Red color in interior design and rules of combination

By | November 17, 2022

The red palette in the interior causes a lot of controversy. Due to the powerful impact on the emotional sphere and the general state of a person, many people are wary of such decisions. But, not everyone knows that properly used shades of red are able to completely transform the room, give it the necessary dynamics, cheer up. You only need to know the basic rules for using this color in the interior, understand its features and advantages.

Living room.

Features of the use of red in interiors

Since ancient times, red shades have caused a lot of emotions in people.

Color has been associated with the most important aspects for thousands of years:

  • with the sun and fire;
  • vitality, leadership and unrestrained pressure;
  • blood as a source of new life;
  • power and energy.

Living room.

Scandinavian interior.

Among many peoples, red colors were considered ceremonial, festive. They wove amazing carpets, sewed elegant bedspreads, curtains and pillows from red threads and fabrics. And later, with the development of the weaving industry and dyeing technologies, such textiles began to be used for wall upholstery, the manufacture of bedding sets.

Harmonious interior.

This color was chosen by emperors and representatives of the highest aristocracy. Red is often present on state coats of arms and flags. And nowadays, red carpets are spread out in front of famous and notable people.

Living room.

The effect of red on a person

The effect of red on the human body is very ambiguous.

Modern entrance hall.

Psychologists note a number of solid advantages from its use in the interior or clothing:

  • Increases endurance, increases productivity and activates brain activity. It is not by chance that in the offices of companies you can often see elements of furniture or corporate symbols in these colors.
  • Invigorates, mobilizes all forces and awakens appetite.
  • Gives a feeling of warmth, warms in the winter cold and cool, rainy days.

Children’s room.

  • It helps to create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere, expressive and unique interior.
  • Aims at the fulfillment of complex tasks, success, strengthens leadership qualities.
  • Promotes the mental and physical development of children.
  • Increases creativity, helps to acquire new skills and knowledge.
  • Gives confidence in yourself and your abilities, promotes communication between people.

Living room.

Experts are not silent about the negative properties:

  • Increased heart rate, which is dangerous for people with tachycardia.
  • Increased adrenaline production, a sense of danger and anxiety.
  • People who are prone to aggression, irritability, sharply increase negative character traits. Nervous breakdowns, depressive states, constant stress are possible.
  • The body temperature rises.
  • Some people have a deteriorating state of health, vision, headaches appear.
  • Actions become emotional, impulsive, without the participation of logic and reason. Even minor disputes can escalate into serious conflicts.


It is not surprising that calm, non-confrontational people prefer not to use bright red colors in the interiors of their homes, in the workplace. But they should remember that the presence of this energetic, strong color in life often helps to decide on a fateful act, to keep a cheerful mood for a long time.

Passionate bedroom interior.

That is why it is necessary to approach the design of premises in red very carefully. To create a design project, it is best to contact an experienced designer. He knows exactly the rules of color combinations, knows how to harmoniously combine different tones and shapes, and not to overdo it with the red scale.

Interior Design Styles

In what styles can the interior be decorated in red tones?

Many property owners prefer to use certain interior directions when repairing. They like the brevity of minimalism or the flashy luxury of Empire, the gloomy solemnity of Gothic. Therefore, the question arises: what styles are combined with the red gamma.

In fact, juicy and bright shades perfectly fit into almost any interior. They make the space alive, unique.

The best solutions will be the following:

  • In a modern style, combined with white, beige, gray and brown bases, red is complemented by bright accents, they give the space a unique look, reflecting the emotions and mental state of the interior owners.

Modern laconic interior.

  • Art Deco, born of neoclassicism and sensual Art Nouveau, combines cubism, abstractionism, geometric shapes, ethnic styles and innovations, in which red framed by snow-white walls, black leather furniture, and gold decor play an important role.

Art deco style.

  • Classical styles – English, French, Victorian, Baroque, Rococo – embody symmetry, laconic forms, luxury, precision of compositions and color combinations, in which red tones prevail.

Baroque style.

Baroque bedroom.

  • For the loft style, the contrast of bright and demonstrative accents will be a great addition to the rough industrial style with eclectic details.

Loft style.

This design was adopted from creative workshops and exhibitions that were previously factories. Open ventilation, pipes, rough brick and concrete walls, old iron details stand out favorably against the background of a screaming, defiant red.

Loft style.

  • Modern eclecticism, eco-style, modern.

Modern interior.

  • Elegant, traditional and neoclassical.

Classic living room.

  • Vintage and American retro.

Bedroom interior in American retro style.

  • Futurism and the avant-garde.

Living room in avant-garde style.

  • Hi-tech, Gregorian and boho.

High-tech bedrooms.

  • Pop art, eclecticism and fusion.

Oriental eclecticism in the interior of the bedroom.

Ethnic styles. Indian, African, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish and Moroccan exotics.

The interior of the living room in ethnic African style.

In the Japanese style, an aesthetic mix of red and black, white and beige is a tradition for fans of Japanese culture. Red has a special meaning and is most compatible with brown, green, cream and gray colors, with accents on cherry, burgundy and graphite tones.

Japanese interior.

It should not be used in large quantities when decorating rooms in the styles of Provence, Scandi, loft, minimalism, as well as vintage. In these cases, minor elements or delicate, transparent-pastel tones are acceptable.

Rules for the use of red shades in the interior

Since red is a color with a character, aggressive and self–sufficient, there are certain rules. Designers with experience in the design of residential and office premises are well aware of these nuances. That is why they get amazing rooms that breathe warmth, energy and comfort.

  • Saturated red tones visually narrow, reduce the room. It is highly undesirable to use them in small rooms and narrow corridors. There is no such restriction for pale, pastel and powdery shades.
  • The visual perception of colors, their saturation, directly depends on the textures and materials used in finishing and furnishing. So rough wood and velvet curtains, upholstered furniture upholstery look less bright than smooth leather, acrylic countertops, glossy kitchen facades. The more prominent the surface, the more muted the colors are.

Victorian style.

  • If you need a room breathing prosperity and luxury, gold elements are added to the red-white, red-black or red-brown duet: frames of chandeliers, frames of paintings and mirrors, vases and other decor.
  • Red-fruit shades harmoniously fit into the kitchen environment. But, at the same time, it should be borne in mind that they whet the appetite. For people who are overweight, such an interior will add problems.
  • Most often, upholstered furniture, facades of kitchen or children’s sets, home textiles are expressive, colorful accents. It is perfectly combined with a pastel background, gray, pistachio or beige, cream bases. A lampshade of a floor lamp or wall sconces, an original vase or pouf, interesting curtains – all this will be in the theme.

Sofa and floor lamps in the interior of the studio apartment.

  • Red walls are the perfect solution for spacious, bright rooms. At the same time, 1-2 walls are decorated as accents or mixed colors are created, with an exquisite pattern, stripes or framed with highlighted areas. You can color a part of the surface in the longitudinal direction by placing paintings, family photos or a gallery of your favorite artists, animals on it. And also decorate shelves and niches with souvenirs, highlighted by collections of rarities.

With the right approach, the interior with the main red background creates a pleasant, friendly atmosphere.

Color combination

What colors in the interior can be combined with red?

Choosing a color scheme is the most important stage of creating an interior. Depending on which colors are chosen, the atmosphere in the room can be cozy-homely, luxurious or invigorating, shocking or annoying.

An interesting combination in the interior of the living room.

Red color harmoniously combines with most popular shades.


White effectively smoothes, neutralizes excessive aggressiveness.

Living room.

It gives some lightness, a feeling of cleanliness. Especially in combination with glass countertops, flying curtains, elegant furniture.


Allows you to visually expand the room, so this duet is recommended for use in small, cramped rooms. With the addition of brown, black or beige tones, a fairly strong, stable palette is obtained.


Black is the traditional color for solid, vintage styles. This combination is typical of the English colonial and Victorian trends, Gothic and ethnic styles.

Classic English interior style in black.


Yellow paints add sunshine to the rooms, give a feeling of joy and serenity, and perfectly combine with the entire red and orange range.

A great combination of shades in the interior.

The fiery-solar palette is widely used in kitchens, playgrounds, and children’s rooms.

Living room.

It is desirable to dilute it with neutral and pastel tones, green, woody textures.

Children’s room.


The brown-wood palette, natural wood of all kinds is a natural combination. Brings a sense of peace and tranquility. Gives a noble, solid look.

The living room of a private house.

Woody tones perfectly complement the expressive red and will be appropriate in almost any style solution.

Living room.

Light maple, oak and birch visually make the room light, airy, dark wood will be a wonderful addition to a lush, pompous interior.

Warm noble interior.

Decor in gold, silver and pastel will set accents and complete the interior.


Pink elements should be introduced into the interior carefully, since it is easy to cross the line with them, beyond which the palette will become unbearably sharp for the eyes. But, in combination with neutral colors, this design gives the rooms an exotic look.

Cozy interior of a modern bedroom.


Gray, like white shades, perfectly neutralizes the excessive activity of a bright gamma. Due to its versatility, it can be used in rooms of any purpose.

Cozy small living room.

Red and light graphite colors will make the room cold and strict. Glossy red color, steel and chrome is a wonderful ultramodern and futuristic solution for workrooms and halls.

Living room.

Silver tones are advantageous in combination with deep shades, and graphite – with nude.

The perfect combination in the interior.


Green and red are a natural combination. They complement each other, reinforce each other. It is best to use muted shades.

The interior of the hallway.


Turquoise, blue, azure are popular solutions for creating refined, aristocratic interiors.


Classic interior.

Do not forget about the magnificent variety of red shades. Juicy burgundy and blood-red colors are not always suitable. But pastel, terracotta are very common in stylish living rooms, hallways.


So, the wall decoration fashionable in the last few years, in the form of an open masonry of red brick, is a good example of using a muted, dull red shade.

The originality of the combination in the interior.

Coral and scarlet, noble royal purple and imposing wine, pomegranate are no less in demand. All of them perfectly emphasize the individuality of the interior, give it great expressiveness and elegance.

Features of interior decoration in red

Contrary to popular belief, well-chosen red details and finishing elements are appropriate in rooms of any purpose. They will help to get ready and tune in to the working mood, create an intimate atmosphere or add appetite to a little whim. The main thing is to decide on the shades and not to overdo it.

An exquisite combination in the interior of the living room.

In the hallway or hall, such a color is a clear sign to guests that they are welcome. And the household “fire” facades of cabinets or a combination of beige and scarlet walls will help to maintain a positive mood.

English style.

They will allow you to go on business in a cheerful mood and willingly return to a safe house.

Entrance hall.

In the kitchen, as a rule, kitchen aprons are decorated in this color, floor tiles are laid out and a suitable shade of facades is selected.


The walls painted in soft coral look interesting, combined with fruit and flower themes and snow-white lockers.

Stylish modern kitchen.

Often in modern interiors you can see burgundy or scarlet acrylic countertops, bar and plastic chairs, a glass dining table with a bright photo design.

The living room is a symbol of the family hearth. It should provide maximum comfort, so the abundance of saturated and bloody details is inappropriate.

Living room.

You can either make a bright wall decoration, or buy upholstered furniture with red upholstery. Small details, plaids, chair covers and decorative pillows help to complement the interior.

Living room.

The bathroom is an excellent platform for bright experiments.

Combination of tiles in the bathroom interior.

Since people are in this room for a short time, you can give it an unusual, shocking look.


Most often choose ceramic wall tiles with a variety of patterns or floral ornaments. Wall panels with realistic images are popular.

In the nursery for a hyperactive child, only creamy-reddish, light tones in a small amount have the right to exist.

The bedroom of a teenage girl.

But for an overly apathetic, depressed teenager, you can pick up bright curtains, a colorful bedspread and bed linen, colorfully decorate the headboard of the bed.

The interior of the nursery.

Bedroom. Since this color is strongly associated with passionate love, unrestrained temperament, it is quite possible to diversify intimate family life with beautiful scarlet accents.

Art Deco style.

Such decoration in combination with a calmer background is appropriate in the bedroom of a young girl, a single woman.


The red palette in the interior is an ideal option for energetic and purposeful people leading an active lifestyle. He willingly shares rich energy, charges with cheerfulness in the morning, and maintains tone in the evenings.


If you place accents correctly, choose the shades of finishes and furniture sets, sofas, then catchy colors become a great “highlight” of the interior. A calm additional palette softens their pronounced impact, creating a cozy, comfortable environment.

Bright accents.

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