Ivory color in interior design and rules of combination

By | November 17, 2022

For those who keep up with the times and think that white and its shades for interior decoration are not for you, the last century is completely banal, I have great news! A design solution in ivory colors will be the most relevant for you! Let’s look at these combinations in more detail.

The interior of the kitchen in a shade of ivory.

What is Ivory

Ecru, or ivory, is an exquisite tone of cream–beige color, often with a characteristic golden tint, a soft shade of a pastel layout of a warm spectrum. A diverse range of shades – from delicate cream to deep Mocha. This tone has many other names: champagne, powdery, the color of melted milk, cream, vanilla colors, you can list indefinitely.

The interior of the living room in cream tones.

Shades and textures in interiors

Ivory is the tone of the main color palette and is similar in its characteristics to white, which means that it can be combined with all shades, both walls, furniture and textiles. It can also be supplemented with rough textures in the loft style and get the perfect decor option. How is it better to combine them in the interior so that you get a modern, fashionable, lightweight design?


Options for combinations of shades

  • Chestnut and other shades of ochre. Champagne is the tone of the beige-mocha spectrum and is perfectly combined with all shades of this range. Feel free to choose a pair with tones such as cappuccino, latte, milk chocolate, all kinds of shades of wood. This option is suitable for quiet rooms – a bedroom, an office, a nursery, as it disposes to relaxation and rest.
  • Powdery shade. A pleasant, soothing combination that also fits perfectly into the rooms that are conducive to relaxation. He will add light to a small room and expand it, and make a spacious one airy and light. This interior will laconically complement the dark wood furniture. A silky, dreamy mix of light pink and ecru is a worthy combination for the bedrooms of girls of all ages.
  • Ashen. The soft tone of champagne will dilute the interior with dark cold tones and make it less rigid and icy: the interior will not seem lean. This design will surprisingly appeal to those who see their homes in mono styles such as Scandi, Loft, Minimalism. The combination of these shades will appeal to brutal men.
  • A cool range of pastel tones. The color of the sea wave, sky blue, purple, khaki, olive – together with ivory, such shades make the interior spacious, clean, noble, invigorating, it’s nice to be in it, to spend your time. This decor is suitable for all styles – from classics to the latest modern designs.
  • Graphite. In the design of premises, such a shade often looks sharp and heavy, but if you dilute it with gentle tones, this combination will look fresh and soft. For maximum comfort, use textiles and decorate with the same soft tones. The graphite and ecru complex is ideal for children’s and sleeping areas, both teenagers and men, for bathrooms, for cozy living rooms, reinforced by the presence of a fireplace.
  • The whole spectrum of yellow tones. The color of sparkling wine also perfectly matches the palette from pale beige to dark chocolate, because it consists of shades of the same spectrum. It is due to this that exquisite ivory can be easily combined with all kinds of shades from lemon to mustard. This combination in your home will make the interior light, radiating sunlight, uplifting mood, giving new strength.
  • Sharp, contrasting colors. Juicy strawberries, ripe orange, deep fuchsia are a small part of the tones that, in combination with nude, begin to play with new colors. Such a complex of colors will make your interior design creative, inspiring, original.
  • Complex, deep shades. Cornflower, malachite, lilac, bright turquoise, tiffany in the interior may seem gloomy and tragic. In combination with ecru, such colors will make the interior warm, soft, affectionate and welcoming, expand the space and create additional comfort.

A combination of shades of ivory and turquoise in the interior of the living room.

Shades of ivory and chocolate.

Bright accents combined with the beige tone of the kitchen.

Shades of ecru and graphite.

Ivory color in interior design

This shade can be used in any kind of decor: it will find application in all styles – from classic Art Nouveau to ultramodern Loft. How to apply it in your design solution?

Art Nouveau bedroom.

Texture and finishing of wall surfaces

Such tones will go well with both modest and the most unexpected, daring, bold designs:

  • Within the framework of the old classical styles, walls of pale beige tonality can be supplemented with elements of stucco and moldings, place canvases in heavy frames and wall sconces with crystal elements.
  • For the Provence style, the walls can be painted with soft milky tones or textured wallpaper can be used, in this case you should choose prints with floral and floral motifs.
  • In the Art Deco style, add gilding and sconces – golden metallic will be harmonious in combination with walls the color of melted milk.
  • For the Art Nouveau style, the ideal basis will be an interior in milky pastel colors, which is complemented by bright furniture with elegant curves and geometric shapes.
  • For a gently romantic style, an exquisite nude color is set off by other soft pastel shades – powdery, pale blue, light mint – in the upholstery of furniture, in textile elements, feel free to dilute the interior with a soft fluffy carpet.
  • In boho-chic, the nude shade is complemented by darker shades: latte, mocha, cappuccino – add garlands, a carpet with an ethnic motif, weaving and candles to create more cozy.
  • In the style of minimalist melancholic yellowish beige is diluted with geometric furniture made of dark wood, completing the design, hang paintings of minimal content on the walls, it is best if the paintings are of the same color scheme.
  • Loft style. Shades melted milk will perfectly dilute the roughness of brickwork, dark wood materials, concrete and decorative elements, as well as the colors of stone and graphite.
  • Scandinavian style combines the uniform color of light walls in addition to light wood materials, and in combination with a light floor will give the room chic and grandiosity.

Art Deco in the bedroom interior.

Beige Scandinavian-style living room.

Interior design of the living room.

Cozy bedroom.

Living room

Nude–colored furniture will be quite appropriate in all interior styles – choose the appropriate materials: fabric upholstery will be appropriate in Minimal and Scandi, velvety and velour for Classics and Art Deco, sofas made of melted milk-colored leather will be harmonious in the Loft.

Furniture with wooden legs and knitted texture will be harmonious in Modern and Boho styles.

Boho style in the interior.

Upholstered furniture for sleeping areas

Soft pastel tones will also match a bed with a soft texture – choose beds with a massive headboard covered with smooth and velvet fabrics. The first option is suitable for modern eco-styles. The second option will be in harmony in the interiors with a bet on tradition. Light, airy linen of papyrus tones will make your recreation area the most comfortable.

Warm colors in the bedroom interior.

Ivory Kitchen Furniture

A built–in kitchen in nude tones is not a very convenient idea in terms of practicality, but such furniture will make your kitchen modern and stylish. Such kitchens will refresh the interior, give the main place of the housewife a gloss and in such a kitchen a candlelit dinner will be shrouded in additional charm.

Ivory Kitchen Interior.

Tables and chairs of pale milk color

One of the perfect choices for interior decoration of dining areas is seats with light-colored paneling with wooden legs. Chairs and tables made of light-colored wood will perfectly fit into Scandi, Minimal and Modern. Heavy models of chairs, where only the seats are upholstered, will be a good addition to the classic and Provence style. Metal chairs and stools with soft tones of melted milk upholstery will be harmonious in the Loft.

A dining group in the style of Provence with a milky shade.

Cabinets and dressers

When choosing storage furniture in ivory tones, pay attention to their design. Glossy facades without external handles will be appropriate for modern styles. Furniture with inserts of glass and mirrors, complemented by massive handles will be spectacular in the traditional design of designs.

Italian-style kitchen with a touch of ivory.


Additional comfort will help to give textiles delicate shades. A carpet with a voluminous pile, soft bedspreads, soft cream curtains, decorative pillows, bed linen – all this makes your interior softer, gives a homely charm, in such a room you want to pour coffee, wrap yourself in a blanket by the fireplace with a pleasant book in your hands.

Living room.

Entrance area

This design is perfect for narrow hallways with a lack of lighting, it will expand the space and the ceilings will seem higher. Complement it with rattan, dark wood, poufs for more comfort.

Narrow hallway.

Lounge areas and reception areas

Recreation areas in the most delicate shades will undoubtedly appeal to those who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle, those whose home is a quiet haven. Such colors help to tune in to relax, put things aside, calmly exhale and continue the race with renewed vigor. And by combining them with unusual bright decor items, you will create a pleasant atmosphere for receiving guests, especially if you have something to show, if you are a fan of art and are connoisseurs of beauty.

Summing up, we can say that ivory tones are basic in any style and they will easily add charm, sparkle and pomp to your interior.

Cozy atmosphere of the lounge area.

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