Sliding partitions: design ideas and tips

By | November 30, 2022

There are many reasons why this type of construction can be used. Sliding partitions are used in small apartments, where it is necessary to separate the sleeping place from the living room and in studios, when zoning helps to rationally use the living space. And also in private homes that need doors, and swing structures for some reason are not available for installation.

Sliding partitions in the interior.

Advantages of using sliding partitions

Such elements of space zoning are widely used by designers in the design of premises. With the help of a sliding partition, you can create a completely isolated room that will not let in sounds and create a sense of privacy, which is often necessary in apartments with a small area and studios. The design is able to visually increase the space, without violating the integrity of the interior.

Interior design in a classic style.

The main advantages of sliding partitions:

  • A wide selection of materials. Mirrored surfaces visually increase the volume of the room, glass, let in sunlight, while creating a soundproof partition. The combination of metal, wood or plastic in the case with glass allows you to put a partition in the interior of any style.
  • During installation, the integrity of the ceiling and floor covering is not violated. Sliding partitions are easy to install, which even a novice master can handle, and a minimal set of fixing elements and guides in the structure eliminates breakage.
  • A large selection of designs. For modern styles, there are sliding partitions with a metal frame with mirror surfaces. For classics, you can choose wooden structures with glass elements with drawings and ornaments.
  • Ease of use. The sliding door does not take up free space when opened. The structure can be moved into the partition or along the wall, which allows you to use the living space to the maximum.
  • The elements of the sliding structure are durable and will not lose their aesthetic appeal for the entire period of operation. The tempered glass used in the manufacture of the partition cannot be damaged, and the surface is easy to care for.

Glass partitions.

When installing sliding structures at home, there is no need to make repairs or pre-prepare surfaces, which makes installation quick. The partition can be placed in any part of the room, regardless of the width of the room and the height of the ceilings. Vertical or horizontal blinds, curtains and tulle can be hung on the structure to create a secluded environment in the enclosed space.

Dressing room hidden behind sliding doors.

Popular materials for the manufacture of sliding partitions

Manufacturers often experiment with combinations, but glass is considered an integral part of the design, which can be transparent and opaque, mirrored and darkened. An ornament or a drawing, a graphic image or an abstraction may be present on the surface.

Dividing the space between the kitchen and living room.

The difference between different models may be in the material of the housing or its absence, then the glass panel directly interacts with the guides. Solid transparent structures look especially good in modern styles.

Delimitation of space by means of partitions.

For classic interior designs, manufacturers offer models with a body made of natural wood or MDF. Which will perfectly match with furniture and flooring, and also emphasize the design.

Wooden sliding partition.

When decorating an apartment in industrial style or Art Deco, you can choose a model with a metal body and matte or mirror glazing. Such a partition does not need additional curtains and blinds.

Transparent sliding glass partition.

Creating an apartment in the style of minimalism, you can pay attention to the plastic case in combination with dark glass or mirrors. So the room will seem more extensive, and a small amount of furniture in the interior will add space.

Loft-style apartment design.

Design differences by mechanism

Different ways of mounting guides allow you to zone the space of the apartment without violating the integrity of the finishing materials. If a stretch material is installed on the ceiling in the room, then you need to choose a system with floor rails. This installation option causes some inconvenience, as it forms a threshold, but it will not break the beautiful coating.

The upper guide, on the contrary, does not violate the integrity of the laminate or parquet board on the floor and is installed on the ceiling. The ceiling mounting of the structure does not visually divide the room into two parts, therefore it is more preferable.

Minimalist interior style.

Ways of using sliding partitions for zoning space

Mobile constructions are relevant both in small apartments and on a large living space. The main task of the partition is to create a separate space that every person needs.

Application options for sliding structures:

  • Zoning of the total area in a studio apartment into a sleeping place and a living room, which will allow one of the family members to rest peacefully when others are awake.

Zoning of the living room and bedroom.

  • The allocation of an isolated room in the living room for the child’s studies or the arrangement of a study is a way out if there is not enough space in the house.

Separate study room.

  • Isolation of the kitchen from the living room in the studio apartment or the dining table from household appliances and the sink, which will exclude the entry of humid air and odors.

Bright bedroom with yellow accents.

  • The zoning of the children’s room, where children of different ages and genders live, will provide each child with a personal space.
  • The sliding partition is also applicable on large areas of private houses and apartments. With the help of a beautifully designed element, you can create a single style throughout the room, while maintaining a sense of spaciousness and freedom.

In what design are sliding partitions made

When choosing a design, first of all, you need to decide on the mechanism and material of manufacture. A wide range of sliding partitions allows you to purchase a zoning element in any color and design. Therefore, it is also worth considering the style in the room, the palette of finishing materials, cabinets and upholstered furniture.

Zoning of space with sliding partitions.

Minimalist style

When choosing a sliding door opening mechanism, it is worth giving preference to the upper guide when installing the structure. The style assumes a lot of free space, where thresholds on the floor are undesirable. Minimalism is space and freedom, while it is allowed to install a wardrobe, sofa and a small table, so the partition should not divide the space – the ideal choice would be a transparent glass structure.

Minimalist style of interior design.

Provence and country style

Styles like a harmonious combination of natural wood and glass, as well as in the form of individual elements in the design, there may be a woven fabric that will emphasize the color of the wall decoration. When using a floor covering for natural materials, the metal of the guides in the interior will look out of place, so designers advise using molding. Transparent glass in the partition can be covered with curtains with natural ornaments, but the main thing is that they are combined with blankets on upholstered furniture and carpets on the floor.

Country-style partitions.

Modern and industrial style

The design of structures should consist in an abundance of metal, plastic and glass. Transparent, mirror and matte material can be used as inserts. To embody the style, a sandblasting pattern is often applied to the glass in the form of graphic images or abstractions. The partition can be supplemented with vertical blinds to visually raise the ceiling height or horizontal ones to expand the space.

Modern kitchen style.

Classic style

The classic interior design style is beautiful and refined, but requires a harmonious combination of all finishing materials, including sliding partitions. To maintain the design in the room, it is worth choosing a wooden structure to match the color and texture of the parquet on the floor, which can be supplemented with carved elements from the same material. When making a partition with glass, it is better to choose a matte surface with ornaments and drawings that match the style.

Classic sliding partition with a pattern.

A sliding partition can not only zone the space, but also complement the interior with a beautiful detail. The design does not take up much space and can be used in small apartments and houses with a sufficiently large area. You just need to decide on the material of manufacture and the decorative design of the parts.

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