Country Style Bathroom Design Ideas and Photos of the best interiors for your inspiration

By | November 17, 2022

Imagining the country style, the imagination involuntarily draws rustic simplicity, comfort, silence in the head. This direction is characterized by a slight primitiveness. You will not find modern plumbing and finishing elements here. Country is a style for the soul, for relaxation, this is exactly the atmosphere that should reign in the bathroom.

Wood in the bathroom decoration.

Country style in the bathroom – what is it

A country–style bathroom is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a quiet, peaceful rustic atmosphere while being in an apartment in the middle of a bustling metropolis.

Distinctive features of the direction:

  • rudeness, deliberate carelessness in the processing of materials and furniture;
  • lightness, simplicity, rustic naivety in every detail;
  • lack of modern items (heated mat, shower with control panel, musical toilet, etc.);
  • the presence of carved and forged decorative elements;
  • predominance of natural materials in the design;
  • massive, simple in appearance furniture;
  • only pastel tones, close to natural shades;
  • availability of handmade accessories (mats, baskets, wicker furniture).

Shabby country-style bathroom furniture.

Country style plumbing in the bathroom.

Design “stone and wood”.

Do not take country style too simply, despite the peculiarities of the direction: the style is not devoid of sophistication, taste and even an element of luxury.

Materials for a country-style bathroom

As follows from the definition of the direction, natural materials are used in the decoration of the bathroom in the country style. An exception is made only for good imitations, if the budget does not allow such spending. Forget about plastic, glass, stretch ceilings and other achievements of modern design trends.

Wooden sink in the bathroom.

Most often, an array of wood is used for finishing walls and ceilings.

Ceiling made of solid wood beams.

It can be used for finishing:

  • walls, ceiling;
  • shelves, lockers, hangers;
  • countertops.

If the ceiling height allows, make it out of wooden beams. This design is already closer to French country. Since we are talking about wood for the bathroom, you should carefully choose the material.

Brick in the bathroom in the country style.

It must be of high quality, durable and must have undergone special treatment that protects the array from high humidity and temperature changes.

The use case of the stone.

The tiles used in the bathroom decoration should be of natural shades, close to natural colors. A bright tile with a pattern is categorically not suitable for country style. For finishing, you can use tiles made of artificial or natural stone.

Despite its simplicity, the country style has a lot of options in facing materials. You can use brick, forged metal, plaster or imitate masonry. Metal is most often found in decoration. It can be the legs of the bathroom, the handles of the lockers or a mirror frame.

Metal decorative elements.

If paint is used to cover the walls, then the shades should be used soft, pastel, close to natural. Floral prints will help to dilute the atmosphere a little, but not bright, but calm small patterns.

The paint must be moisture-resistant and immune to temperature changes. When choosing a manufacturer, pay attention to the marking indicated on the packaging, the classification of the paint should correspond to rooms with high humidity.

Bathroom plumbing

Country style does not like right angles, so choose an oval or round shape for plumbing. It is best to give preference to classic models, without modern decor elements and installation method.

Bathroom plumbing option.

The bathtub itself is like a special element that is the center of the bathroom. When you design it, you can not be shy about the details – beautiful wrought iron legs, a barrel bath body or a copper one. You can lay out a bath of stones or cover a ready-made bathroom with masonry. This is a more expensive option, but you will not find a more spectacular element for country style.

If the room area allows, place a bathtub or a font on legs in the center. This is a unique design technique that allows you to give the room a special elegance and a little chic.

Antique faucets.

Focus on the shape of the tub: oval oblong, like in old movies, and necessarily with sidewalls, it will fit perfectly into the overall interior.

Mixers made of copper or brass will perfectly complement the stylistic design. It is best that they are made in the old days. A flexible hose shower is a more modern option, a simple installation on a wall or on a rigid pipe is suitable for country style.

Colors in the country style bathroom

Imagine a rustic house, no frills, ordinary, cozy. What do you expect to see in the bathroom in such a house? Clearly not bright colors with geometric drawings and other puzzles. I want the same warmth, tranquility.

Delicate green color.

Only natural tones can create an incredible atmosphere in the bathroom. Combine wheat color with a delicate blue color. Complement the main range with a contrast of the colors used in the design, only brighter by a few tones.

Blue color.

It will not be boring and at the same time very beautiful. Use a simple rule: if the walls, floor, ceiling are painted in a bright color, then it is better to give the rest of the elements of the room a more restrained shade. And vice versa, if the emphasis is on details, then it is better to make the overall design calmer in color.

Speaking about bright colors and country style at the same time, saturated beige, blue, muted green are meant.


When choosing country-style furniture, forget about all the modern achievements of ergonomics, convenience and minimalism. Country is rough, it is possible somewhere not painted or somewhat shabby furniture elements. The tree should open up in all its texture. When processing or painting country-style bathroom furniture, you can leave scuffs, natural cracks and knots of the array.

Cabinet with scuffs.

This will only add a special atmosphere of antiquity. Each item here carries a certain load and not only functional. For example, a wardrobe for bathroom accessories can replace an ordinary table with several drawers and a chintz curtain, and an old wardrobe with shabby legs may well become a dressing table.

Curtain under the sink.

If the bathroom area allows, an interesting solution would be to install a wooden bench near the bathroom or an ordinary chair. Country and forged elements are perfectly combined, so if there is an idea to place forged baskets, hangers or chairs in the bathroom, this is only encouraged.

Bathroom decor – wooden chair.


Attention to the little things should be paid to the maximum. The decor elements emphasize the naive and rustic style, be a part of it and look at ease in the general atmosphere.

Small details solve big questions:

  • Decorate the light sources mounted on the wall with a lampshade, preferably with frills.
  • You can throw a knitted rug on the floor according to the type of old tracks or a soft, with a little pile, rug.
  • The space near the sink can be decorated with fresh flowers in a vase. The vase should be in the appropriate style, preferably made of ceramics.
  • Choose accessories made of copper. Over time, when scuffs appear on it, it will further emphasize the rustic naivety of the country direction.
  • The number and size of mirrors do not matter. In this matter, the framing of the mirror is much more important. Antique copper frame is what you need.

Fresh flowers in the bathroom.

Bathroom mirror decoration.

The more the decor resembles a rustic motif, the more precisely it will emphasize the country style. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the direction will lose its charm and harmony.

Bathroom textiles

It is impossible to overdo it with textiles in the country direction, but the bathroom does not have much opportunities for its use. If there is a window in the room, it’s just fine, it’s an opportunity to decorate it with light curtains, with unobtrusive flowers all over the canvas and neat ropes to fix the curtains in a different position.

Curtains on the window.

In country curtains are appropriate not only on the window. They can be used as a screen, on one of the open lockers or as a screen for a bath. It is better to take towels with fringe, they will fit more naturally into the stylistic direction, especially if you plan to keep them in sight.

In the bathroom, in the country style, even pillows with rustic motifs are appropriate. Everything that has ruffles will perfectly fit this uncomplicated and at the same time such a soulful style. National ornaments, a small cage in blue or blue color will be appropriate here. Unpretentious, slightly original patterns will perfectly emphasize the idea of direction.

Pillows in the bathroom in the country style.

To create a country style, you will need to put a lot of effort. After all, here any detail can blur the whole impression. A unique atmosphere of peace and balance, an incredible sense of unity with nature and a sense of satisfaction – if you experience this standing in your bathroom, then the country-style decoration was successful.

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