Aubergine (Eggplant) color in interior design and rules of combination

By | November 17, 2022

Luxurious aubergine color is rarely found in modern interiors. This is explained by the fact that it is much more difficult to work with it than with pastel and neutral colors. Having decided to use the shade of eggplant in an apartment setting, you need to familiarize yourself with its features and rules for combining colors.


But do not be afraid of this color. With the right approach, it can be used to create an original and unique interior, because not everyone will decide on such a rather bold step.

Psychology of aubergine color

Although the eggplant color belongs to the purple range, it has its own distinctive features. It is obtained by mixing pure purple, black and gray colors, resulting in a rich noble and cool color.

Living room.

Aubergine also has its own color palette. Its tone can vary from deep and rich, almost like black, to bright purple. To make sure of this, you just have to look at the eggplant vegetable itself – depending on the variety, it may have different colors.

Eggplant-colored sofa in the living room.

The interior in aubergine shades always has notes of mystery and mystery. If you plan to create an interior exclusively in purple, then you should dilute eggplant with other shades. For example, dark furniture looks better on a light purple pastel background. On the contrary, if the walls are decorated in a rich aubergine color, lighter colors are preferred for furniture.

Otherwise, too dark monochrome interior can negatively affect the psyche – deep dark aubergine shades is quite heavy and rough. Prolonged stay in such a room will cause a depressed mood and irritability.

Bright eggplant-colored sofas in the living room interior.

Psychologists note that people of a phlegmatic temperament should give up on too purple interior. The same can be recommended to melancholics.

But do not be afraid: in moderation, aubergine shades is able to make the room more voluminous and deep. It gives the interior touches of grandeur and wealth, so in the end the room looks stylish and interesting.

People who choose shades of purple for interior decoration are sociable and open to the world. Extraordinary and creative, they try to diversify their lives as much as possible and are always looking for answers to incomprehensible questions due to their curiosity. This trait of their character can be traced in purple – the color of mysticism and mystery.

Color combinations

Aubergine color is quite capricious, so the color design of the room should be taken seriously. It is important to keep the balance of colorst. Dark shades look advantageous with other colors of the same saturation, but this combination requires dilution with light unobtrusive tones. These tones can be a very light version of the leading shades. Bright variations of aubergine shades become accents, attracting all the attention. For this reason, their number in the room should be limited, it is better not to make them dominant.

Dark eggplant sofa with accent pillows.

Combinations white and aubergine

The best pair for eggplant is white. The calm and soft light color perfectly smoothes the languor and some gloominess of the saturated aubergine shades, giving the interior tenderness. The room looks elegant and sophisticated and is ideal for expensive furnishings.

The combination of white and eggplant in the interior.

Combinations gray and aubergine

More strict than white, but also suitable for combination with aubergine shades. A successful design solution is the decoration of the walls in a light gray neutral shade using aubergine shades and rich gray furniture. As accents in such an interior, yellow is excellent, matching equally well with both yellow and gray.

Gray-purple design of the living room.

Combinations black and aubergine

Black always emphasizes the depth of dark colors, but it’s worth remembering that some shades of eggplant themselves look almost like black. Despite this, they can be combined with black, but only in moderation. Aubergine shades can dilute the black and white interior, making it more interesting and diverse.

Bedroom in black and purple.

Combinations brown and aubergine

Premises decorated in a brown-eggplant color scheme look very soft and stylish. The combination of light eggplant and coffee muted tones is ideal for the bedroom, as it creates a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. It is achieved due to the warmth of brown shades that evoke associations with hot coffee, and noble purple colors.

Bedroom in brown and purple.

Combinations green and aubergine shades

By combining this color scheme, you can achieve a spectacular interior that will create a feeling of freshness and positivity. Light eggplant colors combined with light green are associated with spring and flowers and are especially relevant in Provence style. As an addition, to give the decor a natural touch, you can add floral prints on textiles or upholstered furniture, for example, on the sofa.

The combination of eggplant and green in the interior.

Combinations yellow and aubergine

If you combine eggplant color with bright lemon, the interior will become bright and original. It is recommended to dilute this combination with pastel light shades, for example cream or beige. The yellow-purple pair is perfect for decorating kitchens, living rooms and even workrooms, as the combination looks “lively” and energetic and will give strength.

Yellow sofa and eggplant walls in the living room.

Monochrome interior

The monochrome interior in purple tones looks impressive and refined. Depending on the design idea, you can create a different mood in the room. For example, a children’s room can be decorated in lavender light colors, and an eggplant sofa can be made an accent and placed in the middle. This will create a gentle atmosphere, but not too cloying and airy – a dark sofa will dilute the lightness of pastel tones.

Monochrome room design.

The mystery of the living room can be given with the help of various variations of dark aubergine shades, and so that the interior does not look too gloomy, it is worth adding bright accents. So, an orange will give the interior freshness and juiciness.

Orange accents in the room.

Interior design

For which rooms is it suitable?

Aubergine is suitable for any room, even a bathroom. But in order for the color to fully open up and look appropriate in the interior, it is important to take into account some features.


Let’s start with the threshold of the apartment. The hallway, as a rule, lacks natural light. In addition, it can be quite tight and narrow. For these reasons, it is recommended to choose light colors for the walls in the corridor and hallway, expanding the space and making it lighter.

Entrance hall.

But saturated aubergine shades can be found in a small hallway. For example, a bold and creative solution is an eggplant-colored entrance door and light yellow wallpaper. You can support the tone of the door with a single decor in the form of paintings or umbrella faces.


Aubergine color can reduce appetite in some people, so it is used with caution in the kitchen. But this color quality may appeal to fans of healthy eating. Silver household appliances will harmonize very well with the kitchen set of eggplant shades, and you can complement the interior with white walls, black chairs and black decor, for example, spice jars.

The interior of a black and purple kitchen.

Living room

If the leading colors are pastel and neutral, then eggplant accents will add saturation to the interior and enliven it. And when one of the dominant ones is aubergine shades, the room acquires mystical notes.

Living room with eggplant-colored sofa.

If you want to create a solid and majestic atmosphere, use gold trim in the decor and furniture. For example, golden lampshades, glass tables with carved legs, decorated picture frames.


Unobtrusive calm colors are preferred for the bedroom, which will promote sleep and relaxation. Eggplant shades can be used for bed linen, pillows or a small furniture set, such as bedside tables. Brown or beige will help to add warmth and home comfort to the interior.

Bedroom in dark purple shades.

Children’s room

Aubergine shades can be used in the nursery for both boys and girls. This is a universal color. Combined with dreamy and romantic pink, it will create a kind of dollhouse for a little princess. If you combine the color of eggplant with silver and blue inserts, the interior is perfect for a boy.

Children’s room with eggplant accents.


Most often, a restrained color scheme is chosen for offices, which is conducive to work and productivity. As a rule, these are black, brown, gray and white. But if you replace the black with eggplant, the interior will sparkle with new colors and will look more interesting, while not losing a touch of rigor.

Office in eggplant color.


Aubergine is the perfect color for the bathroom. In this shade, you can decorate one of the walls, making it accent. In such a mysterious atmosphere, it’s nice to take relaxing baths and relax after a hard day.

Eggplant color in the bathroom interior.

Interior Design Styles

For eggplant color, you should choose styles that create an atmosphere of luxury and wealth in the interior. The most preferred are the following:

Provence style

At the mention of the Provence style, associations immediately arise with a floral sunnyfield, a cozy, bright village kitchen with the aroma of sweet pastries and berry tea. Only a light and calm color can create such an atmosphere. But there are also such options in the assortment of eggplant shades – in Provence they will become a symbol of lavender bouquets and fill the room with warmth. Dark tones of eggplant color can be used as accent spots, for example, in the form of floral patterns on pillows or curtains.

Provence style.

Modern style

Modern styles allow the use of the most unexpected color solutions. Aubergine shades will look very appropriate here and will fit perfectly into the interior. But do not make it the main thing – a modern style should be calm and practical, without a gloomy atmosphere. Dark shades can be used in purple curtains, soft carpets, pillows or sofas with armchairs.

Modern living room.


Aubergine shades were very much loved by royal families, so pretentious and elegant Baroque welcomes its use. This shade of purple is especially relevant in the bedroom – it will look like a queen’s resting place.

Purple and beige Baroque bedroom.

Art Deco style

The main features of this style are chic and expensive furnishings. Furniture is made exclusively of elite materials – marble, leather, expensive wood. The combination of white with aubergine shades, complemented by gold inserts, emphasizes the aristocratic atmosphere.

Luxurious Art Deco living room.

Ethnic style

Aubergine is a rare color, so it is perfect for exotic styles. One of them, ethnic, implies recreating the national flavor of a country in the interior. Purple and its shades in an exquisite Indian style are very popular, which is characterized by a large number of textiles, patterns and the use of bright colors.

Ethnic interior.

How to use aubergine color in the interior

Aubergine is a complex color that requires a professional approach. Firstly, you can not decorate the room only in this shade, it requires dilution with other tones.

Aubergine shades and other dark purple colors are out of place in small rooms. Acting as the leading colors, for example, on the walls, they reduce the space and make the room uncomfortable. There is a feeling that the walls are pressing. Therefore, the color of eggplant for small rooms is used only as accents. Even if the room is spacious, you should think about painting only one wall in eggplant color.


The degree of illumination of the room is of great importance. A dark interior always requires a sufficient amount of light. It is also not recommended to decorate both the floor and the ceiling in purple – this will make the room smaller.


The color of eggplant is very unusual and interesting. It can be supplemented with exotic plants or decor made of natural precious stones, which will give the interior even more sophistication. The purple room will help to distract from everyday problems and immerse you in a mysterious fantasy world, so do not be afraid to complement the interior with eggplant notes.

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