Wenge color in interior design and rules of combination

By | November 17, 2022

Natural wood in the interior of a dwelling is always expensive and prestigious. Especially when it comes to exotic wood species, such as wenge.

This is the name of tropical trees of the legume family, whose homeland is Central Africa. There are 25 known varieties of it. This name was invented by European colonists who discovered this breed at the end of the XIX century. The tree grows in countries such as Cameroon, Congo, Ecuador. The height of the trees does not exceed 20 meters, the thickness of the trunk – no more than 1 meter. The absolutely smooth bark of the tree is poisonous, when incised, milky juice of gray or pinkish-gray color is released. The family of trees has a rich palette of brown shades. The range is from thick brown, almost black to maroon and purple. Now this name has become a household name, so they call not only the tree, but also a diverse palette of its shades.

Wenge furniture in the living room interior.

The color of the wood is heterogeneous: darker in the middle, lighter under the bark. It is impossible to find two identical trees among a large variety. Its shades depend on the composition of the soil where the tree grows, the age of the tree itself, the weather and neighboring plants. The high cost of wenge wood is provided not only by noble shades, but also by high operational qualities:

  • the wood is strong enough, resistant to mechanical damage;
  • moisture-resistant;
  • it is not susceptible to mold and is not afraid of parasites;
  • durable and versatile;
  • easy to process.

The high cost is compensated by a long service life. The use of this unique wood in the interior is always a sign of luxury and high status.

Palette of shades

Today “wenge” is not so much only the name of wood, rare and very expensive, as the name of the color that designers are happy to use in the interior. The noble texture of wood was learned to reproduce in finishing materials, furniture and decor.

Shades are used:

  • Dark brown color, its cold and warm shades.
  • Brown with tints of burgundy, crimson, steel.
  • Chocolate, coffee shades.
  • Brown with black streaks.
  • Light brown with white fibers.
  • With a purple tint.

Modern bedroom in Wenge color.

These are just the most common shades. The wenge palette is much richer. Now finishing materials and furniture made of natural wenge wood are luxury class accessories. The high cost is caused not only by the unique qualities of this tree, but also by the limitations of its distribution. But since they have learned to imitate this wood quite successfully, the wenge-style design has become quite accessible to every family. However, since the color is very saturated, its use in design requires compliance with certain rules:

  • Use it dosed. This is a very active color, and when there is a lot of it, it suppresses and makes the interior gloomy. It looks best on a general light background.
  • If you have wenge–colored finishes or furniture, think carefully about lighting – dark brown color “steals” space, and so that the room does not look cramped, it should be well lit.
  • For the same reason, minimally use wenge in small rooms, only in the form of small accents – photo frames, textiles, and so on.
  • If you buy furniture of this noble color, then choose light shades for the floor and walls. Use contrasting combinations. The overall atmosphere will look more elegant and noble.

All shades of wenge color are confidently leading in the world of interior fashion today, because they are combined with any styles. There will be a conversation about styles ahead, and now let’s talk about finishing materials that imitate an unusual tree.

Finishing materials

  • Floor covering. A dark floor is quite a practical solution. Therefore, linoleum or laminate imitating the shade of wenge will be a wonderful decoration of the home, besides easily accessible. You can find a parquet board imitating wenge, and even ceramic tiles. The color is now at the peak of popularity, and the construction market is full of various offers. Just remember that the color is overwhelming, so in small and dark rooms it is better to abandon the floor in the tone of wenge. In all other cases, with a dark floor covering, there should be light walls and furniture.
  • Walls. Wenge-colored wall panels are affordable, but it is not recommended to completely sheathe the walls with them. Even a large and spacious room can become small and gloomy. And such walls are completely contraindicated for small rooms. But if you create one accent wall in this way, you will get an incredible effect. Now you can find wallpapers of this shade. Alternate them with lighter ones – get an interesting result.
  • Ceiling. Of course, a wenge–colored ceiling is a bad idea. In spacious rooms, only beams made in this color are allowed. They will inform the interior of rigor and nobility.
  • Doors. Interior doors, baseboards, stairs, window frames, partitions are often made in this color. It always looks very impressive and makes the interior complete. The shade of wenge always plays the role of an accent and attracts attention.

The color is good because it does not get boring, but gives the atmosphere beauty and nobility. But this is if it is applied correctly.

A bright kitchen with an emphasis on a kitchen set made of natural wenge.

Color combinations

This color is universal and harmonious with many shades.

The most winning combinations:

  • The milky white color combined with a shade of wenge looks fresh and solemn.
  • Cold shades of blue are perfectly balanced by warm chocolate wenge.
  • Wenge and light green, other shades of green are a favorite combination in eco–style.
  • Cold dark brown and sunny yellow and lemon shades are a wonderful contrast, giving elegance and solemnity to the interior.
  • Wenge and beige will give warmth to the Scandinavian-style interior.
  • Red, orange colors also set off wenge wonderfully.
  • Wenge and olive – noble and refined.
  • Finally, wenge itself has different shades – from dark to light and perfectly combines with itself. The difference is that in the light version there are more golden veins, and in the dark version there are more black ones. The main shade of both is brown.

In the interior, wenge color is often used as an alternative to too radical black. It’s softer and more interesting.

The combination of wenge with other colors in the interior.

Wenge color in interior design

The psychology of this color is such that it creates a positive atmosphere around itself. It does not irritate or strain. This explains the love for him. It can be used in residential premises for various purposes. Wenge in the interior is aristocracy, solidity and style. He certainly speaks about the good taste of the hosts.


The wenge color in the kitchen can be used both in the facades of the kitchen set, and in the design of the walls or apron. So that it does not look depressing, combine it with lighter shades.

The kitchen set of this design is laconic, even with a touch of asceticism. Give up decorative carving, bronze and gilding. Strict lines of metal fittings are the only possible decorative element in such a kitchen. Furniture with burgundy, pink, ash color looks good.

The walls and floor in this case should be lighter. A kitchen apron is good in combination with light work surfaces, but let the floor be darker, in the color of the apron. If your choice is a dark countertop, then make the kitchen apron light.

The rest of the furniture (table, chairs) will be harmonious in the kitchen if it is dominated by light colors. If the kitchen is spacious enough, then it is permissible to use wallpaper or wall panels in wenge color. But in this case it is better not to duplicate it on the facades.

Summing up, let’s say that in the interior of the kitchen, the wenge color is perfectly combined with white, gray, beige, green and orange shades.

Living room

Expensive and luxurious wenge wood is a real gift for the living room. Parquet is a delight and luxury. In addition, it is a long service life. Imitation wood is also a great option for the living room. Wall wooden panels of this shade contribute to rest and relaxation – which is what we expect from the living room. Furniture of this shade always looks noble and statuesque.

However, remember the compelling nature of this color: if you choose dark furniture, then you should not make the walls and floor the same. Use contrasting combinations. In the living room, wenge will look good in combination with blue, green, purple shades. Pistachio and yellow can also be spectacular additions. Of course, a lot depends on the chosen style, but in any case, do not be afraid of bright accents. All natural colors are good in the interior.


A wenge–colored bedroom is peace and quiet. Again, it is not necessary to decorate the whole room in this tone. Here, pastel colors will be a good addition. Fluffy carpets, light wallpaper and curtains are perfectly combined with dark furniture. Against their background, wenge-colored furniture will look even more chic.

Wenge color is especially good for the bedroom precisely because this shade has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and promotes good rest. It is a warm color that creates a calm atmosphere.

Good lighting of the bedroom will emphasize the nobility of the tree and its original coloring. In the design of the bedroom, avoid too bright colors – red, orange or gold. They are good in combination with wenge, but in other rooms. Here – cream, beige, gray.

Children’s room

For a children’s room, the color is also good, because, as already mentioned, its character is peace and warmth. And yet it is quite an “adult” color, so when making out a nursery, it is important not to overdo it. An excess of dark furniture can overwhelm the child. The overall tone of the room, of course, should be light. A good solution would be to use it as a secondary color in the form of small decorative elements.

Children’s room.


The hallway is characterized by small size and lack of light, so here the color of wenge does not seem to be at all appropriate. However, small decorative details – a frame for a mirror, furniture of this popular shade are quite acceptable and will add sophistication to the interior.

We have made sure that this magnificent shade will find its application in any room of your home. The charm of it is added by the fact that it is combined with almost all interior styles. It’s time to talk about this in more detail.

And finally, about interior design styles

Wenge color is organic in both classic and modern style. Urban loft, ultra-modern pop art and high-tech are very fond of these noble shades. The question is the right choice of color combinations.

Bedroom in the style of minimalism.

Fans of the minimalist style love this color for its conciseness. Dark window frames will look good – a non-trivial and expensive solution. Quite a spectacular and sufficient accent for this style. It will be possible to add shelves and frames of this color to this.

Bedroom in a classic style.

Dark curtains will look good in a classic interior. Furniture of strict outlines and light walls and floors are a great choice. The combination of dark brown shades with pastel tones looks very advantageous, wenge-colored furniture will look great against the background of green walls.

Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian style is shades of brown combined with beige, white, powdery and gray. There shouldn’t be a lot of Wenge here, it serves as an accent.

High-tech interior.

Hi-tech loves this color for its austerity and expensive look. Surrounded by metal, it looks especially presentable. In this case, of course, not natural wood is used, but synthetic materials that imitate it.

Country style kitchen.

Noble shades of wenge are successfully used in country style, in chalets, and in French Provence.

The love for the wenge shade of designers and consumers is obvious and quite understandable. He is everywhere by the way and everywhere will create an atmosphere of luxury and nobility.

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