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By | November 17, 2022

In the modern world, more than a thousand styles and trends in the interior have been invented and implemented. Progress does not stand still and we are inspired by such styles as brutalism, loft, hi-tech, minimalism. But still a special place is allocated to the noble and elegant classical style. Classics have become an indicator of the status of their owners, emphasizes prosperity and excellent taste, as well as the epicenter of comfort and luxury. In this article we have prepared a detailed material for you, where we will tell you the distinctive features of this style and practical tips for implementing this interior in your home.

The design of the living room in a classic style.

The presence of a decorative fireplace will give comfort.

Decorative fireplace in the living room.

Distinctive features of the classical style

The classic style looks different and combines several design trends. Therefore, the same room, designed by several designers, looks polar different. Let’s consider which styles are included in the classic interior.

Antique style.

The use of columns is an integral part of antiquity.

Ancient Greek style with arch, bust, vases.

Styles of the 17th and 19th centuries. Classicism, Baroque, Empire, Rococo.

The presence of a grand piano as the spirit of the 19th century.

Painted walls will give the effect of a forest in your living room.

Traditional styles of European countries.

Panoramic windows in a country house will give the living room maximum light and space.

The presence of several doorways also noticeably increase the space.

Adaptation to modern trends, which takes into account all the rules for the design of classics.

The elegance in the design is given by curtains matched to the color of the interior.

The style according to the classical canons is constantly in motion and development. Modern elements or traditional views in the design of European countries are introduced here. Introducing elements of classics from different centuries and countries, the interior becomes truly unique, noble and luxurious.

The presence of a picture on the wall will certainly give the effect of antiquity.

Decorating the walls in the living room.

Of course, there is a set of rules, following which the style will be recognizable, harmonious and solemn in a compartment with home comfort and hospitality.

Symmetry in everything. This is the first thing that distinguishes the classics. Strict geometry and clear lines immediately tell us what style is in front of us. The room is usually divided into several parts, which are a reflection of each other.

Symmetry of lines and perfection of quality.

Symmetry and balance in the interior.

Interior decorations. Luxurious furnishings and splendor – that’s what characterizes this style. In the era of the creation of this direction, only aristocrats could afford such an interior, and for them it was important to show their wealth and position in society.

Luxury in living room interior design.

Luxury – as a lifestyle.

Natural materials. And again, if you mentally go back to the era of the creation of style, it is easy to guess that only materials taken from nature were used in the decoration of furniture and textiles. There was no choice. Even poorly furnished houses could not use anything else. Nowadays, natural wood and textiles are really a luxury. Therefore, only such materials form the image of a classic interior.

Unique atmosphere of interior design using natural materials.

Practicality and durability in interior design.

Multi-level lighting. It is not enough to have only overhead lighting. The presence of several levels of light is mandatory. Such as: a beautiful chandelier, illumination along the perimeter of functional zones, delineation of zones, wall sconces, floor lamps, table lamps. Previously, there was no electricity, so a huge number of candles were used, which were placed everywhere to fill the room with light. Nowadays electricity gives us advantages, but we are obliged to preserve the spirit of that time in the classical direction of the interior.

The lighting in the living room regulates the mood.

Functionality of lighting in the living room interior.

Implementation of the classical style in the living room interior

The classic style will never lose popularity. He is timeless. Even the name of this direction in design has become a household name and denotes constancy and relevance. But to create such a style, you need to follow all the rules. Not only of a technical nature, but also stylistic. Because it’s very easy to get carried away by mixing different eras and end up with a different style.

A strict combination of shades in the interior gives rigor and conciseness.

Exquisite design of the living room in a classic style.

Decorative ornaments

Classics are the standard. Therefore, interior decorations must be present and complement the interior. But it is worth remembering that they have the character of elegance and easy restraint. Pomposity and pretentiousness are not acceptable here. This is a fine line that is easy to step over. Therefore, we will tell you in more detail what types of decor are acceptable to use.

  • Moldings on the wall and ceiling.
  • Fireplace made of natural stone.
  • Arches and columns.
  • Refined furniture without weighting.
  • Cornices around the perimeter of the room and above the windows.
  • Textiles and furniture made of natural materials.
  • Mirrors and paintings in frames with a carved pattern.
  • Candlesticks with monograms.
  • Large chandelier in a classic frame.
  • Plaster sculptures.
  • Accessories: vases, jewelry boxes, watches, antiques.

The use of stucco in the interior design of the living room.

Classics in the design of the living room.

Classic interior in the living room.

Attributes of luxury in the classics.

Zoning of the premises

Functional areas in this interior have clear boundaries. This is the main feature of the classic interior. They are arranged in accordance with the built symmetry and are at some distance from each other.

Cozy atmosphere in the classic style living room.

Functional areas of the living room

Recreation area. There is a coffee table, a sofa and cozy armchairs next to it, as well as a TV stand. Sometimes a carpet is laid under your feet to further highlight this area.

Functionality in a classic living room interior.

Dining area. A massive table and chairs included are mandatory attributes. If desired, the design of this area is supplemented with a carpet.

Classic design of the living room.

Convenient zoning of the living room in a classic style.

A conversation area. Several armchairs in front of the fireplace, or in any other part. Sometimes it is equipped with a small table.

Pleasant conversations by the fireplace.

An area with a desk. A small corner where you can write a letter. There are several beautiful floor lamps here. There is no question of any computer here, for this there should be a separate room – an office.

Effective zoning of living room space.

Reading area. Racks are installed here and a small library is equipped. They also complement this area with a cozy sofa and armchairs.

The idea of zoning space in the living room.

There must be free space between the zones. The arrangement of zones is implemented according to a pre-developed symmetry scheme. Each element in the interior has its own place, creating a bohemian atmosphere of luxury and comfort.

Unacceptable decorative ornaments

It is important to know which elements cannot be used in the classics. Since at first glance they also belong to this direction, but are taken from other styles. And they will only interfere and create disharmony.

  • Ruffles with lush ruffles.
  • Fringe on curtains (not to be confused with tassels).
  • Blinds on windows.
  • Stained glass windows as the basis of design.
  • Openwork interlacing.
  • Forging elements.
  • Plant and flower ornaments.
  • Sloppy finishing of the floor and walls.
  • Bright accents.

So, we have analyzed the main points of the classic interior. You just need to use this information and apply this knowledge in your own living room. We have also prepared for you an inspiring selection of ideas for the design of the living room. Enjoy watching.

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