Yellow living room: design and decoration ideas

By | November 17, 2022

When arranging their housing, the owners necessarily provide for a cozy corner for a quiet pastime with the whole family, meetings with relatives and friends. Usually, the largest room in a house or apartment acts as such a placel. There are also situations when the owners are forced to combine different functions in one room, combining the living room with a dining room, kitchen, bedroom or study. But even in this case, a small area for a recreation area is necessarily allocated.

Unexpected visitors, work colleagues and representatives of official structures are received in the living room. As a rule, there are no separate dining rooms in apartments and small private houses, so family and friendly feasts are arranged in this room. And, of course, during a friendly party or tea gatherings, dear guests are comfortably placed on a soft sofa, placing snacks and drinks on the coffee table.

However, it is not enough to choose beautiful, comfortable furniture and choose interesting objects that create comfort. Color plays a huge role in the interior design of the living room. This determines the first impression, creates the right atmosphere and the overall feeling of the interior. One of the most interesting and positive in the color circle is yellow. He is literally saturated with solar, bright energy and willingly shares it with everyone present. This is the most successful option for decorating the living room: it enlivens the room, gives positive emotions. The main task of the decorator is to choose the right combinations of colors and shades, and also not to overdo it with bright tones.

Yellow sofa and armchair in white-gray-yellow surroundings.

A mustard-colored sofa enlivens a cool room in smoky blue.

Mustard velvet upholstery goes well with dark cornflower blue walls.

Features of yellow color in the living room interior

The yellow palette is a piece of the sun on earth. It is traditionally associated with May meadows overgrown with dandelion carpets, hot summer sun and joyful mood. In moderation, it brings a sense of celebration, happiness and carelessness to the interior. It helps to wake up faster in the morning and be in good shape all day. Gives a positive outlook on life, relieving the effects of stress and depression.

This color is ideal for small, dark rooms, as it visually expands the space, adds light and air to it. Also, it looks amazing in spacious living rooms, especially in combination with classical decoration, gilded or bronze frames of mirrors and paintings, candlesticks and chandelier fittings. Lemon yellow increases concentration and supports performance, copes well with nervous disorders. This is a great option for a living room-study. However, when using the yellow palette, care must be taken.

An overabundance of bright colors can cause migraines, overexcited state and insomnia. If the living room is combined with the bedroom, you should choose pastel or restrained mustard, smoky tones.

Mustard shades are chic and respectable, create a peaceful atmosphere. But, if you overdo it with them, you can get the strongest soothing, hypnotic effect, which is not quite appropriate in the living room.

For rooms facing north, heavily shaded or decorated in cold colors, yellow paints become a salvation. They give a feeling of warmth, living sunlight. A duet with a green palette is one of the most popular for eco-style interiors.

The muted yellow walls serve as an excellent backdrop for a leather sofa and green armchairs.

Mustard-yellow sofa and blue velvet armchair in the gray-blue living room.

An exquisite combination of golden yellow and herbaceous green tones with bright accents.

The best design ideas

The sunny yellow palette is multifaceted and amazing. It includes both neon-bright tones and more traditional lemon shades. Creamy pastel colors add warm tenderness to the living room, and golden will give the atmosphere a luxurious, rich look. Experienced designers offer dozens of different design options for the living room, recommend not to be afraid to experiment with saturation and combinations of colors.

The walls are painted with plain paint, decorative plaster or wallpaper in one shade is used. This classic, traditional version is suitable for restrained or light pastel, airy tones. It is simple in execution, as a monochrome background does not require careful selection of color combinations. Wooden, light or dark furniture is combined with it, as well as bright multicolored accents – armchairs, carpets, curtains and decorative elements. If you want a room in one tone, then furniture and textiles are selected tone-to-tone for wall decoration.

Gradient combination of different shades of yellow. Properly combining different tones of the solar palette is quite a difficult task. It is necessary to choose harmoniously combined sections of walls, carpets and pieces of furniture. At the same time, the walls are finished from different materials: wallpaper, plaster for painting, wall panels. An example of such an interior: square sections of the walls are covered with wallpaper with a yellow pattern, they are framed by a flat surface painted with darker paint. There are bright lemon curtains on the windows, and the armchairs and sofa are upholstered in mustard–colored takan.

Yellow upholstered furniture and home textiles on the background of neutral walls in beige, gray, white. Also, dark yellow and light tones can be freely combined with a blue, light blue, turquoise, green, peach palette.

Multi-color combinations allow you to realize the most unusual and fascinating ideas. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the saturation of shades. So, if the main background is a duet of bright dandelion and rich cornflower blue, then the flooring, furniture and decor should be in softer, muted or woody brown tones. You can also play with the colors of upholstered furniture, curtains and carpets, creating expressive combinations.

Also, all yellow tones perfectly harmonize with warm, fiery colors – orange, red, crimson, lilac. It is recommended to include them as original “highlights” in the form of furnishings or decor, diluting the monochrome background.

A small living room in a luxurious classical style with gold.

Sitting area with fireplace and glass coffee table.

Velvet blue sofa and grey carpet in the yellow living room.

Beige-mustard and white tones in a modern living room.

A panel of small mirrors over a pale blue sofa.

Soft pastel shades in the living room yellow

Translucent, pastel colors are unobtrusive. It is easy to create a romantic or peaceful interior with them. They never get bored, do not annoy, remaining as pleasant and attractive for many years. In addition, the pastel has a relaxing effect, allows tired eyes to rest. If you add a few bright details, the room immediately transforms, gets individual features. Which design options with pastel colors are most in demand?

  • Solid color walls or wallpaper with a barely noticeable pattern on a white or light yellow background.
  • Combination with other shades – frosty bluish, white, light light beige, light pinkish, pearl gray.
  • Harmonious combinations of different shades – vanilla, gray-yellow, pale yellowish.

Bright reds, emeralds and oranges, exquisite furniture with a woody texture or pure white color are perfect for pastel tones.

Pale yellow blankets and pillows on a sky-blue background.

White and gold living room in classic style.

Beige sofa combined with pale yellow painted walls.

Living room design in yellow tones

To emphasize the exquisitely elegant style, experts use darker, saturated shades of yellow: honey, mustard, amber. They create a lasting sense of luxury and perfectly match with most colors and styles. There are several rules that help to create the right atmosphere:

  • Gold can be not only the walls or the upholstery of the sofa. Juicy, luxurious colors are appropriate as lampshades of floor lamps or table lamps, ceramic or glass vases, wicker products – boxes, armchairs, baskets.
  • Natural materials are used as a “highlight” – natural amber, salt lamps, woven gizmos and napkins made of vines, straws, as well as products made of polished natural wood.
  • The refinement of the interior is given by traditional, classic elements – curved armrests, patterned products made of forged metal, vintage furniture and curly high legs at chairs, cabinets, sofas.

Do not use too bright prints and turn the walls into a gallery of paintings or photographs. The decor should be appropriate and moderate, as the rich gold tones themselves are an ornament.

Honey and lilac shades in the interior.

Bright yellow pillows and an Autumn Forest painting in a bright living room.

Rich yellow curtains and a ceramic vase against dark gray walls.

Safari style in the yellow living room

For the current style, use any convenient shades and color combinations. Darkish and reddish tones are most in demand:

  • curry, corn;
  • fiery and golden;
  • yellow-brown;
  • saffron and golden oak;
  • olive yellow.

They are successfully combined with black, gray and beige colors, juicy or withered greens, natural materials. To give an “African” atmosphere, use:

  • wicker furniture made of vine or rattan;
  • elements made of natural wood;
  • chandeliers with fans;
  • imitation of a zebra or lion skin on upholstered furniture, in the form of bedspreads or capes, instead of a carpet;
  • floor vases of unusual shapes;
  • tribal masks, bouquets of dried flowers;
  • posters, mosaics and paintings, 3D wallpapers with scenes depicting wild animals, sunrise over the savannah.

Indoor plants of tropical species, with wide, carved leaves, semi-shrubs perfectly fit into the entourage.

Colonial African style.

Safari-style leather sofas and velour armchairs.

Colorful safari style with black leather sofa.

Bright yellow living room

Sunny shades are great for giving a festive, positive mood. Especially expressive are canary and pineapple, lemon and butter, bumblebee and Tuscan sun. Simple stylistic solutions, laconic forms without fancy details are used for furnishing and decorating. To soften the radiance of yellow, it is combined with natural dark and light wood, black, cream and gray, cold colors.

Glass tables and white upholstered furniture in the sunny living room.

Bright walls and pale golden curtains are shaded by white carpet.

Modern kitchen-living room with yellow kitchen set.

Designer’s recommendations for the design of the yellow living room

  • Do not limit yourself to standard solutions. The sunny yellow gamma perfectly harmonizes with almost all colors of the spectrum. So, you can experiment freely.
  • Bright multicolored accents in the form of armchairs, sofa cushions, a bright carpet or wall decor will help create the right mood in the room.
  • Large plants in tubs and large flowerpots not only decorate the living room, but also serve as a kind of zoning tool for space.
  • Juicy lemon or mustard tones are surprisingly beautifully combined with black or gray. It can be leather or velvet sofa upholstery, carpet on the floor or part of wall coverings.

Collection of living room photo ideas in yellow

Crimson armchairs and a brown velvet sofa in a room with a bay window.

Grey-black armchairs and a white sofa in a white-yellow living room.

Interesting accents combined with a white and black palette.

A pleasant combination of yellow, beige and green.

Bright, orange and blue poufs as accents.

Original coffee table in the living room.

An armchair and a soft yellow screen on a white background.

Cozy atmosphere.

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