Living room.

Conceptual installations, lamps filled with inner meaning and surreal figurines will always find application in such an interior. Because the advantages of originality and intelligence have always been important for the bohemianism of Paris.

Living room.

Finishing materials

The realization of the subtle style of Parisians in the interior design direction is both easy and complex. Finishing materials can be any, but do not stray far from the classics, give preference to moldings, cornices, narrow plaster or polyurethane molding.

Laminate flooring in the interior.

Instead of a parquet board, you can use a laminate with a pattern imitating a tree, the main thing is to lay it out in the form of a French Christmas tree.

A delicate palette of shades in the living room.

Fabrics for upholstery should be traditional and natural, the use of velvet, leather, wool, linen and cotton is allowed. Lace is a separate kind of beauty, they are used in the decoration of rooms. Fabrics can be alternated: silk and velvet, gloss and mat.

Velvet in the interior.

Color scheme and decor

The palette of such interiors mainly uses natural tones. The most relevant is the use of neutral, light colors that combine the entire spectrum of textures and shades. Give preference to gray pearls, powder, milk, pale blue, creamy cream. To give the design depth and expressiveness, focus on black, burgundy and dark blue.

The French-style pattern is discreet: stripes, zigzags, crow’s feet, floral ornaments and small animal prints. In such an interior, it is important not to lose a sense of proportion. To maintain the balance of classic luxury and simplicity, it is important to follow all the rules.

A noble combination of shades in the bedroom.

Bouquets are an ideal solution in the premises of Parisian houses. They should not have fancy color combinations and should fit into the overall atmosphere of elegance and charm.

The Parisian interior is in harmony with bright details, such as a crystal chandelier, which is suitable for both the dining room and the bedroom.

Such an interior is quite romantic and a good design solution would be the addition of beautiful pillows, interesting curtains, elegant rugs. Silk curtains will perfectly fit into the design of such an interior.

Focus on family china, piano, antique sideboard, fireplace. Mirrors can have a gilded frame, all this will give the interior coziness and comfort.

Excellent color combination.

Summing up the line, we can conclude that the true interior design in the Parisian style is charming, and not chic and luxurious. It is based not on fashion trends, pompous furniture and modern technology, but on a special philosophy of charm.

For its design, you need to meet such criteria as:

  • The presence of a spacious area with small walk-through rooms.
  • Large windows from ceiling to floor, the presence of high ceilings.
  • Sofas, couches, small neat armchairs, small open shelves, coffee tables.
  • Give preference to colors and shades: pearl gray, powdery, milky, pale blue, creamy cream. To give the design depth and expressiveness, focus on black, burgundy and dark blue colors.


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