Pop Art Style Interior Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

The pop art style in the interior evokes an association with the words “eccentric” and “outrageous” thanks to bright shades and posters. It is chosen by the young and daring, creative and those who want to experiment.

Pop art.

Style History

Pop art emerged in the 1960s as a response to conservatism and classics. At first, pop art was a new direction in painting, then it reached photography, and later conquered sculpture, fashion and became an interior design style.

The name “pop art” is an abbreviated version of “popular art”. At the origins of the direction was the artist Andy Warhol. The most famous work of Warhol, characterizing the entire pop art, was a picture with a photograph of Marilyn Monroe. The artist superimposed the images of the model on each other over fifty times using the silkscreen technique. The public liked this method so much that such images still adorn the premises.

Pop art.

At first, cafes and restaurants were decorated in the style of pop art, and later residential apartments. Easy implementation and freedom of imagination helped the style quickly gain popularity: hang bright color photos of celebrities on the wall, put a contrasting chair and the room was transformed.

Living room.

Features of pop art style

The style is based on the ideology of consumption. Inexpensive materials are specially used in interior design. Mainly plastic, which has been abandoned by expensive and luxurious design trends. In addition, pop art is rich in glass, metal and paper. Of all the styles, it is truly the most budget-friendly, because the owners get a bright and stylish interior at minimal cost.

Living room.

Pop art is characterized by bright “flashy” colors, unusual appearance of objects, posters depicting media personalities, photo wallpapers with newspaper columns, minimalism in the decor. All of the above in combination with vintage furniture and antique appliances creates an association with the retro style of the 1980s. The heyday of both directions fell just in these years, but pop art is much more creative.

Pop art interior.


To combine the incongruous is the motto of pop art. Rich shades of red, green, yellow, orange, blue. The brighter it is, the more shocking the interior will be. But in order for the colors to be perceived better and not merge in a kaleidoscope, a calm neutral base is necessary. Therefore, the classic trio prevails in the decoration: white, gray and black. And the splendor of the palette unfolds in pieces of furniture and decor.

From the abundance of bright colors, the eyes can quickly get tired, and the finish itself can get tired over time. Therefore, designers recommend choosing two or three colors for the decoration of the walls, floor and ceiling, leaving brightness for the decor.

Interior decor.

Lines and shapes

Pop art is modern and stretches to straight clear lines, sometimes rounded. Smooth edges of Art Nouveau, ornate curves are not typical of the style.

Despite the preference for smooth lines, pop art is a direction for the bold. Therefore, geometric sofas can surprise with a shape more reminiscent of a pouf. Vases in the form of a statue’s head, a banquette in the shape of lips. The original and catchy will be in its place in the interior.

Pop Art chairs.

Room layout

The style suggests spacious rooms. Different niches, zones and levels will allow you to better emphasize pop art.

Yellow in the interior.


Usually the walls are finished monotonously. They are painted in light, plastered or wallpapered. From the wealth of choice, the most budget options are suitable: paper, non-woven, vinyl. Depending on the room, the density of the material is also selected. So a coating resistant to temperature changes and humidity is more suitable for the kitchen.

Photo wallpapers pop art.

One wall is sometimes highlighted by painting graffiti or pasting wallpaper. The print will be an advertising frame or slogan, bright color portraits of celebrities or a comic book hero. The wallpaper options with an optical illusion look interesting – the image changes or disappears completely at different viewing angles.

Today, plasterboard panels are gaining popularity in decoration, thanks to fast and simple installation. In addition, the panels will help to insulate the room, isolate it from noise and hide the unevenness of the surface.

Pop art interior: actual colors and materials.

Windows and curtains

There is no need to expand the windows or add an arch. If desired, you can give them a mirror shine.

Curtains also belong to the background, so they should not attract much attention. Roman curtains, shutters and blinds in light colors will be the best option.

Curtains in the interior.


Plaster or painting is a quick and inexpensive option. Stretch, suspended or multi-level options are also appropriate, but it is undesirable to create beams and “steps” over the entire area. This way it is better to zone the room.

The ceiling is left white. Matte or glossy. This part of the room seems to shade the filling, becomes the basis for furniture, decor, ornament.

Ceilings in the interior.


In the interior of pop art, the floor is usually not conspicuous, but there are exceptions. Depending on the idea, the floors can be laid out with colored ceramics that smoothly transition to the wall, tiles with mosaic or similar ornaments.

The most budget option is light linoleum or laminate, imitating boards. Self-leveling floor is more expensive, but its strength is higher. Designers recommend an option with a pleasant glossy sheen. Plain or painted – to choose from.

Living room in pop art style.


In the interior of pop art doors, as well as windows, do not require transformations and arches. Most often simple models decorated with a straight frame or without it. The doors and the frame are painted in a contrasting tone or, conversely, in light, so that they practically merge with the wall. From the original models, doors with glass colored matte inserts are suitable.

Pop art interior.


Artificial light is placed point-by-point in the rooms. Chandelier in the center, table lamp, sconces, floor lamps. The lampshades are painted, plain, but without fringe and embroidery. Neon lights of unusual shapes are also welcome. It is preferable to use plastic and glass models. Hand-made lamps made of old vinyl records, discs and similar elements will complement the interior well.

Dining area.


With the help of them, the room is visually expanded. Frames should be chosen metal, round, oval, square or do without them. Forged and carved options will look out of place.


Pop art values free space, so it is preferable to choose built-in wardrobes or create a separate dressing room for things. Coffee tables are often glass with metal or wooden legs.

Upholstered furniture in the style differs in colors and shapes, but it must have clear lines. The upholstery material also does not play a role. Bright color and original appearance are at the forefront. Frameless models look interesting.

Yellow-blue interior.


Fabrics help to enliven the room, make it more cozy and homey. Carpets with ethnic ornaments, decorative sofa cushions, plain or patterned. Interesting bed linen. Upholstered furniture upholstery with a contrasting print or an interesting image.

Fabrics can be natural or synthetic – it’s not so important. Sometimes leather and eco-leather are used. It all depends on your preferences. There are few textiles in the interior of pop art, so it’s worth thinking about in advance.

Kitchen-living room.


Posters, paintings depicting advertisements, cartoon characters about superheroes, unusual vases and figurines act as decor. Accessories are necessarily bright, catchy, “catchy” look. They emphasize the eccentricity of the interior.

Distorted color rendering is popular with pop art. Bright shades can make any picture or photo a masterpiece and the center of the interior.

Bright pop art in the interior of different rooms.

Pop art style in the interiors of different rooms

Designers advise to start with one room in the style of pop art, and not to design the whole apartment at once.

Living room

An integral part of the living room will be a comfortable sofa with a soft rich-colored bedspread and several pillows. Old glossy magazines are left on the coffee table next to it. You can put a couple of original glasses. Shelves for hand-made figurines and ornaments are hung on the walls.

A wall decorated with discs or vinyl records will look unusual.

Pop art style living room lighting option.

Kitchen and dining room

The kitchen set should be chosen bright – yellow, green, purple. Instead of a dining table, you can install a bar counter. Spot lighting. Sometimes lamps and plafonds are brightly colored or ready-made color options are chosen.

Pop art style kitchen.

Bedroom and nursery

The rooms are designed primarily for rest and relaxation, so variegated colors are almost not used. Soft muted shades are chosen for the walls, floor and ceiling, and an unobtrusive repeating pattern is suitable for the ornament.

Bedroom in the style of pop art.


Pop art in the bathroom is bright ceramic tiles of different shades, variants with repeating patterns or mosaics. Plumbing and faucets are modern with chrome gloss. Instead of a white bath, you can choose a color one: blue, pink, orange. Then it is better to decorate the room in bright colors.


Pop art is a bold and eccentric style. It is appreciated for its dynamics, brightness and saturation. When decorating a room or apartment in the style of pop art, you should carefully combine colors so as not to oversaturate the interior. Most of all, the style is suitable for dreamers and lovers of experiments.

Apartment in the style of pop art.

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