Powdery color in interior design

By | November 17, 2022

For interior design, powder color is one of the most delicate tones of the pink palette – it is not at all naive and infantile, on the contrary – it is stylish, modern and strict. What shades and textures can it be combined with? Consider in the article below.

Delicate shades in the interior.

Psychological aspects of the use of powdery tones

This interior design sets up a positive mood and is devoid of boredom, especially in combination with bright decor. It helps to create a unique design, adds comfort, sets you up in a creative way, helps you find inspiration and new strength.

The whole range of powdery tones

The term “powdery color” covers the entire spectrum of pale pinkish tones with notes from beige to gray shades. Such colors are close to the color of the epidermis and are called the color of a dusty rose, nude, marshmallow. Powder color gives the room tenderness and tranquility and is suitable for almost any interior design.

The spectrum of shades of Itten.

Combination of powdery tones

The spectrum of bleached pinkish tones is very diverse and will find its application, combined with a great variety of shades:

  • Shades of chalk and powder. A gentle and light union will give the room airiness, transparency, will set you up for a quiet leisurely pastime, recuperation. Ideal for Provence and Classic styles.
  • Shades of mocha and marshmallow. A soft, soothing symbiosis. It will be appropriate in bedrooms, children’s rooms, living rooms, in the design of workspaces.
  • Graphite and dusty rose shades. It is most common in Scandinavian style, such a union gives rigor and minimalism, suitable for men’s bedroom and study.
  • Azure and nude shades. It will seem quite fresh and original solution, dilute the boring interior due to bright accents. It is harmonious in lounge areas, halls and dining areas.
  • Greens and powder shades. In combination with bleached pink tones, give preference to a warm spectrum – olive, pistachio, mint. Potted plants will help dilute the design, such an ecological environment will create the presence of a greenhouse and set you up for a relaxing holiday.
  • Purple and nude shades. It should be used to attract attention and accentuate a room decorated in nude color, such a design will be fresh and harmonious, will not press.
  • Vanilla and powder shades. Amazingly gentle union is surprisingly good in the design of bedrooms and nurseries for real princesses. Brighter shades can be used to decorate the game and work area, such a design gives a feeling of juiciness, positivity, gives inspiration.
  • Sea and light pinkish sand shades. Marine tones will be a great addition to design. It is conducive to relaxation, recuperation, will be appropriate in bathrooms and in the design of terraces.
  • Shades of charcoal and marshmallow. Such a union looks strict and concise, it is appropriate in the styles of minimalism and art Deco, modern. It is appropriate in the design of offices, work areas, libraries.

A combination of shades of graphite and dusty rose.

Children’s room in pastel tones of vanilla and powder.

Mint color combined with a powdery shade in the interior.

Combination of shades of nude with purple in the bedroom interior.

A charcoal shade combined with a delicate pink.

Bedroom Provence in shades of chalk and powder.

Powdery color in the interior

Pastel tones of a pale pinkish scale will be very versatile – they will be suitable both as a main background and as a point decor.

Wall decoration

Both for wallpaper and for nude paint, it is possible and necessary to select suitable accents:

  • For Scandinavian style and minimalist, the furniture of laconic forms of a restrained range and the addition of a simple decor will be very harmonious.
  • For the Classic style, gold openwork and geometric shapes are suitable.
  • Furniture and textiles in yellow, blue and turquoise tones will be appropriate in a modern decor.
  • In the Romantique and Provence styles, the most harmonious combination of powder-colored walls and decor will be both white and other shades of mint, lavender, and blue sky.

Powdery tones and accents on textile elements.

Lounge area

Sofas and armchairs in nude tones will be an excellent solution for the design of the lounge area in the Classic style. Add stucco, art objects and gold decor. Accentuate the attention and add details such as marshmallow poufs or banquettes.

Sleeping area

A sleeping place of this shade is a key design element. Beds with soft headboards in powdery tones, complemented by the same textile details, are appropriate in the bedrooms and in the rooms of teenagers, decorated in the romantic style. Beds with geometric headboards of simple design are suitable for a minimalist style. For Boho and Provence styles, focus on textiles with floral and ethnic motifs, add a fur carpet and complement with a bright decor.

Dining area

Marshmallow tones will be harmonious in the dining areas in Scandinavian style, Art Deco, for the Art Nouveau style, bright accents should be added, in the form of frames, dishes or a floor lamp.

The dining area will be incredibly cozy in such colors, will create a vintage mood, enhanced by prints, cage and flowers. Perhaps such a finish will seem cumbersome to you, in this case add small details instead of a solid finish.

Dining area.

Cooking area

Powdery color in the kitchen is an unusual and fresh solution. This adds tenderness and comfort that will not leave indifferent even the most demanding hostess. It is harmoniously combined with Provence, classical styles. Add potted plants and floral print curtains for more comfort and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Classic style kitchen.


They will become an ultra-modern and very stylish addition to the bedrooms of girls of all ages. (both adult and child). Wardrobes of such tones will undoubtedly become the most attractive accent of any room.

Nursery in pastel colors.


The use of powder-colored curtains is one of the most ideal solutions to complement the exquisite interior design. This solution is perfect for Provence, Romance styles. Plaids and bedspreads of this palette will become an accent in Boho and Scandinavian styles. The use of pillows in pinkish tones is truly universal, they can easily complement even such strict styles as Loft and minimalism.

Bedroom interior in Scandi style.


Imagine how harmoniously the combination of light doors, flesh-colored walls looks, complemented by a banquette and a soft pouf. Even the smallest hallway will visually become wider, it will become another source of comfort, in such an entrance hall it is not a shame to meet guests.

Hallway in delicate shades.

Living room

Several interesting solutions will help to give pinkish tones in such zones:

  • Wall decoration will create the presence of comfort, set up for a relaxing holiday, warm communication and pleasant evenings in a family atmosphere.
  • Marshmallow-colored seating sets off the decoration of restrained colors favorably, such a room looks restrained and noble and sets up a warm, welcoming welcome.
  • A competent distribution of spot decor will help you relax and spend the evening in a relaxed atmosphere with a cup of coffee and a book in your hands, because the bright decor will not strain, but will give additional charm.

Cozy living room in pastel colors.


Powdery colors in the decoration of sleeping areas look elegant, comfortable, have a pleasant and healthy rest, relieve tension and improve sleep. It can be decorated as a room in a pastel pink color scheme, helps to relieve tension and has a beneficial effect on the quality of sleep. For lovers of a calm interior, the arrangement of bright accents surrounded by calm tones is suitable.

The atmosphere of lightness.

Children’s rooms

This finish is very versatile, suitable for both girls and boys of different ages. For girls, it is important not to overload the space with an abundance of tones, give preference to one bright detail, for example, a workplace. In the boys’ room, it is worth using as a point decor in a combination of graphite, pistachio, blue tones. This combination will be easy and unobtrusive.

Decoration of the children’s room in powdery tones.

Home office or workplace

This coloring is used quite rarely, because calm tones promote relaxation and reduce attention. It should be used as a spot decoration.

For lovers of quiet interiors, you can focus on curtains, a sofa, an armchair. For creative people and those whose activities are related to communication, a bright accent will contribute to a pleasant atmosphere, trusting relationships, give optimism and inspiration.

Interior of the office with a work area in pastel colors.


In the bathroom, this coloring will look chic, with a touch of bohemian and chic. The elegant design will help to complement the plumbing on metal legs, mirrors in intricate frames, towels in delicate colors, shower curtains with an openwork texture. Add aroma candles and plunge into the atmosphere of the spa, tune in to meditation, such relaxation will give you new strength, give a new charge of cheerfulness and good mood.


Loggia and terrace

The use of body tones for both decoration and spot decoration will be appropriate for absolutely all rooms, even on the terrace.

In such colors, sunlight is perfectly reflected, which gives the room adjacent to them additional lighting, will add coziness and comfort. Add a coffee table and rattan furniture and get an additional lounge area.

In conclusion, I would like to add that finishing with body tones is an incredibly convenient and practical solution, because this color is universal for all rooms and interior styles, as it is suitable even for utility rooms. Enhancing attention with curtains, decorative pillows, textile ornaments, figurines of body tones will be an ideal solution for decorating lounge areas, bedrooms, home workplaces.

Cozy place on the balcony.

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